Participants joined Napoleon's candy exchange in Rotterdam Alexandrium on 20 January, swapping plastic-wrapped candies for sustainable, wax-paper versions to reduce plastic waste.

Napoleon's sustainable swap event in Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 20 January 2024 – In an eco-conscious (and marketing-savvy) move, Napoleon offers a sweet swap: plastic for paper-wrapped treats in Rotterdam.

Napoleons exchanged for eco-friendly packaging in Rotterdam initiative

In a significant environmental initiative, consumers in Rotterdam were given the opportunity to exchange their Napoleon candies wrapped in plastic for new ones encased in sustainable wax paper packaging. This event, held at Rotterdam Alexandrium on Saturday, 20 January, aimed to reduce plastic waste and promote sustainability. Napoleon's move to wax paper wrappers marks a commitment to decreasing litter and contributing to global plastic reduction efforts.

The swap event, which took place from 10:00 to 18:00, saw candy enthusiasts coming together to support the fight against plastic waste. This initiative reflects the growing concern over plastic pollution and the steps companies are taking to address environmental issues.

Sustainable packaging without compromising taste

Last autumn, the candy producer transitioned to wax paper wrappers across all 27 flavour variants of its products, significantly reducing plastic usage by 60,000 kg annually. Despite the change in packaging, the distinctive taste and variety of the Napoleon candies remain unchanged, with each of the 27 bullet flavours retaining its unique wrapper colour.

The new FSC®-certified paper wrappers are coated with a vegetable wax made from corn and rapeseed, free from palm and coconut oils, ensuring moisture protection without the use of harmful substances. Through packaging and communication efforts, Napoleon emphasizes the importance of disposing of wrappers properly to prevent littering.

Directions to the event

How to get to Rotterdam Alexandrium

Rotterdam Alexandrium, the venue for the Napoleon candy exchange event, is easily accessible by public transport and offers ample parking for those driving. Located in the heart of Rotterdam, Alexandrium is known for its shopping and leisure facilities, making it a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.

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