Nature of Hope at IABR: Architectural exhibition

Nature of Hope at IABR: Architectural exhibition

HAPPENING 29 June–13 October | A groundbreaking exhibition, "Nature of Hope," showcases sustainable architectural practices, aiming for ecological balance and societal enhancement. The exhibition, hosted at Het Nieuwe Instituut, focuses on innovative design methodologies that respect our natural environment and promote biodiversity.

Exhibition focus and themes

From 29 June to 13 October, the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) will present "Nature of Hope" at Het Nieuwe Instituut. This exhibition will explore how spatial design can contribute to the conservation of nature and biodiversity, the restoration of ecological balance, and societal improvement. By featuring over 50 architectural practices worldwide, the exhibition will display a diverse array of ideas and approaches, including the use of local and bio-based materials, policy and legislation studies, and grassroots collaborative initiatives.

Global contributions and participants

Several participants have been announced for "Nature of Hope," including Academic Workshop Soil, Anna Zań, Centro Cooperativista Uruguayo & Stefan Gruber, CHRITH & Emma Diehl, Ekaterina Volkova & Julien Thomas, and many others. These contributors will present successful local initiatives and innovative constructions that integrate ecological methods and materials.

Public programme and community engagement

An extensive public programme will accompany the biennale, featuring events, symposia, tours, excursions, lectures, and workshops. The 'Practice Place' series will foster discussions among architects, urban planners, and builders, encouraging new alliances for innovation in the architectural sector. Details of the complete public programme will soon be available on the IABR website.

Botanical Monuments – a green route through Rotterdam

As part of the "Nature of Hope," the "Botanical Monuments" will introduce a route through Rotterdam's green spaces, highlighting local initiatives such as botanical gardens, food forests, and wetlands. This initiative aims to increase awareness of the importance of such networks for biodiversity and encourage more such projects through active contribution and research.

Directions to the venue

Het Nieuwe Instituut is located in the heart of Rotterdam's Museumpark, easily accessible by public transport and cycling paths. Visitors can reach the institute by tram or metro, with several stops conveniently located nearby. The surrounding area is well-known for its cultural institutions and vibrant green spaces, providing an enriching experience for visitors.

German artist Felix Burger exhibits in Rotterdam

German artist Felix Burger exhibits in Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 4 April 2024 – A groundbreaking art exhibition, Medizinisch Psychologische Untersuchung (Medical Psychological Examination), premieres at Brutus Space, exploring the blurry lines between normalcy and madness. The show features German artist Felix Burger's most significant works, including new pieces created for this venue.

Exhibition details

From 5 April to 23 June 2024, Brutus Space in Rotterdam will host the first major solo exhibition of German artist Felix Burger in the Netherlands, titled Medizinisch Psychologische Untersuchung. The exhibition spans 6,000 square metres and includes key works from the last decade, showcasing his journey from his acclaimed Shell Shock Syndrome to new creations tailored for this event.

Themes and installation

The exhibition probes deep into the concepts of freedom and societal constraints, questioning the authenticity of our self-perception and the societal pressures that shape us. It merges multidisciplinary installations into a comprehensive artwork, blurring the lines between reality and illusion, sanity, genius, and normalcy.

Collaborative efforts and diverse media

Burger's work, known for its poetic and nightmarish qualities, spans various genres and includes collaborations with artists like Lion Bischof, Böhler & Orendt, Otakar Skala, and Sophia Süßmilch. These collaborations are integral to the exhibition, adding layers to the visitor's experience through video installations and other media.

Public program and artist involvement

The exhibition will be complemented by a public programme including artist talks, meals, performances, and guided tours led by Felix Burger himself, ensuring active engagement with the audience. Please visit the Brutus website for regular updates, but this is the tentative schedule:

  • 19 April: Artist talk by Marcos Kueh and Emmy van de Grift at 16:00.
  • 5 May: Freedom Meal from 12:00-14:30, in collaboration with Tailbone and Stichting Mano.
  • 10 May: The Blanket Project, an initiative by Studio Ronners.
  • 17 May: Talk and film screening by Otokar Skala, Lion Bischof, and Felix Burger.
  • 19 May: Public tour led by Felix Burger from 11:00-12:30.
  • 8 June: Nous'klaer from 12:00-23:00, tickets available online.
  • 22 June: Performance by Otokar Skala, fashion show, and program with Tailbone from 20:00-23:00.
  • 23 June: Public tour led by Felix Burger from 11:00-12:30.
  • 23 June: Finissage from 12:00-18:00 featuring live music, with visitors having the opportunity to purchase parts of Felix Burger's installation.


Visit Brutus Space

Brutus Space is located at Keileweg 10-18, nestled in Rotterdam's dynamic and transformative creative harbour area. The venue offers a mix of large and small industrial exhibition spaces, the Brutus Lab for residencies, and the freely accessible Brutus Garden

Wereldmuseum celebrates 'Healing Rhythms' at Museumnacht010

Wereldmuseum celebrates 'Healing Rhythms' at Museumnacht010

Experience a night of cultural exploration with 'Healing Rhythms' at Museumnacht010 in Rotterdam's Wereldmuseum, featuring music, dance, and the premiere of 'A World in Common.'

During Museumnacht010, the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam will host 'Healing Rhythms' from around the globe, offering attendees an opportunity to experience the power of ancestral connection through music, dance, and poetry. This event promises an evening filled with performances by local DJs and dancers, alongside unexpected encounters that will continue into the early hours.

Furthermore, the museum is set to unveil its latest exhibition, 'A World in Common,' a collaborative effort with Tate Modern London. This premiere will be exclusive to Museumnacht010 visitors, allowing them the first glimpse of the new exhibit.

Museumnacht010's diverse programme

At the HiphopHuis, attendees will be treated to a 'Colourful Painting Journey' by artist Nadia van Luijk and chef London Loy. This interactive experience combines intuitive painting with changing light colours and complementary juices, designed to rejuvenate participants for the night ahead.

The 'Dancing on the Shoulders of Giants' event, hosted by HiphopHuis, will feature a break battle honouring the diverse styles and rich history of hip-hop, embodying the genre's values of equality, ownership, creativity, and innovation.

Diaspora Wellhouse introduces 'Rhythms and Rituals,' where Sabrina Starke and Irene Agyeman Hin, accompanied by Aro-Diaspora music, will guide visitors through a series of sacred rituals and stories, exploring the African Diaspora and transcending national borders.

At the Atelier, 'Music Matters' with Mo Jakob and Mr. Jetfly will explore the intersections between popular and traditional music, blending influences from the Surinamese music style Kawina with contemporary urban songs.

House Jam Rotterdam promises an unforgettable evening of self-expression through dance and movement, highlighting the ancestral origins of House music with performances by local dancers, DJs, musicians, and an MC.

'Spoken Word Tour' by the Rotterdam collective Spraakuhloos will lead visitors through the 'Kruispunt' exhibition, creating a dynamic dialogue between the past and present, global influences, and local stories, where words connect worlds.

Exhibition Colonialism and Rotterdam. Photo credit: Alexander Santos LimaExhibition Colonialism and Rotterdam. Photo credit: Alexander Santos Lima

Highlighting local and global histories

The 'Colonialism and Rotterdam' exhibition offers a reflective look at how the global legacy of colonialism continues to influence the city, weaving together local, national, and international histories.

'A World in Common,' curated by Tate Modern London in partnership with Wereldmuseum Rotterdam, showcases the vibrant landscape of contemporary African photography. Featuring 22 artists from various generations and regions, the exhibition explores the legacy of the past and imagines a shared future through photography and film.

Aida Muluneh: Star Shine Moon Glow, Water Life 2018. Commisioned by WaterAidAida Muluneh: Star Shine Moon Glow, Water Life 2018. Commisioned by WaterAid

Directions and general area

For those planning to visit the Wereldmuseum during Museumnacht010, the museum is conveniently located in the heart of Rotterdam, easily accessible by public transport and within walking distance from several landmarks. The surrounding area is known for its vibrant cultural scene, offering a mix of historical and modern attractions.

Levenslust Academie: art meets community in Rotterdam

Levenslust Academie: art meets community in Rotterdam

A new chapter in Rotterdam's cultural landscape unfolds as the Levenslust Academie emerges, marking a collaboration between Pluspunt and Brutus to blend art into society's fabric.

Levenslust Academie: a fusion of art and community

In a significant collaboration between Pluspunt and Brutus, a new initiative has been launched in Rotterdam, known as the Levenslust Academie. This partnership aims to introduce art into the broader society, focusing on the inclusivity of cultural participation. The academy represents a social-artistic venture that began in September 2023, where individuals from Pluspunt, alongside professional artists, have come together to explore creative and expressive skills over six months. The initial outcomes of this collaboration are on display at Brutus from 11 to 25 February 2024.

The Levenslust Academie stands as a pioneering programme, functioning as a catalyst, experimental ground, and precursor to a future inclusive education and cultural centre. This project fosters close collaboration between Rotterdam's residents in vulnerable positions and artists, architects, and designers, bridging the gap between different societal segments through art.

Results from collaboration with artist Daan den HouterResults from collaboration with artist Daan den Houter

Exhibition and collaboration

The exhibition at Brutus showcases the work produced by Pluspunt participants in collaboration with professional artists, highlighting the academy's inclusive nature. This venture not only aims to develop survival skills among Pluspunt participants but also enriches the artistic professionals' practice with fresh perspectives and insights. The blend of professional and personal knowledge and experience in creating artworks signifies a significant step towards integrating art into society.

“Everyone is an artist,” famously stated by Joseph Beuys in 1967, underscores the belief that everyone has the potential to engage with art. This project echoes the sentiment that art should not be confined to professionals, but is a domain accessible to all, capable of adding value to the world and enriching personal well-being.

Visit and explore

The exhibition is open to the public free of charge from 15 to 25 February 2024, from Thursday to Sunday, between 12.00 and 18.00 hours. It offers a unique opportunity for visitors to explore the diverse outcomes of this creative collaboration.

About Pluspunt and Brutus

Pluspunt operates as a support, learning, and work collective for Rotterdam's residents needing a helping hand and those willing to contribute. Brutus, on the other hand, is an artist-driven playground, renowned as the largest contemporary art institution in the Netherlands, offering a space for artists to experiment and exhibit their work.

Directions to Brutus

For those interested in visiting the exhibition, Brutus is located at Keileweg 10 to 18, nestled in the transformative creative harbour area of Rotterdam. This venue boasts 6000m2 of raw, unpolished exhibition spaces, alongside the Brutus Lab with a residency and various workspaces, and the freely accessible sculpture garden, Brutus Garden.


Silhouette art exhibition at Dordts Patriciërshuis

Silhouette art exhibition at Dordts Patriciërshuis

A glimpse into the past: Dordrecht's Patriciërshuis Museum unveils the art of silhouettes, connecting history with the present.

Exploring the silhouette art at Dordts Patriciërshuis

Dordrecht's Patriciërshuis, a historic museum home, is currently hosting an exhibition dedicated to the art of silhouette until 13 March. Visitors have the opportunity to wander freely through the house, immersing themselves in the lives of affluent traders and officials from the 18th and 19th centuries. The exhibition allows guests to engage directly with the period's furnishings, admire the grand dinnerware and various artworks up close, and even 'touch' the Maas river from the summer kitchen. Additionally, the Patriciërshuis surprises its visitors with displays of silhouette paintings, prints, and cut-out artworks, a form of art that enjoyed immense popularity among the well-to-do bourgeoisie of the time.

The craft of silhouette portraits in history

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, creating silhouette portraits, whether cut, drawn, or painted, was a widespread practice in Western Europe. This form of portraiture was not only quicker but also significantly cheaper than oil painting. Wealthy merchants, traders, and officials would often invite itinerant artists to their homes to capture the likenesses of family, loved ones, and possessions in silhouette. The artists, known as 'profilists,' were adept at quickly grasping and depicting an individual's character in these profiles, making silhouette art a form of entertainment at parties and social gatherings by emphasizing playful aspects of a person's character traits and posture.

Modern interpretations of historical silhouettes

The Patriciërshuis showcases various forms of this art, including cut-out art, painted portraits on everyday objects, and historical reference works with copies of painted silhouettes from the 18th and 19th centuries. A small photo exhibition in the basement highlights how contemporary artists continue to draw inspiration from historical silhouette and portrait art. Among the displayed works is a portrait of former Queen Beatrix by Vincent Mentzel, which served as the basis for her silhouette seen on the euro coin. The portraits by Sebiha Öztas capture the essence of their subjects, revealing dreams, desires, character traits, and emotions through simplicity and power.

Visiting the Dordts Patriciërshuis

The Patriciërshuis, with its elegant period rooms and 18th-century decor, provides an ideal backdrop for the 'Kopstukken uit de schaduw' (Leading figures out of the shadows) exhibition. Among its collection of objects and paintings, the highlight is the circular Maas room, offering a stunning view over Europe's busiest three-river point.

The Dordts Patriciërshuis is situated along Wolwevershaven, easily accessible for those interested in experiencing a slice of history amidst the bustling waterways of the Netherlands. The area around the museum is known for its picturesque setting, offering visitors a chance to explore the rich maritime and trading history of Dordrecht.

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