Top 5 shops for books, comics & magazines in Rotterdam

Top 5 shops for books, comics & magazines in Rotterdam

Books have been around for centuries and even though the medium has been called old-fashioned and obsolete, it keeps coming back for good. The reason? A good book has no match. What books, stories, or comics you like reading is, of course, personal, but we can tell you where to buy them in Rotterdam.

The five best places for buying books in Rotterdam

Bosch & De Jong Boekverkopers 📷 Marleen B. BergBosch & De Jong Boekverkopers 📷 Marleen B. Berg

1. Bosch & De Jong Boekverkopers

Bosch & De Jong is a cosy bookshop located at the back of the Fenix Food Factory. Strangely enough, this is where I bought most books in recent years. Not specific titles, not books I saw in reviews, on Twitter or that title someone wanted as a present. Simply books from their selection. If you go there and have a look around, maybe you planned to get some bread later, you always come away with something nice. A book you cannot just leave on the shelf. I have bought children’s books here, most books featured in this post and calendars as well as the odd novel that looked particularly intriguing. The store has a size, which makes it easy to walk through and not miss too much even when you pick up a book here and there. If you need a present that is not awfully specific or just want to have a nose around in some nice books, it is the place to be. Of course, the friendly staff can help you with specific titles or fields you are looking for too, but for me, it is their selection that has won me over.
Donner 📷 Anna SoetensDonner 📷 Anna Soetens

2. Donner Rotterdam

Donner is Rotterdam’s biggest bookshop with the biggest selection of books. Housed in a former bank building, the collection of books entails around 250,000 titles. Anything you might need or want in a book as well as magazines, calendars, office supplies, antique books, second-hand books, games, presents and music, you will find here.
Yes, there are recommendations and featured books, but still, you better have an idea of what you are looking for. Otherwise you might check your watch and find out the century has turned while you were wandering past mountains of books. I find it especially handy for presents you need today and have only a vague idea about. They also sell a large range of cards for all occasions.
De Slegte Rotterdam 📷 Retailtrends.nlDe Slegte Rotterdam 📷

3. De Slegte

Do you want to find a new book at a bargain price, a book that says “sold out” online because it was published in 1980 or an English book? Then the Belgium chain store De Slegte is the one for you. It has recently moved out of the Coolsingel location and merged with Donner bookshops, so just one location for both above articles now. How handy is that?
Yendor 📷 Anna SoetensYendor 📷 Anna Soetens

4. Yendor

For all thing’s comic, this is where you go. At Yendor, you will find more adults than children in here at most times, looking for that one Japanese series or the limited-edition comic that used to be no more than an urban legend. If it does exist, these guys have it, or they know about it. People come from far to find comics here. New or second hand. You can also buy fan items such as mugs, games and t-shirts.  Of course, you will get mainstream comics here too if that is what floats your boat.  
Boekhandel v/h Van Gennep 📷 Anna SoetensBoekhandel v/h Van Gennep 📷 Anna Soetens

5. Boekhandel v/h Van Gennep

Van Gennep is a cosy little individual bookshop in the city centre. Their collection ranges from fiction over poetry to cooking and children’s books. Good service, quiet and relaxed atmosphere and always surprising. And if you have one or more children who like to read, bring them and let them settle into the cosy children’s corner, while you can browse the store at leisure.

Tips for speciality books:


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