The cheapest supermarkets in Rotterdam

The cheapest supermarkets in RotterdamThe cheapest supermarkets in Rotterdam
Nobody likes to pay too much for groceries. The more you save on food, the more you can save or spend on other activities such as home improvement or travel. Find out where you can get more bang for your buck!
The most expensive supermarket is Spar. According to research by the Consumers Unionresearch by the Consumers Union (Consumentenbond), top brands cost 12% more at Spar. Also interesting, their private labels cost 20% more when compared to the private labels of other supermarkets. Spar is all about convenience, hence their mix of ready-to-eat meals as well as daily groceries.

Albert Heijn, Plus and Coop are the most expensive

Market leader Albert Heijn and other major supermarkets such as Plus and Coop are generally 2% more expensive than the average.

Albert Heijn has the cheapest deals

Albert Heijn may be one of the more expensive supermarkets in general, but it is the cheapest when it comes to special deals. Albert Heijn's deals are the most frequent as well as the cheapestmost frequent as well as the cheapest. To take advantage of these deals, be sure to get yourself a Bonuskaart. No bonuskaart = no savings. The cashier will ask you for your bonuskaart whenever a product you're buying is on sale. Cardholders also receive a weekly newsletter with specially personalized deals based on past purchases.

Lidl and Aldi are the cheapest for private labels

In general, Aldi and Lidl are the cheapest supermarkets when it comes to private labels as their prices are 15% cheaper than other supermarkets.

Online supermarket Picnic cheapest for top brands

Online supermarket Picnic is the cheapest overall for top brands. You'll generally pay 6% less for your groceries when purchasing them via the Picnic website. 

Jumbo and Hoogvliet prices may vary

Be aware that some supermarkets have different pricesdifferent prices, depending on where you live. For example. research by the consumers union pointed out that Jumbo and Hoogvliet supermarkets are cheaper in areas where they face competition and more expensive in areas where there is less competition.
Jumbo supermarkets pricing in Rotterdam (december 2017)
According to the research, Jumbo has three price tiers that vary per city. All Jumbo supermarkets in Rotterdam are within the middle tier.
Hoogvliet supermarkets pricing in Rotterdam (december 2017)
Hoogvliet has two pricing tiers (high and low). Its Rotterdam-based supermarket is categorized as low.


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