Kiem Foei - Asian, Surinamese and Dutch-Caribbean restaurant

Kiem Foei - Broccoli with beefKiem Foei - Broccoli with beef
Kiem Foei, an Asian restaurant located in Rotterdam Centrum, is the perfect place for those who want to grab dinner while out and about in the city centre. The place serves Javanese, Surinamese, Chinese and Dutch-Caribbean dishes at reasonable prices.


Kiem Foei is definitely a local favourite. Especially among Rotterdam's Surinamese and Dutch-Caribbean population. Kiem Foei is a nice place with friendly staff. The restaurant has a fast-food vibe. It's not the type of restaurant where you'd have a romantic dinner or spend hours ordering drinks and desserts, but it's a great place to rest your feet and fill your stomach.
You order at the cashier and then have a seat (or remain standing if you're getting takeout). The food is served promptly and when you're done eating, you pay at the cashier and head back out onto the always bustling West-Kruiskade street. 


Kiem-Foei is different than most Chinese or Surinamese restaurants in Rotterdam as it serves both Asian as well as Dutch-Caribbean food. If you've ever spent some time on Aruba or CuraƧao, you're bound to recognize various dishes on the Caribbean menu. The below picture is of the Pork cutlet ku batata; a well-loved dish on Dutch-Caribbean islands.
Kiem Foei - Pork cutlet ku batataKiem Foei - Pork cutlet ku batata
At Kiem Foei, you'll also find various Surinamese sandwiches, soups and vegetarian dishes. Whether you're getting off work exhausted, or spending the day shopping in Rotterdam. Kiem Foei will always be a good choice for a quick, convenient and affordable meal.

Location: Kiem Foei

Kiem Foei
West-Kruiskade 29a-31a
3014 AK Rotterdam
Phone: 010 - 413 99 83


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