The cheapest supermarkets in Rotterdam

The cheapest supermarkets in Rotterdam

Nobody likes to pay too much for groceries. The more you save on food, the more you can save or spend on other activities such as home improvement or travel. Find out where you can get more bang for your buck!

In a recent price survey by the Consumers' Association, the prices of basic groceries at various supermarkets in the Netherlands were examined. In this article, we focus on the results of this survey for the city of Rotterdam.


Cheapest Supermarkets

According to the Consumers' Association's price survey, the cheapest supermarkets in Rotterdam are Dirk and Hoogvliet, which are 11% and 8% cheaper than the national average, respectively. Other affordable options are Aldi, which is 1% cheaper than the average, and the large chains Albert Heijn, Jumbo, and Plus, which are at the average price level.

Average-Priced Supermarkets

Albert Heijn, Jumbo, and Plus, three of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands, have prices that are equal to the national average. These supermarkets have a strong presence in Rotterdam and offer a wide range of products.

More Expensive Supermarkets:

According to the survey, Coop is 3% more expensive than the national average, Picnic is 5% more expensive, and Spar is 20% more expensive, making them pricier options for consumers in Rotterdam.


While price is a significant factor in choosing a supermarket, it's also important to consider other factors such as location, product quality, customer service, and product range. Consumers are encouraged to compare the prices of their frequently purchased products at different supermarkets to find the best value for their money.

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