Bazar - North African & Middle Eastern restaurant

Restaurant Bazar in RotterdamRestaurant Bazar in Rotterdam
Bazar, a Middle Eastern and North African restaurant located in the Rotterdam Centrum neighbourhood, is an excellent choice for a delicious meal in an exotic setting. 


Bazar is very popular in Rotterdam, so be sure to make a reservation if you're planning to visit in the busy hours. Do note that they only take reservations by phone, not by e-mail. The restaurant staff is multicultural and very friendly. The waiting time (for service and food) is good. It's a good place to grab either breakfast, lunch or dinner. 


Bazar offers Middle Eastern and North African meals as well as many Turkish delicacies. Furthermore, all the meat is 100% halal.
Restaurant Bazar in RotterdamRestaurant Bazar in Rotterdam
I had the Yogurtlu Adana (€12,90). If you're a big eater or just really starving, portion size might be an issue. So it's not a bad idea to either get an appetizer or to end your meal with dessert.
As for desserts, their menu includes Baklava, cheesecake with nuts & dates as well as local favourites such as the famous Dudok apple pie. I asked for green tea, but they only serve two kinds of tea here; BAZAR tea and mint tea.
Restaurant Bazar in RotterdamRestaurant Bazar in Rotterdam

Location: Bazar

Bazar is located on the very popular Witte de Withstraat in the Centrum neighbourhood of Rotterdam's Cool district. 
Witte de Withstraat 16
3012 BP Rotterdam
Phone: 010 845 32 39


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