Free 'Brammetjes' at Bram Ladage on Valentine's Day

Free 'Brammetjes' at Bram Ladage on Valentine's Day

In a nostalgic nod to tradition, Bram Ladage revives its beloved Valentine's Day giveaway, offering free 'Brammetjes' to celebrate love in Rotterdam.

Nostalgia revisited: free 'Brammetjes' on Valentine's Day

In a gesture that harks back to a cherished tradition, Bram Ladage announces the return of its free 'Brammetjes' giveaway on Valentine's Day. Rotterdam's locals and visitors are in for a treat as all Bram Ladage outlets will serve complimentary portions of their renowned fries between 12:00 and 14:00 on 14 February. "In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we're excited to bring back the tradition of sharing free 'Brammetjes' with everyone," shared Isabeau Ladage. While patrons may have to queue, the reward promises to be a delightful cone of fries, ensuring a memorable Valentine's Day for all.

A tribute to the past

The campaign and its accompanying commercial pay homage to the past, reminiscing about the era when free fries on Valentine's Day were a hallmark of the brand. "We often heard from our loyal customers asking when we would revive this classic. After two decades, we felt it was time to celebrate Valentine's Day on a grand scale once again," Isabeau Ladage remarked. The initiative serves as a journey back to the 1990s, the period when this tradition first began. The effort to recreate the nostalgia included dusting off old photo albums and donning the original retro sweaters featured in the promotional video. Notably, the recipe for the famed fries remains unchanged after all these years, maintaining its classic taste.

About Bram Ladage

Founded in 1967 with a single fry stall in Rotterdam's market, Bram Ladage has evolved into a robust chain with 40 stores across the Netherlands. This family-owned business from Rotterdam is known for its modern, hard-working approach, characterized by freshly cut potatoes and swift, friendly service. Bram Ladage also prioritizes short food supply chains, sourcing ingredients locally whenever possible, underscoring its commitment to quality and community.

For those planning to visit, Bram Ladage outlets are conveniently located throughout Rotterdam, ensuring that no matter where you are in the city, a warm welcome and a delicious serving of 'Brammetjes' await you on Valentine's Day.


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