Ter Marsch & Co. wins prize for best burger in the Benelux

The Gojira by Ter Marsch & Co. wins Best Burger Benelux 2020The Gojira by Ter Marsch & Co. wins Best Burger Benelux 2020
The tastiest burger in all the Benelux is found at Ter Marsch & Co in Rotterdam. The burger known as 'The Gojira' took home the grand prize at the 2020 Best Burger Benelux competition.
The best burger of the Benelux can be found at Ter Marsch & Co. The burger specialist won the final of the Best Burger Benelux on October 13th 2020 at the BBB in the MECC Maastricht. Ter Marsch & Co left a hundred contenders in its wake with 'The Gojira.' The burger was judged the best by the international jury.

The Gojira

The Gojira is served on two small steam buns with a patty of Dutch dry aged rib eye and Japanese Wagyu. The burger is topped with a crumble of purple tortillas and nori, in yuzu pickled red onion, sweet and sour cucumber and mini bok choy and bulgogi pulled pork. The pulled pork is stewed in a bulgogi marinade with smoked belly bacon pieces cooked in Mexican red pepper sauce. Next there are two sauces: the white sauce made from Jarritos lime juice and manuka honey with Japanese pink ginger and lime zest. The red sauce is made from Gochujang pasta, a Korean fermented soybean paste made with a home-made spicy ketchup.

Jury report

The jury included Pierre Wind (television chef), Alexandra Dirand (export manager Ballymaloe), Kevin Ross (Ellis Gourmet Burgers), Ron Simpson (Avocado Show) and Yossi Eliyahoo (The Entourage Group). According to the five members of the jury the presentation of The Gojira was executed to perfection. In addition, they thought about a perfect overall picture down to the smallest details. The jury described the burger as a true taste explosion, original, surprising and very balanced with an amazing presentation in an Asian steam basket.
By the way, if you're expecting a huge towering heap of meat, the Gojira is actually a pair of 'smaller sized' burgers, this makes them very convenient to eat.

National and international prizes

Ter Marsch & Co's hamburgers have been in the spotlight since its opening in 2014. After winning many national and international titles, it's now fair to say that Ter Marsch & Co can be labelled as an iconic foodie destination. By winning this new prize Ter Marsch & Co proves once again to be one of the best burger specialists in the Netherlands and beyond. Last January, the burger bar won the award for best burger and the most delicious fries in the Netherlands during the Horecava. The award-winning 'The Gojira' is on the menu in the Rotterdam and Amsterdam branches of Ter Marsch & Co.

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