Superconnectors: a vital networking platform for startups

Superconnectors: a vital networking platform for startups

Rotterdam has long been a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, and in recent years, it has given rise to Superconnectors, an initiative that redefines the way startups connect and grow. 

What is Superconnectors?

Superconnectors organises events globally, providing startups with opportunities to address their most critical questions. Whether it's connecting with key players in specific markets, finding the right investors, or meeting individuals with exceptional talent, Superconnectors recognises the importance of relationships in today’s business environment. In other words, Superconnectors focuses on helping startups build "social capital"—the connections and relationships that are often more critical than financial capital for growth and success.

The platform operates on the premise that the right introduction can significantly advance a startup, providing access to markets, talent, and resources that might otherwise be unavailable. Participating startups are offered opportunities to enter new markets, gain insights, and build relationships with influential decision-makers. Annually, 100 of the 600 registered startups get the chance to present their "Critical Ask" to over 400 influential connectors. Additionally, Superconnectors organises exclusive meetings during major tech conferences, providing startups with valuable networking opportunities.

Superconnectors Summit Rotterdam. Photo credit: Evgeny AstapovSuperconnectors Summit Rotterdam. Photo credit: Evgeny Astapov
Superconnectors Summit Rotterdam. Photo credit: Evgeny AstapovSuperconnectors Summit Rotterdam. Photo credit: Evgeny Astapov

Founding and inspiration

The idea for Superconnectors originated from the experiences of Jan Hein Hoogstad, a startup founder who discovered that social capital was often more valuable than financial capital. Together with Stein Fortuin, they launched the first Superconnectors event during the Upstream Festival in Rotterdam. Their aim was to create a platform that prioritises sustainable development and impactful startups.

The positive feedback from their initial event led to the formal establishment of Superconnectors, with Alexander Broekman joining as CEO in early 2022. Broekman brought extensive entrepreneurial experience, having previously built and sold a successful company. His belief in the importance of introductions and "paying it forward" has been instrumental in the development of Superconnectors. Broekman's participation in the second edition of the event during the Upstream Festival in 2022 solidified his connection with Hoogstad and Fortuin. This synergy prompted the decision to develop Superconnectors into an independent company, with Broekman taking on the role of CEO and owner.

Superconnectors CEO Alexander Broekman on stage at the 2024 Superconnectors Summit in Rotterdam. Photo credit: Evgeny AstapovSuperconnectors CEO Alexander Broekman on stage at the 2024 Superconnectors Summit in Rotterdam. Photo credit: Evgeny Astapov

Blockchain integration

One distinctive feature of Superconnectors is the integration of blockchain technology from their partner, Kadena. This technology tracks successful connections made during events, adding a layer of trust and gamification to the networking process. Successful connections earn "karma points," fostering a community focused on mutual benefit and support.

The Superconnectors Summit

The Superconnectors Summit is a significant event that attracts participants from around the world. The 2024 summit in Rotterdam, part of the Upstream Festival, featured nearly 200 attendees and focused on introductions related to talent, market, capital, and knowledge. The event's international atmosphere and the messages from three international speakers highlighted the value of meaningful introductions.

For more information on Superconnectors and when the next summit takes polace, check out the official Superconnectors website.

Event location: The Rooftop at Groot Handelsgebouw

Event location: The Rooftop at Groot Handelsgebouw

ROTTERDAM, 17 April 2024 – A dynamic new chapter opens this spring for Rotterdam's skyline with the transformation of the Groot Handelsgebouw's rooftop into a vibrant events hub, The Rooftop at GHG. The new space promises a unique venue combining history with panoramic city views, fostering community and innovation.

New life at the Groot Handelsgebouw

An exciting new phase is announced for the Groot Handelsgebouw, an iconic symbol of Rotterdam's reconstruction and the home base for over 450 companies. This spring, in partnership with Révolt, a pioneer in innovative event experiences in Rotterdam, the rooftop of the Groot Handelsgebouw is set to become The Rooftop at GHG, a dynamic events location.

The historic Engels halls and terraces are being transformed into a lively hub for events and public activities. Jamestown, the real estate firm owning the Groot Handelsgebouw, commits to further activating this Rotterdam icon for both businesses and the public. “Our aim is to continue the legacy of the Groot Handelsgebouw for a new generation with site activations and programming that align with the building’s rich history while also serving the tenants and surrounding community,” says Thomas Sandlin, Head of Asset Management, Europe at Jamestown.

The Rooftop at GHG will offer various indoor spaces with adaptable halls ranging from 120 to 700 square metres and terraces from 40 to 200 square metres, capable of accommodating any type of event with basic amenities provided and the potential for customised event creation through various suppliers.

Event location: The Rooftop at Groot HandelsgebouwEvent location: The Rooftop at Groot Handelsgebouw

Role of Révolt

Révolt, a Rotterdam-based event organisation, focuses on creating unique and memorable experiences at notable locations. With a passion for innovation and creativity, Révolt aims to push the boundaries of the events industry.

“Rotterdam is bursting with creativity and energy, and this dynamism deserves a magnificent venue. The Rooftop at GHG is designed to be a unique event space that matches the city’s ambition. It is an inspiring place where people from Rotterdam and visitors can come together, develop new ideas, and experience unforgettable moments. With a breathtaking view of the city as a backdrop, The Rooftop at GHG will become the hotspot for high-profile events,” said Yagoub, founder of Révolt and operator of venues such as Annabel and culture platform Perron, as well as festivals including REC Festival, het Vrije Volk, and Kralingse Bos Festival.

Event location: The Rooftop at Groot HandelsgebouwEvent location: The Rooftop at Groot Handelsgebouw

Central location with a fine view

Strategically located adjacent to the Central Station, The Rooftop at GHG is perfectly accessible for both national and international visitors. The ample parking facilities, coupled with a plethora of nearby hotels and restaurants, position this venue as a prime location for events. Starting in May this year, The Rooftop at GHG will welcome its first events, marking a new chapter as Rotterdam's premier events venue with the finest view.

Directions and local information

The Rooftop at GHG is conveniently situated next to Rotterdam Central Station, making it easily accessible by public transportation. The area is known for its vibrant atmosphere, surrounded by numerous dining options and accommodation. 

Unique meeting space at d'Ouwe Moer

Unique meeting space at d'Ouwe Moer

ROTTERDAM, 12 December 2023 – A new venue for meetings and events, d'Ouwe Moer, has been opened in Rotterdam, offering a unique space with colourful interiors and accommodation options.

New event location d'Ouwe Moer opens in Rotterdam

In December 2023, d'Ouwe Moer, a meeting and event location, opened its doors on Admiraliteitskade in Rotterdam. The pink veranda house, notable for its vibrantly coloured spaces, is designed to host various types of gatherings. It features a meeting 'suite', a large bar, multiple breakout rooms, and an apartment accessible through a separate entrance. The apartment includes a living area, a bar, and bedrooms. This venue aims to provide an inspirational space for meetings, events, or photo shoots in the heart of Rotterdam.

The interior and atmosphere of d'Ouwe Moer pay homage to the father of the property's owner, a colourful and sociable individual with a deep affection for the outdoors, the city of Rotterdam, and celebrating significant occasions. Marie-Claire Moerkerk, the owner, stated that they have deliberately chosen not to design d'Ouwe Moer as a standard meeting place, aiming to make everyone feel at home, whether for meetings, book presentations, or social gatherings.

Unique meeting space at d'Ouwe MoerUnique meeting space at d'Ouwe Moer
Unique meeting space at d'Ouwe MoerUnique meeting space at d'Ouwe Moer

Versatile rental options and catering

D'Ouwe Moer offers flexible rental options, allowing clients to book the entire house or separate floors. On the ground floor, The Admiral bar can accommodate up to 60 people, followed by two breakout rooms. At the back is The Mary, a garden room that serves as a meeting space for up to 14 people. The basement, accessible through the bar area, houses The George, a cosy hangout styled like a man cave. The upper floor features 'l'Amoer', an apartment with sleeping arrangements for two to four people, a dining table, bar, kitchen island, and living area, suitable for casual meetings or private stays in the city.

For catering, d'Ouwe Moer collaborates with Kaat Mossel, a well-known local restaurant, to provide a range of dining options for events.

Unique meeting space at d'Ouwe MoerUnique meeting space at d'Ouwe Moer
Unique meeting space at d'Ouwe MoerUnique meeting space at d'Ouwe Moer

Directions to d'Ouwe Moer

d'Ouwe Moer is located on Admiraliteitskade in Rotterdam. The area is well-connected by public transport, with nearby bus and tram stops. For those driving, there are several parking options in the vicinity.

Rotterdam pass - how to have fun and save money in Rotterdam

Rotterdam pass - how to have fun and save money in Rotterdam

The 'Rotterdampas' is an all-access pass to the city. With it, you gain access to upwards of 600 special deals on movie theatres, day trips, workshops, museums, swimming pools and the Rotterdam Zoo.

If there is one thing that is an evergreen in the top three of favourite things for every Dutch person, it’s a bargain. If you are staying in Rotterdam for a weekend or a fortnight, go right ahead and skip this article. If you are here for a couple of weeks, months or years and are averagely active, do consider getting a Rotterdam pass, especially, if you have children!

I have been here for a while and I hadn’t got one until recently, the main reasons being:
1. Thinking it was a touristy thing to do,
2. Having to fill out a form online which includes uploading a photo,
3. It does cost €65* per person (kids pay €20)*.

*Note that there are various tariffs depending on whether you live in Rotterdam, have a low monthly income or are a student. The list of exceptions is quite long, so do check the website (Dutch) for the latest up-to-date information.   

The Rotterdam pass helps with saving money

However, you really get your money out of it. If you, let’s say, go to a few museums, a couple of movies, for a swim and a few ice creams. There are more things like discounts on eating out, special movies, beauty and relaxing therapies, indoor children’s playgrounds, sports clubs and tours. And there are lots of seasonal discounts as well.

Capri Ijssalon 📷 Anna SoetensCapri Ijssalon 📷 Anna Soetens

Children love the Rotterdam pass

For parents with children, there are more discounts in there, like good savings on a yearly zoo card or playgrounds aka theme parks like Plaswijk Park. But already the seasonal discounts, free nature playground, free ice creams, as well as the fact that all museums are free with the Rotterdam pass will provide a lot of entertainment.  

Rotterdam Zoo 📷 Anna SoetensRotterdam Zoo 📷 Anna Soetens
Natuurspeeltuin de Speeldernis 📷 Anna SoetensNatuurspeeltuin de Speeldernis 📷 Anna Soetens


Before you sign up, check the date, though. It's valid from March to March. And consider if you will make use of it. Are there really a couple of deals you are sure to use? If some options are going to float your boat, you really can save some bucks.

Is this really a winner for me? Ask me next a year in March! For more information on the Rotterdam pas, check out the official Rotterdampas website

Haggling for it

P.S. If you do not want to get a Rotterdam pas, but still want a bargain on long or short holidays, funfairs, eating out and theme parks, you can decide to haggle. Just go on the auction site (it's more like eBay than Sotheby’s obviously) Vakantieveilingen, see what you like and place your offer. You might get a fantastic discount for a couple of people. It's all mostly on short notice, but it’s a bit more straightforward than Marktplaats (the Dutch eBay).
The cheapest supermarkets in Rotterdam

The cheapest supermarkets in Rotterdam

Nobody likes to pay too much for groceries. The more you save on food, the more you can save or spend on other activities such as home improvement or travel. Find out where you can get more bang for your buck!

In a recent price survey by the Consumers' Association, the prices of basic groceries at various supermarkets in the Netherlands were examined. In this article, we focus on the results of this survey for the city of Rotterdam.


Cheapest Supermarkets

According to the Consumers' Association's price survey, the cheapest supermarkets in Rotterdam are Dirk and Hoogvliet, which are 11% and 8% cheaper than the national average, respectively. Other affordable options are Aldi, which is 1% cheaper than the average, and the large chains Albert Heijn, Jumbo, and Plus, which are at the average price level.

Average-Priced Supermarkets

Albert Heijn, Jumbo, and Plus, three of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands, have prices that are equal to the national average. These supermarkets have a strong presence in Rotterdam and offer a wide range of products.

More Expensive Supermarkets:

According to the survey, Coop is 3% more expensive than the national average, Picnic is 5% more expensive, and Spar is 20% more expensive, making them pricier options for consumers in Rotterdam.


While price is a significant factor in choosing a supermarket, it's also important to consider other factors such as location, product quality, customer service, and product range. Consumers are encouraged to compare the prices of their frequently purchased products at different supermarkets to find the best value for their money.

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