Wereldmuseum celebrates 'Healing Rhythms' at Museumnacht010

Wereldmuseum celebrates 'Healing Rhythms' at Museumnacht010

Experience a night of cultural exploration with 'Healing Rhythms' at Museumnacht010 in Rotterdam's Wereldmuseum, featuring music, dance, and the premiere of 'A World in Common.'

During Museumnacht010, the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam will host 'Healing Rhythms' from around the globe, offering attendees an opportunity to experience the power of ancestral connection through music, dance, and poetry. This event promises an evening filled with performances by local DJs and dancers, alongside unexpected encounters that will continue into the early hours.

Furthermore, the museum is set to unveil its latest exhibition, 'A World in Common,' a collaborative effort with Tate Modern London. This premiere will be exclusive to Museumnacht010 visitors, allowing them the first glimpse of the new exhibit.

Museumnacht010's diverse programme

At the HiphopHuis, attendees will be treated to a 'Colourful Painting Journey' by artist Nadia van Luijk and chef London Loy. This interactive experience combines intuitive painting with changing light colours and complementary juices, designed to rejuvenate participants for the night ahead.

The 'Dancing on the Shoulders of Giants' event, hosted by HiphopHuis, will feature a break battle honouring the diverse styles and rich history of hip-hop, embodying the genre's values of equality, ownership, creativity, and innovation.

Diaspora Wellhouse introduces 'Rhythms and Rituals,' where Sabrina Starke and Irene Agyeman Hin, accompanied by Aro-Diaspora music, will guide visitors through a series of sacred rituals and stories, exploring the African Diaspora and transcending national borders.

At the Atelier, 'Music Matters' with Mo Jakob and Mr. Jetfly will explore the intersections between popular and traditional music, blending influences from the Surinamese music style Kawina with contemporary urban songs.

House Jam Rotterdam promises an unforgettable evening of self-expression through dance and movement, highlighting the ancestral origins of House music with performances by local dancers, DJs, musicians, and an MC.

'Spoken Word Tour' by the Rotterdam collective Spraakuhloos will lead visitors through the 'Kruispunt' exhibition, creating a dynamic dialogue between the past and present, global influences, and local stories, where words connect worlds.

Exhibition Colonialism and Rotterdam. Photo credit: Alexander Santos LimaExhibition Colonialism and Rotterdam. Photo credit: Alexander Santos Lima

Highlighting local and global histories

The 'Colonialism and Rotterdam' exhibition offers a reflective look at how the global legacy of colonialism continues to influence the city, weaving together local, national, and international histories.

'A World in Common,' curated by Tate Modern London in partnership with Wereldmuseum Rotterdam, showcases the vibrant landscape of contemporary African photography. Featuring 22 artists from various generations and regions, the exhibition explores the legacy of the past and imagines a shared future through photography and film.

Aida Muluneh: Star Shine Moon Glow, Water Life 2018. Commisioned by WaterAidAida Muluneh: Star Shine Moon Glow, Water Life 2018. Commisioned by WaterAid

Directions and general area

For those planning to visit the Wereldmuseum during Museumnacht010, the museum is conveniently located in the heart of Rotterdam, easily accessible by public transport and within walking distance from several landmarks. The surrounding area is known for its vibrant cultural scene, offering a mix of historical and modern attractions.

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