Ellis Gourmet Burger - The tastiest hamburgers in Rotterdam?

Ellis Gourmet Burger - The tastiest hamburgers in Rotterdam?

If you're a fan of juicy, flavourful burgers, then Ellis Gourmet Burger should be on your list! Drop by one of the locations in Rotterdam for, arguably, one of the better burgers in town.
Ellis Gourmet Burger is a chain of restaurants in The Netherlands, Belgium and France. There are two Ellis Gourmet Burger restaurants in Rotterdam. The location discussed in this article is located on Stationsplein, near Rotterdam Central Station. 


The Ellis Gourmet Burger near Rotterdam Central Station is a cosy restaurant that kinda feels like a café. The place has a nice vibe and attracts solo- and business travellers a well as couples and groups of friends. The interior is decorated with old Holland-America Line posters and some parts of the walls are decorated with red bricks.
Ellis Gourmet Burger 006Ellis Gourmet Burger 006
Ellis Gourmet Burger 007Ellis Gourmet Burger 007


Ellis Gourmet Burger serves burgers (of course), though the variety of burgers is quite interesting. When's the last time you had a Guaco Waco Lamb burger? Ellis is also known for collaborating with chefs and product specialists. For example, the Blue Cheese Madness features an intensely matured cheese named 'Bleu des Causses' and was made in collaboration with cheese connaisseurs Van Tricht. Similarly the New Meatlover, which I had on this occasion, was made in collaboration with well-known Belgian butcher Hendrik Dierendonck. 
Ellis Gourmet Burger 001Ellis Gourmet Burger 001Ellis Gourmet Burger 002Ellis Gourmet Burger 002
The Ellis menu also features milkshakes, homemade Iced Teas and Lemonades, sparkling wine, champagne as well as various cocktails. I ordered the Fizzy Lime Lemonade.
Ellis Gourmet Burger 005Ellis Gourmet Burger 005
Burgers at Ellis are made with meat from Holstein cattle. Holstein are dual-purpose animals, as they go through life as dairy cattle before being adapted for the culinary experiences available in an establishment such as this.
According to the folks at Ellis, when it comes to selecting the right beef, they always bear in mind four requirements: flavoursome, juicy, pure and authentic.
I have to admit, the New Meatlovers was one of the best burgers I have had in a while. The meat was delicious and well seasoned. The bun, often overlooked at restaurants, was fresh, soft and warm.
Ellis Gourmet Burger 009Ellis Gourmet Burger 009
Ellis Gourmet Burger 003Ellis Gourmet Burger 003
The mayonnaise that came with the fries was also delicious and tasted home made.

Location: Ellis Gourmet Burger - Stationsplein

Ellis Gourmet Burger is located near Central Station, though there's also smaller a location on Coolsingel.
Ellis Gourmet Burger 008Ellis Gourmet Burger 008
Ellis Gourmet Burger - Stationsplein
Stationsplein 49, 3013AK Rotterdam
Website: https://ellisgourmetburger.nl/
Phone: +31 (0)10 307 05 99

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