De Maaltuin at Trompenburg Gardens: Rotterdam's culinary delight

De Maaltuin at Trompenburg Gardens: Rotterdam's culinary delight

Every spring, the pop-up restaurant experience De Maaltuin is hosted at Rotterdam's Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum. De Maaltuin is a travelling restaurant that opens at special locations such as castles, palaces, museums or botanical gardens. While dining, visitors are introduced to the stories of these locations through specially prepared culinary dishes.
From March 22nd until May 12th 2024, visitors can discover idyllic locations while enjoying a unique five-course dinner with pleasant company. The event embraces the season by delving into rituals from various cultures, all of which draw inspiration from nature. Guests will be treated to a culinary journey through different areas of the botanical garden, acquainting themselves with a diverse array of exotic flowers, plants, and trees.

Culinary Stroll through the Gardens

The unique pop-up restaurant The Maaltuin returns this spring for a new edition at Trompenburg Gardens. During this so-called carousel edition, guests will dine at various locations in the Rotterdam botanical garden. The Kapschuur, Perenhof, and Zwanenmeer are all featured on the route. The event is ideal for those who appreciate nature and enjoy exploring amidst thousands of stunning flowers, trees, and plants. Love for nature goes hand in hand with culinary enjoyment, as Chef Paul Oldemenger, formerly of Michelin-starred restaurants, has developed a special menu inspired by the garden's beauty. This broad palette of flavours is further enhanced by a wine or mocktail pairing tailored to the menu. Visitors will learn about fascinating myths and legends, as well as various forms of art, such as Elsbeth van Noppen's stunning photo series, “Nocturnal Garden.”

Discover Inspiring Cultures

This exceptional evening focuses on rituals from diverse cultures. For instance, guests will be introduced to the Japanese Wishing Tree tradition. By hanging coloured wish cards on a tree, the Japanese ask the gods for no rain during their celebration of the Tanabata festival. The Maaltuin will feature its own Wishing Tree, where guests can write their wishes and hang them on the tree. Additionally, a museum piece, the Peyote cactus, will be displayed in a glass case. According to indigenous Mexican tribes, Peyote enables them to connect with the gods of earth and nature.


De Maaltuin at Trompenburg Gardens: Rotterdam's culinary delightDe Maaltuin at Trompenburg Gardens: Rotterdam's culinary delight


An Exceptional Night Out

The event promises a memorable evening. Upon arrival, guests will find themselves in an idyllic green oasis. With a refreshing welcome drink in hand, they will explore the gardens, taking in the stunning flowers, trees, and plants in bloom. Through podcasts and creative experiences, guests will learn about the stories behind this beautiful place. The inspiring route through the greenhouse, Perenhof, and Zwanenmeer will also feature dishes served in a walking dinner format, inspired by the garden and prepared with local, sustainable ingredients. Guests will even have the opportunity to taste a piece of the garden itself, as the menu includes wild garlic, an herb that grows abundantly in Trompenburg Gardens.


About De Maaltuin

The Maaltuin offers a unique way to experience special locations through delicious dining, dishes with a story, and live music. Each edition of The Maaltuin is distinctive and provides a surprising experience worth revisiting time and time again.


About Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum

Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum is a beautiful botanical garden with a large collection of trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs and tubers. The garden covers 8 hectares and is located in the Kralingen district of Rotterdam, on the edge of the city centre. The garden is open to visitors in every season. The first construction took place about 200 years ago. Trompenburg is of great value in terms of biodiversity and natural history. It has also been a registered museum, a Rotterdam Monument, and is therefore the green museum of Rotterdam.
Flowering season in Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum

Flowering season in Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum

Spring kicks off festively at Trompenburg with a spring festival for young and old. All spring long, Trompenburg is the place to be for anyone who is cheered by colourful spring blooms. Besides the many spring activities Trompenburg hosts, the gardens are a very nice place to retreat from the busy city every day.


Spring Festival at Trompenburg

The start of the flowering season will be kicked off on Sunday, April 14, 2024 at Trompenburg with the Spring Festival. Together with all visitors, the park is happy to welcome spring while enjoying festive activities. For example, there is a living exhibition of plants and animals. In it, park visitors can follow the growth of flower bulbs, as well as marvel at colourful walking branches and leaves. The terraces are open for coffee or tea, cake and lunch and there are stalls of local entrepreneurs and growers where fresh spring plants and beautiful bouquets can be scored. There is also plenty for children to do. They can earn their gardener's diploma by completing a course.

The festival takes place from 10:00 a.m. to 17:00, and everyone is welcome at the normal garden admission prices.

Flowering season in Trompenburg Gardens & ArboretumFlowering season in Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum


Adopt special plants 

Every year in February, the Trompenburg Seed Association starts growing special annual plants. The volunteers have sown over 60 different varieties of flowers and edible plants and spent months nurturing, transplanting and repotting them. This hard work and long wait is being rewarded: from the end of April, the plants are ready to be adopted by a nice owner, as traditionally, Trompenburg sells all these unique, annual plants. The sale of annuals will take place on April 28 from 10:00 a.m. to 17:00.  


Visit the Plant Market

On May 4th and 5th, Trompenburg is organizing a plant market: the most fun and largest in Rotterdam! There is a stall route through part of the garden where several, specialized growers offer their special (and often organic) plants. There is everything for sale here: from perennials to shrubs and from bulbs to cacti. There is something for every plant lover. Of course, the growers are also on hand with advice on plants, maintenance and other tips for planting in your own garden. In addition, the market sells quality garden tools, garden decorations, honey and other gift items. After shopping, visitors can join the terraces for coffee/tea, cake and lunches while enjoying live music. There is also plenty of entertainment for children during these days. Various, fun activities will be organized. Normal entrance fees also apply to the Plant Market.


Cactus weekend

A stimulating weekend dedicated entirely to cacti and related species such as carnivorous plants. These fascinating plants boast a unique and enchanting appearance. At a mini-market, you can discover special specimens, purchase delightful gift items, and receive tips on keeping your cacti healthy and happy. Workshops will be available for everyone to learn more about (propagating) cacti and to share interesting facts. Cactus weekend is on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June from 10:00 to 17:00. Don't miss the exhibition of the Trichocereus Bridgesii Monstrose (the penis cactus).


Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum Rotterdam

Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum is a beautiful botanical garden with a large collection of trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs and tubers. The garden covers 8 acres and is located in Rotterdam's Kralingen district, on the edge of the city center. Trompenburg is especially interesting to visit in spring. Because starting in April, more than 700 species of rhododendrons are in full bloom in all colours, types, and sizes. A unique experience that you can only match at Trompenburg. A colourful alternative to the Keukenhof if you want to experience spring as a Rotterdam resident closer to home.


St. Patrick's day in Rotterdam - date, locations, info

St. Patrick's day in Rotterdam - date, locations, info

Green outfits and Irish music! St. Patrick's Day is Ireland's national holiday and is characterized as one of the merriest and greenest days of the year.


When is St. Patrick's Day?

Every March 17, more than 75 million people worldwide commemorate the life of St. Patricius, the patron saint of Ireland. More than 200 countries participate, everywhere with the same traditions. Thus, this national holiday is dominated by the color green, typical Irish food and drink: lamb stew, fish & chips accompanied by a pint of Guinness beer and Irish music. For many in the Netherlands it's a fun opportunity to be Irish for a day: swap Dutch orange for Irish green and celebrate St. Patrick's day just like the Irish. 


A holiday full of traditions

St. Patricius caused the Irish to be converted to Christianity in the fifth century, and at the same time, in the process, the three-leaf clover — a symbol of the holy trinity of the father, the son and the holy spirit — became a national symbol. Many Irish are divided between different parts of the world due to migration. St. Patrick's Day is therefore celebrated around the world today. Both people, cities, monuments, and even rivers turn green for this one day. A lot of Irish music is played, and Irish bands perform. 


Where to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the Rotterdam area:

The activities that take place in pubs on March 17 can be compared to Koningsdag: party, fun and lots of green instead of orange, although with smaller crowds and in fewer locations. Here are a couple of tips where we think you're sure to have a good time on St. Patrick's Day. 

  • In Rotterdam: Paddy Murphy's or Locus Publicus
  • In Dordrecht: The Hide Away
  • In Rozenburg: Finnegans
  • In Vlaardingen: Irish Pub


What do they traditionally drink?

Besides the colour green, Guinness is also inextricably linked to St. Patrick's Day. As such, both have a rich Irish history. This iconic dark beer is part of Ireland's symbols and culture. Through Irish pubs, the favourite meeting places of the Irish, the black stuff plays an important role in the social life of this country. Consequently, the Irish see Guinness as the embodiment of the holiday. While some 7.5 million pints of Guinness are drunk on any given day, as many as 13 million are drunk on St. Patrick's Day.

MOMO Festival Rotterdam - dates, line-up, event information

MOMO Festival Rotterdam - dates, line-up, event information

MOMO Festival is one of the best known and most intimate festivals in Rotterdam. The festival brings together multiple forms of art – from music to dance – at different locations in the heart of the city.

MOMO is a festival of contrasts, with the always raucous Rotterdam in the background. Motel Mozaïque (MOMO) takes over Rotterdam again with an art, performance, and music program at special locations in the city. MOMO always delivers a jam-packed program of art, performances, tours, talks, and surprises.

When does the next edition of MOMO Festival take place?

The next edition of the MOMO (Motel Mozaique) Festival takes place on 17 – 19 April 2025. MOMO Festival will once again take over Rotterdam, featuring a programme of art, music, and performance. There will also be special residencies on display, and you can participate in the MOMO Guided Tours to get to know the city of Rotterdam through different eyes. More information about the MOMO Festival line-up will be announced in the coming period. Tickets are available on the MOMO website.

What is MOMO Festival Rotterdam?

As the original name (Motel Mozaique) implies, MOMO Festival is a mosaic of music, art, and culture. The first edition was held in 2001 and in the two decades since, it has only got bigger and better. The MOMO Festival is held at different locations in Rotterdam's city centre; in theatres, cafés, concert halls, clubs and (former) churches. From daring art performances to unique guided city tours; MOMO is a unique festival that not only brings music to the city, but in a way, also brings the city closer to itself. Past editions of the festival featured up-and-coming superstars such as Luke Sital-Singh and George Ezra. 

👇The rest of this article will be updated for 2025 as information becomes available.👇

Playground area — green and social impact

At the Playground area, you can get food and drinks from local and sustainable initiatives like Falafval and SOCOCO Coffee. At the bars at Playground, you can get a "green discount" on your drink if you came by bike, on foot or some other sustainable way. At MOMO Festival this year, you'll eat 100% vegan.


MOMO Festival Rotterdam - dates, line-up, event information - Photo by Niek HageMOMO Festival Rotterdam - dates, line-up, event information - Photo by Niek Hage


MOMO Festival's 2024 line-up

This year, MOMO brings us a wide range of artists from all corners of the globe. The music line-up includes the following artists:
Aelia Sapph // Aili // Alida Dors & HAYP MUSIC // Alison Jutta // Angry Blackmen // Arrocha // Artemas // Avalanche Kaito // Baby's Berserk // Bolis Pupul // Boogie Mind // Chirty // Clarissa Connelly // ClubINC // Cocobolo // Cosmo Pyke // CVC // CyberFairy777 // Dana Gavanski // Daudi Matsiko // Deki Alem // DJ Swaggot // Djuwa Mroivili // Dry Cleaning // Fat Dog // Franky Sticks // gglum // Hatoon // Holly Macve // HotWax // ICONIC // ILA // Jair Faria // Kaeto // Kurashi Soundsystem // Laena Myers // Lander & Adriaan // Leah Rye // Library Card // LIKEMINDS // Lime Garden // Loverman // Loveth Besamoh // Luna Morgenstern // mary in the junkyard // Michelle Samba // Min Taka // Mina & Bryte // Miso Extra // Miss Tiny // Nene H // NewDad // Nivek // Nubiyan Twist // Pauli The PSM // Pelanoir // Peter Somuah // Picture Parlour // Porcelain id // Radio Trapani // Ralphie Choo // Ranie Ribeiro // Seb H. // Slimfit // Steph Strings // SUBFICTION // Sydney Lowell // Talee // Texoprint // Trout // Wende // Wu-Lu // Y.O.P.E.

Amenti Elemental Exchange // Dear Laila // Grande Loge // GUT // I Vow To Distract Forever // Motel Poezië // Paste // The Patchwork Family // Prey Tell // R3LN4CHT // Radio Sueño // Sketches of Scapes // Under My Umbrella // Victory Boogie Woogie // WEEF.collective (residency)


MOMO Festival Rotterdam - dates, line-up, event information - Photo by Mark EngelenMOMO Festival Rotterdam - dates, line-up, event information - Photo by Mark Engelen
MOMO Festival Rotterdam - dates, line-up, event information - Photo by Rosa QuistMOMO Festival Rotterdam - dates, line-up, event information - Photo by Rosa Quist

MOMO Festival official Spotify playlist

Not sure what to expect? The artists performing at MOMO are up-and-coming, and odds are you've never heard of them, yet. The cool thing is that many of these artists are going to be superstars in the future. TIP: Get in the mood with the official MOMO Festival Spotify Playlist. This will help you decide how to plan your movements on the day(s) of the festival.

Aftermovie: Motel Mozaique Festival


Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival - dates, artists & information

Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival - dates, artists & information

Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival is a free annual music event which takes place in Rotterdam Noord. The event has grown into one of the best bluegrass festivals in Europe.
Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival is not just about music. There's also a wide range of workshops, exhibitions and jam sessions as well as underground comics. The three-day festival is also a good place to find fresh food and drinks at affordable prices. Get your hot dogs, perfectly golden brown fries, high-quality organic meat,  vegan stew, chicken stew and salads from the various stands and food trucks. The next edition of Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival takes place on 28, 29, 30 June 2024.

Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival Line-up 2024

Roterdam Bluegrass Festival features amazing folk artists from Europe and the USA. Artists performing at this year's Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival (so far) include:

— Dom Flemons (USA)
— The Kody Norris Show (USA)
— The Slocan Ramblers (CAN)
— The Dirty Grass Players (USA)
— Seth Mulder & Midnight Run (USA)
— Annie Bartholomew (CAN)
— Bertolf & Friends (NL)
— Tray Wellington (US)
— Riley Baugus (US)
— Golden Shoals (US)
— Nat Myers (US)
— Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy (US)
— New Valley String Band (SE)
— Damn Tall Buildings (US)
— Delaney Davidson (NZ)
— Mary Lee Family Band (BR)
— Hezekiah Procter (CA)

New this year: Rotterdam Bluegrass Camp

Especially for musicians, this year, the festival is also organising the Rotterdam Bluegrass Camp! A brand-new initiative where participants can take masterclasses from renowned bluegrass musicians from the Netherlands and the USA.

Workshops by Golden Shoals

The foundation of the masterclasses is a two-day session by Golden Shoals (US). Amy Alvey and Mark Kilianski will assist you in setting up your own bluegrass or old-timey band.

Masterclasses by Bertolf, Tray Wellington, and others

You will also attend masterclasses by Bertolf (NL), Riley Baugus (US), and Kody Norris Show (US). On Saturday and Sunday, additional masterclasses are offered by Tray Wellington (US), Tijmen Veelenturf (NL), Annie Bartholomew (CA), and the Dirty Grass Players (US).

Thursday, 27 June - 10:30 to 16:00
Friday, 28 June - 10:30 to 16:00
+ Additional masterclasses on Saturday and Sunday

Tickets are €150 (including a festival pass and lunch)


The Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival sounds like:


Location: Noordplein Rotterdam


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