Sijf's 25th anniversary: A month of celebrations

Sijf's 25th anniversary: A month of celebrations

ROTTERDAM, 26 October 2023 – Celebrating a quarter-century of history, Sijf, the renowned Rotterdam café, announces a month-long series of events for its 25th anniversary.

In November 2023, Sijf, a distinguished café located at the heart of Rotterdam's Oude Binnenweg, will mark its 25th anniversary. The month-long celebration will feature various activities, including the introduction of a special edition beer, the Sijf IPA, and a grand anniversary party on 25 November with a transformed dance floor and DJs.

Barrie van de Berg, the enthusiastic manager of Sijf, expressed his excitement about the anniversary. “As we celebrate this milestone, we aim to shine a spotlight on everyone who has been a part of our journey – current and former staff, guests, and local residents. We're inviting our neighbours for a complimentary breakfast in November, and they will soon receive a voucher for this special treat,” he said.

A month of festivities

The celebrations kick off on 1 November with the unveiling of the Sijf IPA, marking the beginning of the jubilee month. The Amazing Stroopwafels will provide entertainment during this event. On 16 November, patrons can participate in the Sijf Pubquiz, fostering a spirit of healthy competition. A reunion for all former Sijf employees is scheduled for 23 November, acknowledging their contribution over the years. The festivities reach their peak on 25 November, with the café transforming into a vibrant dance floor hosted by various DJs.

Sijf's culinary offerings

Throughout the jubilee month, Sijf will also offer special deals and discounts. For instance, unlimited spareribs will be available for €15 per person, and a three-course Sijf Jubilee menu featuring café classics will be priced at €25.

About Sijf

Sijf is housed in a 19th-century building that survived the Second World War's infamous bombings. Named after the carpenter Sijf van Zuilen, who revamped the pub in the late 1990s, it is known for its warm atmosphere. The café attracts a diverse crowd, from creative thirty-somethings and trendy twenty-somethings to serious business professionals.

Sijf is located at Oude Binnenweg, a vibrant and historic area of Rotterdam. To visit Sijf, you can easily access it via public transport or by car. The area is known for its lively atmosphere, surrounded by various shops and cultural landmarks. For directions, use this map:


Didot34: Unveiling a unique shared dining experience in Rotterdam

Didot34: Unveiling a unique shared dining experience in Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 28 June 2023 – Nestled in the heart of Rotterdam, the historic Didot34 restaurant, once a newspaper printing press, has evolved into a culinary haven. The restaurant, known for its unique shared dining concept, has recently introduced a new dinner menu, offering a diverse range of dishes designed to be enjoyed collectively.

A historic monument with iconic appeal

Upon entering Didot34, one is immediately struck by the warm ambiance and stunning interior. The preserved elements of the historic monument lend an iconic 1950s feel to the space. This setting, perfect for celebrating special occasions, also welcomes those who simply wish to enjoy a meal or a drink at the cosmopolitan bar, known for its beautiful brass lighting.

Didot34: Unveiling a unique shared dining experience in RotterdamDidot34: Unveiling a unique shared dining experience in Rotterdam

Shared dining reimagined

This summer, Didot34 has elevated its menu with the introduction of a new shared dining concept. The menu, far from ordinary, surprises and delights with its variety of vegetarian options and unique dishes. Among the offerings are thinly sliced rib eye with yuzu, soy, garlic chips, papadum, and egg yolk, and roasted beets with stracciatella, parmesan crumble, watercress, and sourdough.

A culinary journey with Chef Michiel Buker

"Embracing an international cuisine that spans from Europe to Asia, we bring the essence of home cooking with international influences to life at Didot34. As an international port city, we consciously choose seasonal ingredients, resulting in an unforgettable culinary experience. I look forward to sharing my passion for the craft and contributing to the ongoing development of the restaurant," says Michiel Buker, the new chef at Didot34.

Popular dishes

Didot34's menu boasts many crowd-pleasers. The internationally inspired dishes pique curiosity, and the use of local, quality products ensures they hit just the right note. From breakfast to lunch, the restaurant offers a variety of dishes, including egg dishes, avocado toast, and generously topped sandwiches with bread from Rotterdam's icon, Jordy’s Bakery.

Didot34: Unveiling a unique shared dining experience in RotterdamDidot34: Unveiling a unique shared dining experience in Rotterdam

About Didot34

Located around the corner from Oostplein, in The Slaak Rotterdam hotel, Didot34 is housed in a building that is now a national monument and a typical example of Rotterdam's post-World War II reconstruction. The restaurant's name, Didot34, pays homage to the building's past, as Didot34 was the font used by the newspaper that once occupied the space.


Didot34 is situated in The Slaak Rotterdam hotel, just around the corner from Oostplein. The area is easily accessible and offers a variety of attractions for visitors.

Unveiling Grace's large terrace in the heart of Rotterdam

Unveiling Grace's large terrace in the heart of Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 26 June 2023 – An oasis of calm is blossoming amidst the bustling city centre of Rotterdam. Newly inaugurated restaurant Grace introduces its spacious terrace, invoking Mediterranean charm on the notable Coolsingel.

A tranquil escape on Coolsingel

The recent addition of a large terrace at Grace, an establishment recently opened in the city, invites guests to experience a serene city escape. Accommodating up to 250 guests, the location is situated opposite the grand city hall on Coolsingel. Reflecting Grace's interior, the terrace exudes international sophistication, reminiscent of the Côte d‘Azur's ambiance. Light hues and circular forms characterise the elegant design, while greenery and comfortable seating areas foster a tranquil atmosphere.

The meticulously arranged terrace provides an escape from the city's hustle, according to Niels van Putten, manager at Grace. “The terrace enhances Grace's international ethos. Every aspect, from the terrace design to the diverse dishes and beverages served, has been thoughtfully considered to create an enchanting environment for our guests,” he elaborates.

The story of Grace

After years of vacancy, the large corner building on Coolsingel underwent a major transformation spearheaded by seasoned hospitality entrepreneur Herman Hell. Taking inspiration from renowned restaurants in Paris, London, Barcelona, and Madrid, Hell endeavoured to create something unique in Rotterdam with Grace.

Headed by the distinguished chef Marco Prins, the impressive culinary team, along with the extravagant interior and a central location, contributes to the distinctive charm of Grace. Discerning visitors may note elements reminiscent of the 1920s within the bold, warm colour palette and stylish floor patterns.

Unveiling Grace's Large Terrace in the Heart of RotterdamUnveiling Grace's Large Terrace in the Heart of Rotterdam

Hell's Kitchen Horeca Groep

Hell's Kitchen Horeca Groep, established in 2001 by Herman Hell, operates several well-known restaurants and cafés in the Rotterdam region, including Loos, the Zalmhuis, Sijf, Nieuw Rotterdams Café, and Wester Paviljoen. The group, recognised for its courage, passion, and determination, was recently awarded the Rotterdam Entrepreneurship Award.

Directions and Location

Grace (or 'festive restaurant Grace') is located in the heart of Rotterdam on Coolsingel, directly opposite the stately city hall. The area is easily accessible by public transport, with nearby tram and metro stops. It's also just a short walk away from the central train station.

This part of Rotterdam is known for its vibrant atmosphere, with an array of shops, museums, and other attractions nearby. If you're planning to visit, take some time to explore the vicinity and soak up the city's culture.

Rotterdam's SUGO Pizza: Embracing plant-based cuisine

Rotterdam's SUGO Pizza: Embracing plant-based cuisine

ROTTERDAM, 5 June 2023 – The culinary scene in Rotterdam has always been a melting pot of innovation and tradition, and SUGO Pizza is no exception. The popular pizzeria, renowned for its square, airy 'pizza al taglio' (pizza by the slice), is making a notable shift this month. While dishes containing animal products were previously highlighted on the menu, the reverse is now true, with markings being placed on dishes containing plant-based ingredients.

A paradigm shift in dining?

The decision to make this change came from the company's director, Hugo Kruijssen, who explained that the company is striving to meet the growing demand for healthy and plant-based food. One example is the fully plant-based pizza with lamb kebab, red onion, and a dressing of garlic and pimentón. Despite this shift towards plant-based cuisine, milk is not entirely off the menu. Customers preferring non-plant-based milk, however, will be subject to a small surcharge.

A fresh approach to the menu

In addition to a majority of plant-based dishes, the menu also takes a new approach to ingredient labelling. Dishes containing egg, milk, or meat, for instance, are marked with a logo of the corresponding product. This is in line with the pizzeria's commitment to sustainable ingredients and varied plant-based eating. The Roman pizza served at SUGO is known for its high-protein flour, making it easily digestible. The base contains no fat and considerably fewer carbohydrates than an average pizza.

Partnering with Redefine Meat

In its pursuit of innovation, SUGO Pizza has formed a partnership with Redefine Meat, a company focusing on the development of 'new meat' that possesses the same taste, texture, and juiciness as animal meat but is 100% plant-based. This collaboration aims to develop innovative products for the SUGO Pizza menu.

SUGO pizzeria in Rotterdam is now fully plant-basedSUGO pizzeria in Rotterdam is now fully plant-based

Directions to SUGO Pizza

SUGO Pizza has various locations in Rotterdam, including at Aert van Nesstraat 20, Weestblaak 87, Kleiweg and Prins Alexanderplein. These vibrant parts of Rotterdam are easily accessible.

Eurobrouwers: Breathing New Life into Schiedam’s Distillers District

Eurobrouwers: Breathing New Life into Schiedam’s Distillers District

ROTTERDAM, 2 June 2023 – Housed within a former glass factory in Schiedam's Distillers District, Eurobrouwers – a novel brewpub and restobar concept – has made its debut. A tribute to the European beer tradition and culture, it serves up in-house brewed beer and a varied menu in an industrious, authentic setting.

The charm of Eurobrouwers

In Schiedam, Eurobrouwers occupies a distinctive spot in the heart of the Distillers District. Once a factory producing bottles for prominent gin and beer brands, the site is now home to Schiedam's first brewpub (brewpub in Dutch: brouwerij en restobar), where beer is brewed on an extensive terrace within an industrial hall complete with both indoor and outdoor kitchens.

Echoes of European beer tradition

Eurobrouwers draws its name and identity from the rich European beer tradition. Long tables, beer gardens, wooden beer barrels, and simple classic dishes evoke images of French brasseries, Eastern European kitchens, and the wider European cultural heritage.

From 17 June, Eurobrouwers will offer a selection of classic house-brewed beers. Patrons can sample beers crafted by head brewer Coen Wooldrik, available in various sizes, including small tasting glasses, at the bar which boasts an expansive tap wall and a wide assortment of bottled and draught beers.

Eurobrouwers in SchiedamEurobrouwers in Schiedam

Diverse food pairings

The beers are paired with a broad range of small and large dishes. Special features include a focus on barbecue during the summer months, featuring Polish Kielbasa sausages and BBQ Chorizo, among other dishes. Every Sunday, Eurobrouwers serves Zeeland oysters at one euro, coupled with wild beers.

Eurobrouwers brewpub: a unique feature in Schiedam

Eurobrouwers finds itself nestled among famed Schiedam distilleries like Nolet, De Kuyper, Onder de Boompjes, and Loopuyt. These gins find their place in the menu, often paired with Eurobrouwers' own beer – the traditional Dutch drink known as a 'kopstoot' (headbutt).

Embracing modularity and material reuse

Eurobrouwers is located on the grounds of De Glasfabriek, a former industrial complex sandwiched between Schiedam and Rotterdam. The temporary character of the location has inspired the implementation of a modular hospitality concept that can easily be relocated. The brewpub uses upcycled materials almost exclusively, from the bar to the brewing setup. This decision has facilitated an independent and cost-effective setup, ensuring that the venue remains accessible to a wide audience.


Eurobrouwers is situated at Buitenhavenweg 142, 3113 BE Schiedam. The area is steeped in industrial charm and is close to the heart of the old gin city. Surrounded by historic distilleries and vibrant eateries, Eurobrouwers is easily accessible by public transport and offers a unique culinary experience in Schiedam.

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