Rotterdam Art Week 2024 at Brutus with Folkert de Jong and Marjan Teeuwen

Rotterdam Art Week 2024 at Brutus

A unique fusion of art and architecture unfolds at Brutus, showcasing the innovative works of Folkert de Jong and Marjan Teeuwen.

Rotterdam welcomes innovative art installations

Folkert de Jong and Marjan Teeuwen's latest works unveiled at Brutus

From 27 January 2024, Brutus will host two remarkable exhibitions, featuring the thought-provoking styrofoam sculptures of Folkert de Jong in "The hero, the villain, and the truth" and Marjan Teeuwen's eleventh architectural installation, "Verwoest Huis Brutus". These exhibitions offer a unique blend of theatrical presentation and architectural deconstruction, inviting visitors to explore the boundaries of art and architecture.

The hero, the villain, and the truth

This exhibition showcases Folkert de Jong's life-sized figures crafted from insulation materials such as styrofoam and polyurethane foam, arranged in a dramatic setting. By depicting distorted versions of historical figures, including Luther, Jesus, Mary, Snoop Dogg, and Queen Wilhelmina, de Jong challenges viewers to reconsider the narratives of history and its alternate possibilities. The exhibition runs until 31 March.

Marjan Teeuwen transforms demolition sites into artMarjan Teeuwen transforms demolition sites into art

Verwoest Huis Brutus

Marjan Teeuwen transforms demolition sites into art, working globally from Gaza to Rotterdam-Noord. At Brutus, she has created a semi-permanent architectural installation in a previously sealed, daylight-deprived space. Teeuwen's deconstructive approach culminates in a brutalist installation, striving for perfection through the arrangement of two uneven squares.

Brutus during Rotterdam Art Week 2024

The official opening of the Rotterdam Art Week at Brutus on 30 January 2024 will feature Fons Hof (director of RAW). The event highlights the "Transitions: Navigating Humanity in a Shifting Reality" exhibition, curated by The New Current, which provides a platform for 24 emerging talents. Additionally, Brutus Lab opens its doors, showcasing the works of its residents, including recent RM Young Blood Foundation awardees. The program also includes "The Elysian Field" by Atelier Van Lieshout and the "Snoeshanen" exhibition at Brutus Next Door, culminating in the RAW Afterparty hosted in collaboration with Operator.

About Brutus

Established in 2008 by Joep van Lieshout as AVL Mundo, Brutus stands as the Netherlands' largest contemporary art institution, operating independently since 2023. Located at Keileweg 10 to 18, within a transformative creative harbor area, Brutus spans 6,000m^2 of raw exhibition space. It serves as a playground for artists to experiment across all disciplines, from sculpture to performance, merging established international names with emerging talents.

Brutus is situated in the dynamic Keileweg area, known for its creative and transformative energy. Visitors can easily reach the venue by public transport or by car, with ample parking available. The area around Brutus is characterized by its industrial heritage and contemporary creative ventures, making it a must-visit destination for art and architecture enthusiasts.

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