TwitchCon Europe in Rotterdam - event information

TwitchCon Europe in Rotterdam - event information

Rotterdam Ahoy is set to host TwitchCon Europe in 2024, marking a significant event for the city's vibrant gaming and digital economy.

TwitchCon Europe's new home in Rotterdam

The selection of Rotterdam Ahoy as the venue for TwitchCon Europe on 29-30 June 2024 has been announced by Twitch, the leading interactive livestreaming service. This marks the first time the event will be held in Rotterdam, with plans to return to the city in 2025 and 2026. TwitchCon is known for its celebration of live-streaming culture, offering a platform for thousands of streamers, viewers, and brands to connect over a weekend dedicated to creativity, competitive gaming, and entertainment.

Dan Clancy, CEO of Twitch, expressed his enthusiasm for bringing TwitchCon Europe to Rotterdam, citing the city's vibrant culture, strong infrastructure, and central role in the Dutch gaming community as key factors in the decision. “Rotterdam hosts an extraordinary group of Twitch streamers and plays a pivotal role for the Dutch gaming community,” Clancy stated.

Rotterdam's embrace of the digital economy

Rotterdam's selection as the host city for TwitchCon underscores its attractiveness for international events and its commitment to the gaming and digital economy. The city boasts leading international game studios, innovative startups, and a wealth of talent, making it a logical choice for such a significant event. The municipality of Rotterdam, along with local entrepreneurs and educational institutions, aims to contribute to an open, fair, and safe digital economy that fosters innovation and sustainable economic growth.

Impact on the local economy and community

The announcement of TwitchCon Europe being held in Rotterdam has been met with enthusiasm from local officials and business leaders. The event is expected to stimulate local business and hotel expenditures, contributing to job creation and highlighting Rotterdam's strengths as a hardworking, creative, and innovative hub. The presence of TwitchCon is also anticipated to have a direct effect on the local economy, with thousands of international visitors expected to explore the city's dining and meeting spots, particularly in the Hart van Zuid area around Ahoy.

Directions to Rotterdam Ahoy

Rotterdam Ahoy, located in the heart of the city's vibrant Zuid district, is easily accessible by public transport, bicycle, and car. The venue is known for its excellent facilities and plays host to a variety of international events throughout the year. For visitors arriving by public transport, several tram and bus lines provide direct access to Ahoy from different parts of the city. Cyclists will find ample bike parking near the venue. For those driving, Rotterdam Ahoy offers extensive parking facilities. The area around Ahoy is well-equipped with restaurants, shops, and leisure activities, making it a perfect destination for those attending events or exploring the city.


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