Foodhallen Rotterdam - location, restaurants and review

Foodhallen Rotterdam BBQFoodhallen Rotterdam BBQ
The brand new Foodhallen in Rotterdam opened its doors the other day. So, I decided to go check it out. The verdict? Foodhallen Rotterdam is a great place to find high-quality food and drinks in a relaxed setting.

Food for everybody!

At the Foodhallen in Rotterdam, there are various vendors serving a wide variety of cuisines. Whether you're into Spanish tapas, Chinese dim sum, Vietnamese street food, authentic Italian pizza, barbecue snacks, cupcakes, locally sourced beef burgers or seafood, you'll find something you like at this food hall.
Foodhallen Rotterdam TXOSTAFoodhallen Rotterdam TXOSTA
Foodhallen Rotterdam BaomazingFoodhallen Rotterdam Baomazing
Foodhallen Rotterdam Bavettes KaassieFoodhallen Rotterdam Bavettes Kaassie
Foodhallen Rotterdam Viet Yam Vietnamese streetfood menuFoodhallen Rotterdam Viet Yam Vietnamese streetfood menu

Mix & Match more than Surf & Turf

You can easily order different meals at different places and combine them at the table. How about Vietnamese spring rolls, lamb ribs, wine and dessert. It's doable!
Foodhallen Rotterdam Viet Yam3Foodhallen Rotterdam Viet Yam3
Foodhallen Rotterdam Ten to Three BakeryFoodhallen Rotterdam Ten to Three Bakery
While my burger was being prepared, I ordered wine at another bar.
Foodhallen Rotterdam wineFoodhallen Rotterdam wine
Foodhallen Rotterdam mealFoodhallen Rotterdam meal
I could have even gotten cupcakes and spring rolls while I was waiting. But why overdo it? ;-) 

Foodhallen versus Markthal?

The age-old question? Foodhallen and Markthal are totally different. Foodhallen is similar to the Markthal in that it is a big hall in which you'll find various high-quality food vendors. The main difference, however, is that the focus is actually more on eating said food rather than looking at it.
Foodhallen Rotterdam atmosphereFoodhallen Rotterdam atmosphere
At the Foodhallen, it looks and feels like the food courts you'd find in an American shopping mall. It's a place for eating and drinking. There are no designs on the ceiling or folks taking pictures, but there are plenty of places to sit and relax.
Every food stall has seating at the bar and in the centre of the hall, there are tables for everybody. There's also an additional dining area which was completely empty at about 16:00 in the afternoon.
Foodhallen Rotterdam interiorFoodhallen Rotterdam interior

Location: Foodhallen Rotterdam

The food hall is located at Wilhelminakade 58, in the Kop van Zuid area. The building's facade reads Pakhuismeesteren. The hall, like many on Kop van Zuid, used to be a 'pakhuis,' that's Dutch for 'warehouse.'
Foodhallen Rotterdam PakhuismeesterenFoodhallen Rotterdam Pakhuismeesteren
Foodhallen Rotterdam entranceFoodhallen Rotterdam entrance
Foodhallen Rotterdam shares the building with the Room Mate Bruno hotel. In fact, there's a corridor connecting the hotel and the Foodhallen. Foodhallen Rotterdam is open daily from 11:00 in the morning to midnight.
Foodhallen Rotterdam
Wilhelminakade 58
3072AR Rotterdam


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