Brewing underway at new Stadshaven Brouwerij in Rotterdam

Brewing underway at new Stadshaven Brouwerij in Rotterdam

The Rotterdam-based Stadshaven Brouwerij, with an output of two million litres of beer per year, combines traditional beer ingredients with fruit. Stadshaven, among the largest independent breweries in the Netherlands, also offers tours and beer tastings.
In the Rotterdam Makers District, Stadshaven Brouwerij, a craft beer Brouwerij has been built on the Merwehaven. In a 100 year old, fully restored fruit warehouse of more than 5,000 m2, approximately 20,000 hectolitres (2 million litres) of craft beer will be brewed and either bottled, canned or casked.
In February 2021, the Stadshaven Brouwerij in Rotterdam officially started brewing. By brewing no less than two million litres of beer a year, the Stadshaven Brouwerij immediately found itself in the top 3 of the largest independent craft beer breweries in the Netherlands.
In addition to the usual ingredients for beer (malt, hops and yeast), the Stadshaven Brouwerij uses fruit. On February 15th 2021, the first load of fruit was delivered by forklift truck, after which master brewer Wesley Aarse and director Harm van Deuren took it to the brewing kettles. This marked the festive start of brewing.
The fruit will be used as a subtle enrichment in a new craft beer line inspired by the history of the Rotterdam Fruit Port, once Europe's largest fruit port. The Stadshaven Brouwerij is located in a 100-year-old fruit warehouse of over 5,000 m2 at Rotterdam's Merwehaven, which has undergone a complete metamorphosis in recent months. The ambition is to become the most distinctive and leading craft beer brand in the Netherlands with its contemporary beers.

Audacious entrepreneurship

Stadshaven Brouwerij is an initiative of director Harm van Deuren, who has gathered around him a committed group of beer lovers and experts for this project. Harm says: "I am proud that we were able to turn something unreal into reality. We are rapidly realizing a large craft beer brewery that would normally take several decades to complete. With the Stadshaven Brouwerij we have, out of nowhere, made it into the top 3 of independent craft beer breweries in the Netherlands. With 4,000 litre brew kettles and storage tanks of up to 12,000 litres, master brewer Wesley started brewing today and I can promise you: this is not only a great adventure for us, but also for everyone who will visit us once the doors are open. We are looking forward with the whole team to the first beers flowing out of the kettles and of course the official opening to the public."
Arrival of the first load of fruitt 📷 Arnaud RoelofszArrival of the first load of fruitt 📷 Arnaud Roelofsz
Stadshaven Brouwerij Master brewer Wesley Aarse throws the first fruit into the brew kettle 📷 Arnaud RoelofszStadshaven Brouwerij Master brewer Wesley Aarse throws the first fruit into the brew kettle 📷 Arnaud Roelofsz

Distinctive brewing concept

For Dutch standards, this will be a unique opportunity to visit a brewery. There will be guided tours and beer tastings, and a contemporary "urban-trendy" catering area with seating for about 350 people. Here, with a view on the beer kettles and the water, one can enjoy the in-house brewed craft beers and the extensive menu. The catering area, which will open in the spring, consists of various rooms, each with its own identity. Because of the diversity of the spaces, companies can organize large presentations as well as business meetings and company outings here. The arrival of the Stadshaven Brouwerij in the redeveloped Rotterdam Makers District will contribute to the liveability, circular economy and social dynamics of the area. This should become the new hotspot of Rotterdam: an energetic area with a mix of working, living, culture, catering, sports and education.
New Stadshaven Brouwerij starts brewing craft beer in Rotterdam 📷 Arnaud RoelofszNew Stadshaven Brouwerij starts brewing craft beer in Rotterdam 📷 Arnaud Roelofsz

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