La Pizza - Traditional Italian pizza in Rotterdam

La Pizza - Traditional Italian pizza in Rotterdam

La Pizza, an Italian restaurant located in the Rotterdam Centrum district, is a great choice if you're looking for traditional Italian pizza made in wood-fired stone ovens.
P.S. this article is about La Pizza Centrum. There are two other locations. One is located in the Blijdorp neighbourhood and the other is a permanent stall inside the Foodhallen.


La Pizza Centrum is bigger than it looks. When you enter the restaurant, there's a bar on your left and stairs to take you either up or down to the dining areas. We sat upstairs this time. The esthetics are modern; you won't find any Italian clichés here. There's a terrace out front, so outdoor seating is an option. The staff is Dutch.
La Pizza Rotterdam CentrumLa Pizza Rotterdam Centrum


La Pizza's menu mainly consists of appetizers and various choices of pizza (main courses). Service is quick and so is the waiting time for the food. As the name implies, La Pizza is mostly a place for pizza, so don't expect a wide variety of pasta options. At La Pizza Centrum, there's one lasagna dish next to 25 different pizzas. If you're dining with pizza haters, you should try the Blijdorp location for two additional pasta options (spaghetti and penne). That said, the pizza is really good.
La Pizza Rotterdam CentrumLa Pizza Rotterdam Centrum
La Pizza Rotterdam CentrumLa Pizza Rotterdam Centrum
La Pizza Rotterdam CentrumLa Pizza Rotterdam Centrum
As for dessert, I had the Granita di caffè, crushed espresso ice with whipped cream (left). It was nice, but not particularly mindblowing. My mom had the Cannolo (right), which I admit looks a bit tastier, though it didn't really match the description provided in the menu; it was filled with chocolate mousse and pistachio, instead of ricotta and orange. Someone who is allergic to nuts might have had a night to remember, to say the least. Perhaps they ran out of ricotta and oranges. Or actually, it might have been a special offer on that particular day.

Location: La Pizza Centrum

La Pizza Centrum is located at the southern edge of Rotterdam Centrum, in an urban hotspot near Euromast. There are various cafe's and restaurants nearby as well as the fancy Westelijk Handelsterrein.
La Pizza Rotterdam CentrumLa Pizza Rotterdam Centrum
La Pizza Centrum
Scheepstimmermanslaan 21
3016 AD Rotterdam
Phone: 010 241 77 97

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