Flash delivery services available in Rotterdam

Flash delivery services available in Rotterdam

Flash delivery services are changing the way people shop in Rotterdam, offering convenience, variety, and speed to those who value their time and money. Whether you need a quick snack, a last-minute gift, or a full grocery haul, you can find it on your phone and get it delivered to your door in minutes. 

Flash Delivery: how does it work?

Utilising a network of warehouses, bicycles, and scooters, flash delivery services swiftly fulfil orders placed through mobile apps. Customers can select from an array of products, including fresh produce, snacks, household items, and personal care products. Delivery fees are generally low, with some services even offering free delivery for orders exceeding a certain threshold.

A Closer Look at Rotterdam's Flash Delivery Services

Let's dive into the world of speedy deliveries and explore the top options available in Rotterdam.


Getir is a Turkish company that launched in Rotterdam in June 2021. It offers more than 1,500 products, ranging from fresh produce and beverages to snacks and personal care items. You can order via the Getir app or website and pay with iDEAL or credit card. The delivery fee is €1.95 and the minimum order amount is €10. Getir claims to deliver your order in an average of 10 minutes. Download the Getir app on Google Play or the App Store.


Flink is a German company that also started operating in Rotterdam in June 2021. It has a similar product range as Getir, with over 2,200 items from various brands and categories. You can order via the Flink app or website and pay with iDEAL, credit card or PayPal. The delivery fee is €1.80 and the minimum order amount is €10. Flink says it can deliver your order in around 10 minutes. Download the Flink app on Google Play or the App Store.


Gorillas is another German company that entered the Rotterdam market in April 2021. It has a slightly smaller product selection than Getir and Flink, with around 1,000 items from local and organic producers. You can order via the Gorillas app and pay with iDEAL or credit card. The delivery fee is €1.80 and there is no minimum order amount. Gorillas aims to deliver your order in less than 10 minutes. Download the Gorillas app on Google Play or the App Store.

PLUS Express

PLUS Express is a service unveiled by Dutch supermarket chain PLUS. The express service offers delivery in approximately 2 hours. How does PLUS Express work? When shopping on the website, choose between delivery or pick-up. The PLUS Express time slots can be identified by a special logo. Your order will be delivered to your address in just 2 hours. Keep in mind that the availability of time slots depends on your chosen PLUS store. It's possible that the time slots for PLUS Express are fully booked or that your local PLUS does not offer the PLUS Express service. 

Top 5 shops for books, comics & magazines in Rotterdam

Top 5 shops for books, comics & magazines in Rotterdam

Books have been around for centuries and even though the medium has been called old-fashioned and obsolete, it keeps coming back for good. The reason? A good book has no match. What books, stories, or comics you like reading is, of course, personal, but we can tell you where to buy them in Rotterdam.

The five best places for buying books in Rotterdam

Bosch & De Jong Boekverkopers 📷 Marleen B. BergBosch & De Jong Boekverkopers 📷 Marleen B. Berg

1. Bosch & De Jong Boekverkopers

Bosch & De Jong is a cosy bookshop located at the back of the Fenix Food Factory. Strangely enough, this is where I bought most books in recent years. Not specific titles, not books I saw in reviews, on Twitter or that title someone wanted as a present. Simply books from their selection. If you go there and have a look around, maybe you planned to get some bread later, you always come away with something nice. A book you cannot just leave on the shelf. I have bought children’s books here, most books featured in this post and calendars as well as the odd novel that looked particularly intriguing. The store has a size, which makes it easy to walk through and not miss too much even when you pick up a book here and there. If you need a present that is not awfully specific or just want to have a nose around in some nice books, it is the place to be. Of course, the friendly staff can help you with specific titles or fields you are looking for too, but for me, it is their selection that has won me over.
Donner 📷 Anna SoetensDonner 📷 Anna Soetens

2. Donner Rotterdam

Donner is Rotterdam’s biggest bookshop with the biggest selection of books. Housed in a former bank building, the collection of books entails around 250,000 titles. Anything you might need or want in a book as well as magazines, calendars, office supplies, antique books, second-hand books, games, presents and music, you will find here.
Yes, there are recommendations and featured books, but still, you better have an idea of what you are looking for. Otherwise you might check your watch and find out the century has turned while you were wandering past mountains of books. I find it especially handy for presents you need today and have only a vague idea about. They also sell a large range of cards for all occasions.
De Slegte Rotterdam 📷 Retailtrends.nlDe Slegte Rotterdam 📷 Retailtrends.nl

3. De Slegte

Do you want to find a new book at a bargain price, a book that says “sold out” online because it was published in 1980 or an English book? Then the Belgium chain store De Slegte is the one for you. It has recently moved out of the Coolsingel location and merged with Donner bookshops, so just one location for both above articles now. How handy is that?
Yendor 📷 Anna SoetensYendor 📷 Anna Soetens

4. Yendor

For all thing’s comic, this is where you go. At Yendor, you will find more adults than children in here at most times, looking for that one Japanese series or the limited-edition comic that used to be no more than an urban legend. If it does exist, these guys have it, or they know about it. People come from far to find comics here. New or second hand. You can also buy fan items such as mugs, games and t-shirts.  Of course, you will get mainstream comics here too if that is what floats your boat.  
Boekhandel v/h Van Gennep 📷 Anna SoetensBoekhandel v/h Van Gennep 📷 Anna Soetens

5. Boekhandel v/h Van Gennep

Van Gennep is a cosy little individual bookshop in the city centre. Their collection ranges from fiction over poetry to cooking and children’s books. Good service, quiet and relaxed atmosphere and always surprising. And if you have one or more children who like to read, bring them and let them settle into the cosy children’s corner, while you can browse the store at leisure.

Tips for speciality books:

MeneerKlaas.nl - purchase gifts and souvenirs from Rotterdam

MeneerKlaas.nl - purchase gifts and souvenirs from Rotterdam

There comes a point in every expat’s life when you look for a gift or souvenir for friends or family back home. Something that cleverly illustrates or embodies the spirit of Rotterdam, the city you have come to love and call your home.
A good place to start looking is on MeneerKlaas.nl, a webshop that prides itself on offering gift boxes that are very typical to Rotterdam. From cheese, candy and beer to coffee and souvenirs.
There’s a wide variety of gifts available, from the very personal birthday present to the corporate gift. All gift boxes are delivered in a beautiful, original packaging material which can also be adapted to reflect your personal wishes or corporate design.

Beer from Rotterdam

The Netherlands is famous for its beer, but there’s more to it than Heineken. In Rotterdam, many local microbreweries produce high-quality beers and are gaining popularity both locally and abroad. On MeneerKlaas.nl you’ll find gift packages with beers from Rotterdam-based breweries including Kaapse Brouwers.
You can order four different types of Kaapse Brouwers beer; Carrie, Tess, Harrie, Karel. The Karel is a gluten free cat II IPA (4.9%), so it's perfect for friends who are either allergic to or avoiding gluten whereas Carrie is a heavier Indian Pale Ale (cat S, 6.5%).
There are also quite a few beers from Brouwerij Noordt, including a five-beer variety pack named Het Legioen, after the fans of Rotterdam's famous Feyenoord football club.
Rotterdams locally brewed beers Rotterdams locally brewed beers

Cheese from Rotterdam

Perhaps more so than beer, the Netherlands is known for cheese, Gouda in particular. Rotterdam also has its own cheese, De Rotterdamsche Oude, and it’s quite good. You can buy various types of Rotterdamsche Oude cheese and cheese accessories on MeneerKlaas.nl. There’s the Schuit which has been aged for 36 or 100 weeks as well as a 28-week aged goat cheese and a 20-week Rotterdammert in the shape of a ball.
You can also get a combination of cheese and port wine, or cheese and Pineut; a do-it-yourself brand of liqueur produced in Rotterdam. A bottle of Pineut comes pre-filled with dry natural ingredients, so all the person receiving it has to do is add the alcohol, shake the bottle once a day and patiently wait until the drink is ready to be consumed.

Mugs, coasters, shot glasses and bags

How about non-food items? On MeneerKlaas.nl you’ll find different mugs, sets of coasters, shot glasses and water bottles that feature illustrations of Rotterdam’s architectural icons like Central Station and the city skyline. The site also has tote bags in various designs and rucksacks.
Rotterdam-themed tote bags and rucksacks Rotterdam-themed tote bags and rucksacks

International shipping

Unfortunately, the website doesn't allow international delivery. So you’ll have to send the items to your own address in the Netherlands first before shipping them off to your friends and relatives abroad. Or, if you’re travelling abroad yourself, you can always take the items yourself in your luggage.
Rotterdam’s best cheese - Dutch icons of Rotterdam

Rotterdam’s best cheese - Dutch icons of Rotterdam

One of the iconic Dutch things is cheese. Yes, more countries are claiming that cheese is their unique thing, but then again, there is a cornucopia of different cheeses. Which, of course, warms the heart of every cheese lover. And, let’s be honest, that’s nearly everyone.

Most people like cheese

However, the Netherlands has a total worth of 3,5 billion in the cheese export, so we’re talking about big numbers. And THE cheese to buy from the Netherlands is the most famous: Leerdammer, Edammer and Goudse Kaas.

The Netherlands is mainly known for hard cow cheeses, most of them on the young side, compared to other countries’ cheeses. Farmer’s cheese, grass cheese, hay cheese, may cheese and pretty much all of them smoked,  are produced here by the wheel.

The Netherlands is also known for cows (and buffalos) and fields that result in the ideal milk for fabulous cheese. And of course, Rotterdam and Amsterdam have their own cheese, Old Rotterdam and Old Amsterdam respectively.

Where to get the best cheese in Rotterdam

Cheese is a very Dutch thing. But where can you get the best in Rotterdam? You can buy cheese in a lot of places; Supermarkets, Markets and speciality shops. Supermarkets are quick and easy, and there is nothing wrong with them. Only, they might not be all that special.

So, where do you get the best cheese in Rotterdam? It depends on your style. What kind of cheese person are you? Are you a finder? Quick shopper? Gourmet? Or foodie? Here are four cheesy personalities, each with a unique method for finding cheese in Rotterdam!

1.    The Finder

You have time on Saturday or Tuesday, are in the city anyway and like to choose yourself: Go to the big inner-city market near Blaak Metro station, try different stands and select your favourite. Make sure they are local cheeses because, to be honest, I’m not sure all of them are. And I cannot give you the best stand here, but I can tell you that most people here are cheese sellers. They know their cheese, but they don’t make it. Might be economical to buy here.

Oogsmarkt Booi stand 📷 Anna SoetensOogsmarkt Booi stand 📷 Anna Soetens Markthal Old Rotterdam 📷 Anna SoetensMarkthal Old Rotterdam 📷 Anna Soetens

2.    The Quick Shopper

Markthal is your friend here. Open any day of the week and equipped with several cheese stands. I would opt for the Rotterdammer here: it’s a good cheese with a few varieties, you get decent service, and you get to try it. They have a variety on one type, which makes them very credible. And limits your choice if you’re in a hurry. They also have pretty, labelled gift packs. Just in case anybody doubts you went to Rotterdam.

3.    The Gourmet

Find the closest speciality cheese shop. You probably come away with a bit of excellent French, delightful Belgian and a good local cheese, but they’ll all be tasty. There are quite a few with good service and deep knowledge dotted around Rotterdam. A very charming cheese shop is in Kralingen on the Lusthofstraat if you’re looking for style. You can also get your cheese paired with wine here. 

Lusthofstraat Alexanderhoeve shop 📷 Anna SoetensLusthofstraat Alexanderhoeve shop 📷 Anna Soetens Lusthofstraat Alexanderhoeve shop 📷 Anna SoetensLusthofstraat Alexanderhoeve shop 📷 Anna Soetens Lusthofstraat Alexanderhoeve shop 📷 Anna SoetensLusthofstraat Alexanderhoeve shop 📷 Anna Soetens

4.    The Foodie – artisan shop

Get a water taxi or the metro to Katendrecht and find the Fenix Food Factory. They have a fabulous local cheeses cheese shop, among other local delicacies. Most of their cheeses are from around Rotterdam and are the real deal. They’ll be able to tell you who produced which cheese and what the story is. You will be happy you went, as there are more artisan food products sold here.

5.    The Foodie – artisan market on Saturday

Go to my favourite Saturday morning shopping place: the Oogstmarkt on Noordplein between 10:00 and 17:00 on a Saturday (don’t leave it too late on rainy days - or on sunny days come to think of it). It’s the place of the artisan cheese and food makers. Here you will get to buy direct from the producers.

Oogstmarkt, Booi kaas 📷 Anna SoetensOogstmarkt, Booi kaas 📷 Anna Soetens
You will find the shopkeepers specialist from the Fenix here. Booij's clean Dutch gouda is delicious and from a farm not far from Rotterdam. You can get it in a range from very young to old (you know, the one you must eat in broken pieces because it won’t cut properly) and with various beautiful flavours.

Oogstmarkt, Oudwijker Italian cheese 📷 Anna SoetensOogstmarkt, Oudwijker Italian cheese 📷 Anna Soetens Oogstmarkt, Mills cheese from Kinderdijk 📷 Anna SoetensOogstmarkt, Mills cheese from Kinderdijk 📷 Anna Soetens
You can get fabulous goats’ cheese, that is very much Dutch and local and Rotterdam. Even goat butter on some days. And you can get lovely Italian cheese, most of which is produced in the Netherlands and even convinces Italians.

Oogsmarkt Goats cheese 📷 Anna SoetensOogsmarkt Goats cheese 📷 Anna Soetens

All the cheeses are served with a smile, and a chat, and all the producers can answer all the questions you could probably come up with. Well, ok, most of them can answer most questions and only if they involve cheese – or their respective other product.

Oogstmarkt, Goats cheese 📷 Anna SoetensOogstmarkt, Goats cheese 📷 Anna Soetens


Whatever your style, go buy cheese. Go to your place of choice, say cheese: happy days.
FREITAG Store Rotterdam

FREITAG Store Rotterdam

On Friday, July 13th, the first FREITAG store opened its doors in the Netherlands. FREITAG are pioneers in sustainable fashion. A festive grand opening, complete with deejay and booze helped mark the occasion in style.

Functional art, sustainable product, or both?

FREITAG bags are made out of recycled materials such as colourful tarps taken from trucks as well as materials from a host of sources such as bicycles and cars. Every bag is made out of pre-existing materials. This means every bag is unique and has its own distinct look as well as its own story.
FREITAG Store Rotterdam grand openingFREITAG Store Rotterdam grand opening

FREITAG Store Rotterdam (by EDUARD Leiden)

The first FREITAG Store in the Netherlands is a joint collaboration with Leiden-based concept store EDUARD. The brand new (and official) store in Rotterdam offers a vast collection of some 2,000 bags; the most extensive collection of unique models in the Netherlands. You won't find a collection like this at any FREITAG dealer in the country.
FREITAG Store Rotterdam grand openingFREITAG Store Rotterdam grand opening
FREITAG Store Rotterdam grand openingFREITAG Store Rotterdam grand opening


Freitag is the brainchild of brothers Daniel & Markus Freitag. It all started in Zurich, Switzerland, back in 1993, when Markus created the first prototype of a messenger bag by reusing truck tarps, car seat belts and bicycle inner tubes.
In Markus Freitag's own words: "Since I have never driven a car in my life but have always cycled, I know that you sometimes need strong, water-repellent, functional bags to get through life."
Ever since, FREITAG has expanded internationally and received critical acclaim from all over the world. In fact, their first official product, the F13 TOP CAT messenger bag, is on display at the Musuem of Modern Art in New York.
FREITAG Store Rotterdam grand openingFREITAG Store Rotterdam grand opening
FREITAG Store Rotterdam grand openingFREITAG Store Rotterdam grand opening

Location: FREITAG Store Rotterdam by EDUARD Leiden

The FREITAG Store is located on van Oldenbarneveltstraat; a 9-minute walk from Rotterdam Centraal Station (700 metres).

Pictures of the FREITAG Store Rotterdam grand opening

In case you missed it, we've got you covered. Here are some additional photos of the grand opening.
FREITAG Store Rotterdam grand openingFREITAG Store Rotterdam grand opening
FREITAG Store Rotterdam grand openingFREITAG Store Rotterdam grand opening
FREITAG Store Rotterdam grand openingFREITAG Store Rotterdam grand opening

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