Sijf - A fun bar restaurant and a good place for beer

Sijf - A fun bar restaurant and a good place for beer

Sijf, a cosy restaurant located in the heart of Rotterdam, is a good choice for a beer with friends or refreshment after a day of shopping. The place is open all day and serves breakfast, lunch as well as dinner and snacks. 


Sijf is a bar restaurant. You can have good fun in the bar area, or grab a seat in one of two main dining areas, downstairs or upstairs. The restaurant has a warm and cosy art-deco interior and the staff is friendly. At the bar, you'll find 70 different bottled beers. Some of which are quite special.
The distinctive building on the Oude Binnenweg is filled daily with a mix of people in their thirties, young professionals and businessmen. When I visited, there was a particularly chatty waiter who kept on cracking jokes. It's always nice to see staff actually love what they do!
Bar Restaurant SijfBar Restaurant Sijf
Bar Restaurant SijfBar Restaurant Sijf


Sijf serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and a whole lotta beer. The entrees are very varied, but mostly sandwich-based. There's the carpaccio sandwich, club sandwich, croque monsieur, falafel burger etc. Sijf also offers salads and soups as well as spare ribs.
If you're coming with friends or co-workers and just want some snacks to go with the beer, you have all sorts of platters with typical Dutch snacks such as bitterballen, cheese cookies, cheese soufflés etc.  
I had the Black Angus beef burger. The bun was a bit cold and hard (not fresh), while the burger didn't come with cheese. The latter being an oversight on my part. In total, I paid €21 for the burger, fries and beer.
Sijf introduced a new menu in the autumn of 2019 with vegan options like the Poké Bowl Tempeh and street food dishes like Bao Bun and hot dogs.
Bar Restaurant SijfBar Restaurant Sijf
Sijf is well known for the wide variety of speciality beers on the menu.
Bar Restaurant SijfBar Restaurant Sijf
I had the Seven Hops Double Pale Ale.
Bar Restaurant SijfBar Restaurant Sijf
Sijf is conveniently located on Oude Binnenweg, a very popular street in the heart of the city.

Bar Restaurant SijfBar Restaurant Sijf

Location: Sijf

Oude Binnenweg 115
3012 JP Rotterdam
Phone: 010 433 2610
GaleriAAA by Mangiaire - Italian restaurant and art gallery

GaleriAAA by Mangiaire - Italian restaurant and art gallery

GaleriAAA by Mangiare is an Italian restaurant located in the Rotterdam Noord district. To dine here, in this spacious restaurant, is to enjoy a rich culinary experience while literally surrounded by beautiful works of art. Some of which might still be wet!
If you're a 'foodie,' then you probably know about Mangiare. With their two other locations in the city (Van Oldenbarneveltstraat and Pannekoekstraat), Mangiare has garnered a reputation as one of the top Italian restaurants in Rotterdam. 
So, what's with the name change? GaleriAAA is an art gallery and restaurant in one. The restaurant is a collaboration between Mangiare and AAAFRESH123, a well-known art collective. The restaurant and the art studio are joined together by a pretty awesome looking hole in the wall. This is actually quite cool; you could make a trip to GaleriAAA for the food and waltz right into the gallery or vice versa.
At GaleriAAA by Mangiare there's art all over the placeAt GaleriAAA by Mangiare there's art all over the place
GaleriAAA by MangiareGaleriAAA by Mangiare
GaleriAAA by Mangiare and AAAFRESH123 studio are connected by a hole in the wallGaleriAAA by Mangiare and AAAFRESH123 studio are connected by a hole in the wall

Dinner and a movie gallery?

The collaboration between the AAAFRESH123 artist trio and Mangiare makes for a visually pleasing aesthetic. The combination of gastronomy and art may not sound unique. But what makes this experience different, is the fact that the artists are actually in the house. The art is produced next door, and all the pieces you see are coveted by both local and international collectors.
Moreover, every last Sunday of the month, the AAAFRESH123 artists, Hans Kleinjan, Maikel Kleinjan and Roderik Faasen, venture into the restaurant and do a live painting session accompanied by live jazz music.
GaleriAAA by Mangiare - the painting in the top left was created in a live painting session inside the restaurantGaleriAAA by Mangiare - the painting in the top left was created in a live painting session inside the restaurant

Try the melanzane!

The food doesn't just look delicious, it really does taste amazing. The melanzane alla parmigiana (a.k.a. 'eggplant lasagna') is probably the best I ever had. The restaurant is open for late breakfast (10:00), lunch and dinner.
At GaleriAAA by Mangiare they try to keep up with the seasons and only use fresh ingredients. The upshot is that they don't work with a fixed menu. When you visit, they come to the table and tell you what's on the menu for that evening. This also means, that the next time you visit, that particular meal you loved may not be available. But given their track record, I'd say bring it on!
GaleriAAA by MangiareGaleriAAA by Mangiare
Lasagna with pumpkin and spicy spianataLasagna with pumpkin and spicy spianata
GaleriAAA by Mangiare - melanzane alla parmigianaGaleriAAA by Mangiare - melanzane alla parmigiana
Vitello tonnatoVitello tonnato
Didn't get to try these Deviled eggs, but they sure look tastyDidn't get to try these Deviled eggs, but they sure look tasty

Location: GaleriAAA by Mangiare

GaleriAAA by Mangiare is located on the Zaagmolenkade, in Rotterdam Noord. You can get there easily by taking tram 8. Get off at Zwaanshals and it'll be around the corner.
GaleriAAA by Mangiare
Address: Zaagmolenkade 124 3035 KD Rotterdam
Los Toros - Argentinian steak grill restaurant in Rotterdam

Los Toros - Argentinian steak grill restaurant in Rotterdam

Los Toros, located in Rotterdam's city centre, is a great place to find amazing Argentinian beef at affordable prices. If you're a lover of good steak, be sure to add Los Toros to your list. 
Los Toros is a cosy restaurant located on the Lijnbaan in the heart of Rotterdam. The restaurant has been a local favourite for over two decades. Los Toros only serves tender Argentinian steaks from Aberdeen Angus cattle. What's more, the chef prepares your steak on a real charcoal grill. Is it "the best steak in town" as they say? Well, it's definitely very good.
Compared to other steak restaurants, the prices are quite reasonable. Perhaps the best thing about Los Toros, is that it truly feels like a family restaurant. The staff is super friendly and if you come here twice, they are sure to remember you. The vibe is definitely open and laidback. The interior of the squared restaurant features a stone floor and wooden tables with cowskin seats.
Los Toros Rotterdam - Grill Restaurante ArgentinoLos Toros Rotterdam - Grill Restaurante Argentino
Los Toros offers you a rich assortment of delicious steak dishes. They serve lots of steaks either as meat only (solo carne) or combination platters. After all, steak is their speciality. You can eat very simply, or enjoy a complete multi-course meal that you compose yourself using their extensive menu.
If you're not a big fan of meat, or if you want to try something different, there's a wide variety of other meals that you can try. There's a wide variety of vegetarian side dishes. From potatoes to corn, beans, onions and seasoned rice to grilled vegetables, sweet peppers, tomatoes and grilled garlic. All are available as separate side dishes. Just order various side dishes as you would in a tapas restaurant.
By the way, if you're a winelover, do note that only the house wines are available by the glass. The other wines are only available by the bottle.
Los Toros Rotterdam - Grill Restaurante ArgentinoLos Toros Rotterdam - Grill Restaurante Argentino
Los Toros Rotterdam - Grill Restaurante ArgentinoLos Toros Rotterdam - Grill Restaurante Argentino

Location: Los Toros

Los Toros is located on the Lijbaan, near Weena, in the heart of Rotterdam's city centre. They're open seven days a week.
Los Toros
Lijnbaan 35
3012 EK Rotterdam
Phone: 010 413 21 61
Shiki Sushi & Lounge - Sushi & Japanese cuisine in Rotterdam

Shiki Sushi & Lounge - Sushi & Japanese cuisine in Rotterdam

If you’re looking for reasonably priced sushi and cocktails in Rotterdam, in a place that looks elegant and chic? Shiki Sushi & Lounge might be the place for you!

What to expect at Shiki Sushi & Lounge

The restaurant is located near Rotterdam-Alexander station. Previously an old disco, the location has now been renewed into a beautiful lounge restaurant. The elegant and futuristic look adds a very relaxed and luxurious feel to the location.

Unlimited Japanese dining

At Shiki, there's an "unlimited Japanese dining" concept. They serve an unlimited number of courses. What this means? You can order five items per person, per course. The prices here are affordable and the menu is broad – there is always something for everyone to choose from. For the unlimited experience of Shiki Sushi of €31.95 you can get an all you can eat menu.

Japanese drinks

Shiki has a lounge with its own bar where you can enjoy a select number of sakés and Japanese whiskies. They also serve cocktails and finger food.

Planning a party?

Shiki Lounge is perfect to rent for: private parties, drinks, workshops and VIP services. You can also reserve for bigger events like birthdays, wedding parties, business meetings and other occasions. 

📷 Shiki Sushi Lounge

Location: Shiki Sushi & Lounge

Prins Alexanderlaan 37A
3068 PN Rotterdam


Ellis Gourmet Burger - The tastiest hamburgers in Rotterdam?

Ellis Gourmet Burger - The tastiest hamburgers in Rotterdam?

If you're a fan of juicy, flavourful burgers, then Ellis Gourmet Burger should be on your list! Drop by one of the locations in Rotterdam for, arguably, one of the better burgers in town.
Ellis Gourmet Burger is a chain of restaurants in The Netherlands, Belgium and France. There are two Ellis Gourmet Burger restaurants in Rotterdam. The location discussed in this article is located on Stationsplein, near Rotterdam Central Station. 


The Ellis Gourmet Burger near Rotterdam Central Station is a cosy restaurant that kinda feels like a café. The place has a nice vibe and attracts solo- and business travellers a well as couples and groups of friends. The interior is decorated with old Holland-America Line posters and some parts of the walls are decorated with red bricks.
Ellis Gourmet Burger 006Ellis Gourmet Burger 006
Ellis Gourmet Burger 007Ellis Gourmet Burger 007


Ellis Gourmet Burger serves burgers (of course), though the variety of burgers is quite interesting. When's the last time you had a Guaco Waco Lamb burger? Ellis is also known for collaborating with chefs and product specialists. For example, the Blue Cheese Madness features an intensely matured cheese named 'Bleu des Causses' and was made in collaboration with cheese connaisseurs Van Tricht. Similarly the New Meatlover, which I had on this occasion, was made in collaboration with well-known Belgian butcher Hendrik Dierendonck. 
Ellis Gourmet Burger 001Ellis Gourmet Burger 001Ellis Gourmet Burger 002Ellis Gourmet Burger 002
The Ellis menu also features milkshakes, homemade Iced Teas and Lemonades, sparkling wine, champagne as well as various cocktails. I ordered the Fizzy Lime Lemonade.
Ellis Gourmet Burger 005Ellis Gourmet Burger 005
Burgers at Ellis are made with meat from Holstein cattle. Holstein are dual-purpose animals, as they go through life as dairy cattle before being adapted for the culinary experiences available in an establishment such as this.
According to the folks at Ellis, when it comes to selecting the right beef, they always bear in mind four requirements: flavoursome, juicy, pure and authentic.
I have to admit, the New Meatlovers was one of the best burgers I have had in a while. The meat was delicious and well seasoned. The bun, often overlooked at restaurants, was fresh, soft and warm.
Ellis Gourmet Burger 009Ellis Gourmet Burger 009
Ellis Gourmet Burger 003Ellis Gourmet Burger 003
The mayonnaise that came with the fries was also delicious and tasted home made.

Location: Ellis Gourmet Burger - Stationsplein

Ellis Gourmet Burger is located near Central Station, though there's also smaller a location on Coolsingel.
Ellis Gourmet Burger 008Ellis Gourmet Burger 008
Ellis Gourmet Burger - Stationsplein
Stationsplein 49, 3013AK Rotterdam
Phone: +31 (0)10 307 05 99

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