Sven Kramer Academy boosts Rotterdam skating

Dutch Youth Skating Days begin in Rotterdam

Rotterdam, 30 November 2023 – A significant initiative to introduce 10,000 primary school children to the joys of skating was launched today at the Rotterdam ice rink, as part of the Dutch Youth Skating Days.

Largest social skating project in the Netherlands launched

In a noteworthy development for Rotterdam, the Dutch Youth Skating Days have commenced at the local ice rink. This project, unparalleled in its social impact within the Netherlands, is designed to introduce primary school children, particularly from schools where skating is not a common activity, to the sport. The initiative is spearheaded by the Sven Kramer Academy, Unox, and Jumbo Supermarkets, offering 11 memorable skating days this winter.

Introducing 800 Rotterdam children to ice skating

Today marked a special occasion for approximately 800 primary school students from schools including K.C. De Wijngaard, the Imeldaschool, and De Krullevaar, who had the unique opportunity to skate and meet renowned champion Sven Kramer. The event featured a range of activities, including free skating on the 400-metre track, the interactive 11-Cities Battle with live scores, and fun-filled moments on the fun track. Sven Kramer expressed delight at the event's success in showcasing the importance and enjoyment of this sporting facility.

Ice skating initiative kicks off in RotterdamIce skating initiative kicks off in Rotterdam

Reviving a fading tradition

Jan van den Berg from Unox emphasized the decreasing trend of children learning to skate at a young age, citing less frequent harsh winters and varying family practices. The Youth Skating Days aim to give these children a chance to experience the joy of winter sports on ice. The Sven Kramer Academy’s mission aligns with this, striving to ensure every child under 12 experiences the thrill of skating.

Fostering future skating talent

Jumbo Supermarkets’ Rogier Riemersma highlighted the importance of early exposure to sports for maintaining future successful skating teams. As a supermarket deeply integrated into the community, Jumbo supports this initiative, recognizing the value of such opportunities for children and their connection to nurturing future talent.

10,000 kids to skate in Rotterdam project"10,000 kids to skate in Rotterdam project"

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