Experience unique mini-golf at Rotterdam's Fun Village

Prison Golf: Rotterdam's latest entertainment hit

ROTTERDAM, 14 March 2024 – A novel entertainment experience, Prison Golf, has been launched in Rotterdam, offering a unique twist on traditional mini-golf.

Launch of the first Prison Golf in West-Netherlands

In a pioneering move, Rotterdam's Fun Village activity center has introduced the first Prison Golf in West-Netherlands, offering an adventurous and interactive take on mini-golf. This innovative concept incorporates various interactive elements, smoke, and sound effects, enhancing the traditional mini-golf experience with a fresh dimension.

Originating from the UK

Developed by Chris and Mike Knell of Escape Kent in the UK during the initial COVID-19 lockdown, Prison Golf is inspired by Prison Island, a real-life game set in a prison where participants solve codes, riddles, and undergo physical challenges to escape. Unlike Prison Island, which shares similarities with escape rooms, Prison Golf focuses more on an interactive form of mini-golf, ensuring an escape for participants.

Experience unique mini-golf at Rotterdam's Fun VillageExperience unique mini-golf at Rotterdam's Fun Village

Success and expansion

The concept has seen significant success in Kent, with Chris Knell reporting full bookings every weekend. The popularity of Prison Golf has surpassed that of traditional escape rooms, partly due to the use of the latest technologies that offer a varied experience with each play. The game, suitable for all ages, is now being introduced outside of England.

Bringing innovation to mini-golf

Dion Stuijt, entrepreneur and co-owner of Fun Village, believes that Prison Golf revitalizes the traditional mini-golf by incorporating interactive and adventurous techniques. Participants are immersed in the prison world, navigating through ten holes that represent different aspects of prison life, including transport, food, leisure activities, and the scent of freedom.

Experience unique mini-golf at Rotterdam's Fun VillageExperience unique mini-golf at Rotterdam's Fun Village

Experience unique mini-golf at Rotterdam's Fun VillageExperience unique mini-golf at Rotterdam's Fun Village

Directions to the venue

Fun Village is located at Akkeroord 10, Rotterdam. This area is accessible by public transportation and offers ample parking for visitors. The venue, known for a wide range of activities suitable for families, friend groups, and corporate teams, is a hub for entertainment including Prison Island Escape Team and Real Axe Throwing. Enjoy the experience at this vibrant location.

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