Rotterdam Rounders Poker Festival - dates, information

Rotterdam Rounders Poker Festival - dates, information

Discover the annual Rotterdam Rounders Poker Festival at Holland Casino, featuring exciting events, accessible buy-ins, and a diverse schedule for poker enthusiasts.

The first edition of the Rotterdam Rounders Poker Festival has been announced by Holland Casino. Scheduled to take place from 1 to 9 December 2023, the festival is set in Holland Casino Rotterdam. Designed to appeal to poker players of varying levels, the festival includes a Main Event with a €300 buy-in and a guaranteed prize pool of €200,000.

This event marks a significant addition to Rotterdam's event calendar, offering a platform for both experienced and recreational poker players. The entire schedule of the festival has been made public.

An accessible poker experience

Pieter Boers, Director of Gaming & Services at Holland Casino, expressed his enthusiasm for the festival, highlighting its unique approach in offering accessible stakes and a grand tournament experience for recreational players. He noted the significance of Rotterdam hosting this premier event, which was shaped by community feedback.

The festival, dubbed "Low Limit, High Fun", aims to combine the excitement of poker with a range of events accessible to players at all levels. Its introduction is seen as a way to bolster the poker community and encourage both enjoyment and competition.

Main Event and diverse tournaments

The Main Event is a highlight of the festival, with five starting days and a Single Re-Entry option. Players will continue until the prize money is reached. Additionally, numerous side events are planned, focusing on lower buy-ins, including a multi-day €170 tournament with a guaranteed €50,000 prize pool.

The festival also offers entry-level tournaments starting at €100, along with a High Roller tournament with a €500 buy-in. The schedule includes varied formats such as Mystery Bounty, Progressive Bounty, Steal the Button, and Pot-Limit Omaha. Cash games starting from €2/€2 will also be available.

Directions to Holland Casino Rotterdam

Holland Casino Rotterdam, the venue for the Rotterdam Rounders Poker Festival, is easily accessible. Situated in the heart of Rotterdam, it's close to major transport links and surrounded by vibrant city attractions.

Harbour Run Rotterdam - dates, info, registration

Harbour Run Rotterdam - dates, info, registration

Experience the thrill of the Harbour Run Rotterdam, an annual event offering a challenging obstacle course through the iconic port of Rotterdam. Suitable for all levels, choose from 6 or 10-kilometre routes with nearly 30 obstacles for an unforgettable adventure.

The event expects to host 6,000 participants, including 260 corporate teams. The atmosphere along the course and at the start and finish areas, complemented by live music and various food trucks, contributes to the event's annual success.

Harbour Run Rotterdam 2024

Enthusiastic participants can already sign up for the 2024 edition, scheduled for October 6, 2024. Don't miss this adventure and take advantage of the pre-registration.

Exclusive access to port terrains

Participants will traverse a course that winds through the expansive Rotterdam port. The event offers a rare opportunity, as the terrains of the port businesses are usually off-limits to the general public. This exclusivity adds a special allure to the obstacle run.

Unique obstacles: A word from the organisers

In 2023, Joost Kuyper, the project leader of the Harbour Run representing the sports marketing agency SportVibes, spoke about the distinctiveness of the obstacles. “For this 10th edition, we are bringing back some classics, including my personal favourites, like the giant ball pit that all participants have to scramble through. Let's not forget 'Windkracht 10,' a container tunnel ending with a powerful wind blower, which always results in amusing footage as participants run through a storm of wind force ten,” he said.

A Growing Community in Rotterdam

Over the years, the Harbour Run has become an integral part of Rotterdam's event calendar, consistently attracting a large number of participants and spectators. Ramona, a previous participant with a corporate team from RET, described the event as “a sort of adult jungle gym.” She added, “It's incredibly fun to participate. We support each other in overcoming obstacles, wait for each other, and cheer each other on!”

Directions and Location

How to Get There

The Harbour Run takes place in the Rotterdam port area. The location is easily accessible by public transport and there is ample parking for those who prefer to drive.

Join Klimbosdag: Forest conservation meets fun in Rotterdam

Join Klimbosdag: Forest conservation meets fun in Rotterdam

Amidst fluctuating weather conditions and environmental concerns, the first edition of Nationale Klimbosdag (National Climbing Forest Day) is set to take place on 13 September. The event aims to raise awareness about the importance of forests while offering a unique outdoor experience.

The initiative behind the event

The event was initiated by Klimbos Nederland and Fun Forest. The purpose is to encourage people to experience the benefits of nature in a unique and playful manner, while also drawing attention to forest conservation. “We are proud that so many climbing forests are participating in the first edition of the Nationale Klimbosdag. Together, we invite children, young people, and adults to celebrate the climbing forests and nature,” said Ciaran Barsema, director of Klimbos Nederland.

The impact on health and well-being

Being in a forested environment has been shown to reduce stress hormones and increase happiness hormones. Coupled with physical activities like climbing and zip lining, the benefits are amplified.

Aiding forest conservation

Twenty climbing forest locations across the Netherlands, including Fun Forest Rotterdam and Abel Klimbos in Poortugaal, are participating in the event. For every ticket sold, €1 will be donated to Trees for All, contributing to the planting of new trees in areas where they are needed. “The ambition is to attract 1,500 visitors so that we can collectively plant at least 300 new trees,” said David Balhuizen, general director at Fun Forest.

Event details and participation

Date: Wednesday, 13 September
Ticket price: €16, with €1 donation to Trees for All

How to get there

Both locations are easily accessible by public transport and offer ample parking spaces for those who prefer to drive. The areas are known for their scenic beauty, making the journey as enjoyable as the destination.

Directions to Fun Forest Rotterdam

Directions to Abel. Klimbos in Poortugaal

Baggi returns to Rotterdam with monthly gigs at The Grit

Baggi returns to Rotterdam with monthly gigs at The Grit

A monthly residency at The Grit has been established, featuring DJ and producer Baggi as the main act, starting this September. The series, known as Off The Grit, will feature both emerging talents and established names in the electronic music industry. Among the first to join him will be Benny Rodriguez on 9 September.

Club manager Ali Can Sert stated, “Both Baggi and The Grit enjoy pushing boundaries, making this a perfect match.” He added that Baggi's unique style has garnered a loyal following worldwide, making his residency a special treat for The Grit's patrons.

A new chapter in Baggi's career

Having built a strong reputation on international stages and leading music festivals, Baggi is now returning to Rotterdam to host Off The Grit at The Grit monthly. This marks a significant milestone in his career and offers a unique opportunity for music enthusiasts and fans in the region.

“Rotterdam has always been my home. My monthly residency is a way to show my appreciation and share my love for music with the people who have supported me from the beginning,” Baggi said about his new venture.

Upcoming events at The Grit

LIMBO – Every Friday

Enter the club and get lost in time with a mix of 70's classics, today's hits, R&B, hip-hop, Latin, afro, and more.

WAISTLINE – Every Two Months

Expect a blend of afro and Caribbean sounds like dancehall, soca, and amapiano, curated by Nems.

MONDAY AT THE GRIT – Every Last Monday

Designed for those who work weekends. The music will be a mix of R&B, house, Latin, and afro.

PURPLE – Every Two Months

Featuring Afropop, Electronic, Funk, Hip-Hop, Hip-House, Nu-soul & RnB, curated by Feurich.

INFERNO– Every Two Months

Groovy, Funky, Boogie, Disco, House.

How to get to The Grit

The Grit is located in the heart of Rotterdam, easily accessible by public transport and just a short walk from key landmarks. The area is vibrant, filled with other nightlife options, making it a perfect spot for an evening out.

Explore WTC Rotterdam on Open Monuments Day

Explore WTC Rotterdam on Open Monuments Day

ROTTERDAM, 5 September 2023 – This weekend, WTC Rotterdam will participate in Open Monumenten Dag (Open Monuments Day) for the first time, offering a unique exhibition and guided tours to the public.

A weekend of exploration

More than 50 monuments in Rotterdam will be accessible to visitors on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 September. Among them, WTC Rotterdam is making its debut in the event. The exhibition, titled 'Het monument van de toekomst' (The Monument of the Future), will be open from 11:00 to 17:00.

Guided tours by Ferrie Weeda

Ferrie Weeda, a historian and city guide in Rotterdam, will conduct three exclusive tours, showcasing various special locations within the monumental building. The tours are scheduled for 11:00, 12:00, and 13:00. Advanced registration is available, and eight spots per tour are open for walk-ins.

The evolution of trade in Rotterdam

Trade has been conducted in the city centre since 1598. Initially, a covered place known as the Beurs was established to protect traded grain from bad weather. Over the years, the Beurs moved to different locations within the city, eventually evolving into the WTC Rotterdam.

Transformation and sustainability

The building, which once served as a trading exchange, now houses approximately 100 offices. Since 2016, it has undergone significant revitalisation, designed by Architect Bierman Henket. Attention was paid to the original vision of J.F. Staal, who designed the building in the 1930s. Investments have also been made in sustainability, resulting in an A++ energy label.

A word from the managing director

Eveline Steenbergen, managing director of WTC Rotterdam, stated, "This place has significant historical value. The exhibition and tours demonstrate why this building is rightfully a Rijksmonument."

About WTC Rotterdam

Situated in the bustling city centre and the Central Business District, WTC Rotterdam has been owned by Bouwinvest since 2015. The building offers a range of facilities, including a congress centre, a hotel, and various dining options.

How to get there

WTC Rotterdam is centrally located in the heart of Rotterdam, making it easily accessible by public transport and car. The area is vibrant, surrounded by shops, restaurants, and cultural landmarks.

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