Taalnacht: bridging languages during Museumnacht010

Taalnacht: bridging languages during Museumnacht010

A linguistic and cultural bridge will be formed in Rotterdam during Museumnacht010, connecting language learners and museum-goers in an evening filled with art and dialogue.

Rotterdam's Taalnacht enriches Museumnacht010

On Saturday, 2 March 2024, Rotterdam will play host to Taalnacht (Language Night) as part of the annual Museumnacht010, offering an innovative programme that merges language learning with cultural exploration. This event, scheduled from 18:00 to 22:00, will take place across various museums in the city and the Central Library, aiming to unite Rotterdam's diverse population through the shared experiences of art and language.

Language learners will be paired with Museumnacht visitors, who will volunteer as language buddies for the evening. This pairing is designed to facilitate language practice in a lively and cultural setting, allowing participants to engage in meaningful exchanges while exploring Rotterdam's rich museum offerings.

The Central Library will transform into a 'taalmuseum' (language museum) for the occasion, featuring poetry readings and presentations from language students. These presentations are the result of workshops conducted by Rotterdam-based language artists, including poet Derek Otte. The focus will be on providing insights into the Dutch language and raising awareness about literacy challenges within the community.

Participants in Taalnacht will benefit from a discounted ticket price for Museumnacht010, enabling them to continue their cultural journey throughout the night at a reduced cost. The detailed programme includes a welcoming address, city walks to various museums, and concludes with the opportunity for attendees to independently explore Museumnacht010.

Directions to the Central Library

The Central Library, located at Hoogstraat 110 in Rotterdam, serves as the starting point for the Taalnacht activities. This area, known for its vibrant cultural and academic presence, is easily accessible by public transport and offers a unique blend of historic and modern Rotterdam.

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