The Rooftop at GHG: Rotterdam's latest leisure destination

The Rooftop at GHG: Rotterdam's latest leisure destination

ROTTERDAM, 7 July 2023 – A new destination for leisure and dining is set to open this weekend in the heart of Rotterdam, offering a unique blend of entertainment, food, and stunning views of the city.

The Rooftop at GHG: A new city landmark

The Groot Handelsgebouw (GHG), an iconic building in Rotterdam, will be the home of the city's latest attraction, The Rooftop at GHG. From 8 July, residents and visitors to the city will have the opportunity to explore this vibrant new space, which offers a range of games for all ages, as well as a restaurant and bar. The Rooftop at GHG will continue the GHG's legacy as a bustling hub for activities and dining options. A monthly programme of exciting events, lively drinks, and artistic activations will be available until December.

Elevated comfort and dining

The restaurant and bar, managed by Spinning Group and Smoke Masters, will provide a full menu and a bar with a wide range of options. Guests will be able to enjoy their meals and cocktails in the colourful indoor space or on the sun-drenched terraces, both offering stunning views of Rotterdam's city centre. The menu will feature a variety of dishes, from comfort food to Mediterranean cuisine, prepared in the open kitchen and at two bustling food stations.

The Rooftop at GHG: Rotterdam's latest leisure destinationThe Rooftop at GHG: Rotterdam's latest leisure destination

Activities for all ages

“Our aim is to create places that are fundamentally local, humble, layered, colourful, exciting, ambitious, and inclusive,” said Michael Phillips, president of Jamestown, which owns the GHG building. “The Rooftop at GHG is our translation of this theory for Rotterdam. With a vibrant and playful atmosphere full of colourful elements, the entire concept becomes an immersive experience that stimulates the senses.”

The Rooftop at GHG: Rotterdam's latest leisure destinationThe Rooftop at GHG: Rotterdam's latest leisure destination

About The Rooftop

The Rooftop is an initiative of Jamestown, a real estate company known in the US for creating vibrant innovation centres and community hubs, including Chelsea Market and Industry City in New York and Ponce City Market in Atlanta. In the Netherlands, Jamestown is currently leading the creative revival of GHG in Rotterdam and the Schinkelbuurt in Amsterdam.

Directions to The Rooftop at GHG

The Rooftop at GHG is located in the Groot Handelsgebouw, adjacent to Rotterdam Central Station. The area is bustling with a mix of multinational companies, startups, creatives, and cultural organisations.

New X-Cube escape room experience opens in Schiedam

New X-Cube escape room experience opens in Schiedam

ROTTERDAM, 3 July 2023 – The city of Schiedam, a stone's throw away from Rotterdam, welcomes a new form of entertainment today. The X-Cube, an interactive digital escape room experience, has opened its doors at the Pathé Schiedam cinema complex, following recent launches in Zwolle and Nijmegen.

A new entertainment experience in Schiedam

The X-Cube, an immersive escape room experience, is now available at Pathé Schiedam. This marks the third location for the X-Cube, following its recent introduction at Pathé Zwolle and Pathé Nijmegen. The X-Cube offers a unique blend of gaming and cinema, providing an engaging experience for residents and visitors alike.

The X-Cube is suitable for adults and children aged 9 and above. Games last between 30 to 60 minutes. Prices vary depending on the length of the chosen game, with rates starting from €9.50 per person for a 30-minute game.

Inside the X-Cube

The X-Cube rooms, measuring 4 by 4 meters, are equipped with advanced technology, including a large touchscreen, controllers, blacklight, light effects, and an impressive sound system. Visitors can choose from a variety of hour-long or half-hour experiences, presented by Dutch celebrities such as Katja Schuurman, Sterre Koning, and YouTuber Ronald Vledder.

X-Cube's expansion in the Netherlands

With 20 locations already operating successfully in the Netherlands and two in Belgium, the X-Cube continues to grow. The first two X-Cubes at Pathé Zwolle and Pathé Nijmegen, opened on 5 June and 26 June respectively, have been well-received by visitors.

Quotes from Pathé and X-Cube

Bram van den Broek, Director New Business at Pathé, expressed the company's commitment to innovation and providing a memorable outing for all generations. Gerben van Leeuwen, Co-Founder of X-Cube, expressed his pride in having Pathé as a location for the X-Cube and his anticipation for future X-Cube locations in cinemas.

Directions to Pathé Schiedam

How to get there

Pathé Schiedam is conveniently located and easily accessible for residents and visitors.

Spider City: new indoor climbing experience by Fun Forest

Spider City: new indoor climbing experience by Fun Forest

Discover Spider City, Fun Forest's innovative indoor climbing experience in Rotterdam, offering year-round adventure and employment opportunities for youths.

Benefits for health and society

Spider City, an indoor experience, aims to promote physical activity throughout the year. In 2022, a significant portion of the Dutch population failed to meet the recommended exercise guidelines, while physical activity provides numerous health benefits. Moreover, the indoor location enables Fun Forest to offer learning and employment opportunities for young people, even during the winter months when outdoor climbing forests are closed.

Equal opportunities for all

Spider City welcomes everyone to embark on an adventure and push their boundaries. However, not every child has the opportunity for such an experience. As a result, Fun Forest offers free impact climbing cards in collaboration with partners supporting disadvantaged children, ensuring an unforgettable adventure for those who might otherwise miss out.

Spider City: new indoor climbing experience by Fun ForestSpider City: new indoor climbing experience by Fun Forest

A valuable addition to Rotterdam Zuid

Located at the site of the former waste processing facility near the Maastunnel in Rotterdam Zuid, Spider City is a part of Attractiepark Rotterdam, owned by entrepreneur Hennie van der Most. While the much-discussed amusement park is not yet officially open, Spider City attracts visitors to the area. In addition to the main Spider City experience, Fun Forest also opens two small indoor climbing courses on the second floor, suitable for all ages, with plans to expand further in the future.

Directions and location

Spider City is situated at the former waste processing facility near the Maastunnel in Rotterdam South. The area is accessible by public transport and offers ample parking facilities.

Experience virtual F1 racing at Rotterdam's Racesquare

Experience virtual F1 racing at Rotterdam's Racesquare

Rotterdam's Hollywood Event Center is home to Racesquare, a virtual racing experience that offers Formula 1 fans an immersive and competitive racing environment with the latest simulator technology.

Racesquare Rotterdam: the pinnacle of virtual racing

The Hollywood Event Center boasts 60 F1 sims and four full motion F1 simulators, utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide racing enthusiasts with an engaging experience. The simulators incorporate 4D elements, such as smoke, light effects, and force feedback, further enhancing the racing environment. Additionally, racers can communicate with friends via on-board radios, setting Racesquare apart from traditional karting experiences.

Race on renowned circuits from around the globe

Racesquare's advanced simulators enable racers to test their skills on iconic race circuits worldwide. The realistic visuals, yellow flag situations, and crash warnings combine to create a truly authentic racing experience. Furthermore, headphones facilitate communication between racers, making it suitable for both large and small groups.

Upstairs bar & café area opposite Racesquare Rotterdam in the Hollywood Event CenterUpstairs bar & café area opposite Racesquare Rotterdam in the Hollywood Event Center

Hollywood Event Center: a hub for high-end leisure and hospitality

The Hollywood Event Center is situated near the Feyenoord stadium De Kuip in Rotterdam-Zuid, offering various activities for friends, families, and colleagues.  Alongside the virtual racing experience, guests can enjoy mini-golf, escape rooms, and various bar games. Within Hollywood Event Center, you'll also find multiple bar areas and restaurants, making it easy to combine a fun night out with cocktails or even a full 'American' dining experience.  

Visit Racesquare at Hollywood Event Center

To get there, follow the directions to the stadium. Once there, cross the street and Hollywood Event Center will be a stone's throw away. The area is bustling and vibrant, with plenty of nearby attractions such as restaurants and a film theatre.

Fun Forest - outdoor activities in Rotterdam's Kralingse Bos

Fun Forest - outdoor activities in Rotterdam's Kralingse Bos

Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city? In dire need of a corona proof social activity with family, friends or co-workers? At Fun Forest, you get to go on an adventure between the trees in Rotterdam's Kralingse Bos.

More than a climbing park

From climbing over meter-high obstacles and zip lining between the trees: Fun Forest is sure to bring out your inner child. Swinging between the trees you will encounter new challenges everywhere. At Fun Forest Rotterdam you can not only go into the forest, but also give stand up paddleboarding (sup boarding) a try on the water. Make your way along the sailing boats and sup over the glistening water to the other side of the Kralingse Plas (Kralingen Lake).
Fun Forest Rotterdam 📷 Thomas ErdmannFun Forest Rotterdam 📷 Thomas Erdmann

Challenges for young and old

Klimbos Fun Forest is a good idea for a company outing, group activity, children's party or family day. There are various challenging courses for young and old. For the smallest climbers there is the Monkey Trail with balance beams, rope nets, wobble bridges, climbing frames and vines. But there are also courses for adult daredevils at a height of 15 metres with a bungee jump and a free jump.
An afternoon of climbing is not only fun with friends or family, it is also the perfect team outing at the moment. "In times of working from home and online meetings, many employees miss personal contact with their colleagues," says 'Forest Chief' David Balhuizen, responsible for the ins and outs of the four climbing forests. "At Fun Forest you can meet each other in the fresh air and with sufficient distance. Perfect for teambuilding!"
Fun Forest has been around since 2016, operating from deep within the forests of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Almere and Venlo. I guess, if you love it at one location, you might want to travel and try it at another?
Fun Forest Rotterdam 📷 Thomas ErdmannFun Forest Rotterdam 📷 Thomas Erdmann

Social mission

In 2019, Fun Forest welcomed more than 100,000 sports enthusiasts to its parks throughout the Netherlands. Moreover, in addition to experiencing a unique afternoon in nature, visitors also contribute to the social mission of Fun Forest. The organization offers apprenticeship programmes for young people who have difficulty finding work.
David Balhuizen: "Youth unemployment is a big problem, especially in corona time. We are extremely proud that 25% of our jobs in the climbing park are filled by young people who are distanced from the labour market. In this way, we can do our bit and make a real difference in society".

Fun Forest Rotterdam

For more information on Fun Forest in Rotterdam, check out the Fun Forest website or take a look on their social media pages (Facebook / Instagram).

Location: Klimbos Fun Forest Rotterdam


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