Explore 'Nature of Hope' at Het Nieuwe Instituut from June 29 to October 13, 2024, showcasing innovative ecological architecture and sustainable design practices.

Nature of Hope at IABR: Architectural exhibition

HAPPENING 29 June–13 October | A groundbreaking exhibition, "Nature of Hope," showcases sustainable architectural practices, aiming for ecological balance and societal enhancement. The exhibition, hosted at Het Nieuwe Instituut, focuses on innovative design methodologies that respect our natural environment and promote biodiversity.

Exhibition focus and themes

From 29 June to 13 October, the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) will present "Nature of Hope" at Het Nieuwe Instituut. This exhibition will explore how spatial design can contribute to the conservation of nature and biodiversity, the restoration of ecological balance, and societal improvement. By featuring over 50 architectural practices worldwide, the exhibition will display a diverse array of ideas and approaches, including the use of local and bio-based materials, policy and legislation studies, and grassroots collaborative initiatives.

Global contributions and participants

Several participants have been announced for "Nature of Hope," including Academic Workshop Soil, Anna Zań, Centro Cooperativista Uruguayo & Stefan Gruber, CHRITH & Emma Diehl, Ekaterina Volkova & Julien Thomas, and many others. These contributors will present successful local initiatives and innovative constructions that integrate ecological methods and materials.

Public programme and community engagement

An extensive public programme will accompany the biennale, featuring events, symposia, tours, excursions, lectures, and workshops. The 'Practice Place' series will foster discussions among architects, urban planners, and builders, encouraging new alliances for innovation in the architectural sector. Details of the complete public programme will soon be available on the IABR website.

Botanical Monuments – a green route through Rotterdam

As part of the "Nature of Hope," the "Botanical Monuments" will introduce a route through Rotterdam's green spaces, highlighting local initiatives such as botanical gardens, food forests, and wetlands. This initiative aims to increase awareness of the importance of such networks for biodiversity and encourage more such projects through active contribution and research.

Directions to the venue

Het Nieuwe Instituut is located in the heart of Rotterdam's Museumpark, easily accessible by public transport and cycling paths. Visitors can reach the institute by tram or metro, with several stops conveniently located nearby. The surrounding area is well-known for its cultural institutions and vibrant green spaces, providing an enriching experience for visitors.

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