Zomerse Torenconcerten: rooftop music in Rotterdam

Zomerse Torenconcerten: rooftop music in Rotterdam

This summer, the Zomerse Torenconcerten (Summer Tower Concerts) will bring a series of intimate musical performances to the rooftop of Gebouw De Heuvel in Rotterdam. These concerts, featuring a mix of carillon and live music, will provide audiences with a unique cultural experience set against the backdrop of the city's skyline.

A blend of carillon and live music

The concerts will be complemented by the carillon of the Laurenskerk, creating a harmonious blend of bell music and live performances. Each evening will feature a specific pairing of a carillonneur and a musical act, providing a diverse range of musical experiences.

Schedule and performers

Wednesday, 17 July
Joseph Min (USA) - Performing on the Laurenskerk Carillon
Joseph Min, a regular carillonneur at the Riverside Church in New York City, will perform at the Laurenskerk. His expertise on the carillon, one of the largest in the world, promises a compelling performance.

Didier François & Philippe Malfeyt (BE) - Nyckelharpa & Lute
This duo, featuring the renowned nyckelharpist Didier François and lutenist Philippe Malfeyt, will perform an eclectic mix of stringed music, offering a soothing yet captivating experience.

Wednesday, 24 July
Anna Kasprzycka (PL) - Performing on the Laurenskerk Carillon
Anna Kasprzycka, a renowned carillonneur and sound engineer, will showcase her skills on the carillon. Her performances are known for their technical precision and emotional depth.

Astrid Haring & Brandt Attema (NL) - Harp & Bass trombone
As the world's first bass trombone and harp duo, Haring and Attema will experiment with new compositions and reinterpret classic pieces, providing a unique auditory experience.

Wednesday, 31 July
Richard de Waardt (NL) & Dina Verheyden (BE) - Performing on the Laurenskerk Carillon
Richard de Waardt and Dina Verheyden, both experienced carillonneurs, will perform a duet on the carillon. Their combined expertise and harmony will be a highlight of the evening.

Duo Niepold/Verschueren (NL) - Diatonic Accordion & Piano
Anne Niepold and Florejan Verschueren will perform a dynamic and improvised concert, blending various musical styles and showcasing their individual talents.

Wednesday, 7 August
Peter Bray (AU) - Performing on the Laurenskerk Carillon
Peter Bray, an Australian senior carillonneur, will bring his international experience to the Laurenskerk, performing a diverse repertoire that resonates with a wide audience.

Kika Sprangers & Tuur Florizoone (NL/BE) - Saxophone & Accordion
This duo, known for their passion and improvisational skills, will perform a concert that blends their unique sounds and stories, offering a rich musical experience.

Wednesday, 14 August
Rosemarie Seuntiens (NL) - Performing on the Laurenskerk Carillon
Rosemarie Seuntiens, a well-known carillonneur in South Netherlands, will perform a concert featuring unique projects around the carillon and its cultural heritage.

Kabál (NL) - Viool, Accordeon, Gitaar & Percussie
Kabál will play folk music rooted in the Low Countries, merging traditional dances with their own musical world, creating a lively and engaging performance.

Wednesday, 21 August
Claire Janezic (USA) - Performing on the Laurenskerk Carillon
Claire Janezic, an accomplished carillonneur with performances across Europe and the USA, will perform at the Laurenskerk. Her expertise and diverse musical background will be showcased in her concert.

Neighbours Trio - Tar, Diatonic Accordion & Tablas
Neighbours Trio, combining Indian, Italian, and Iranian musical traditions, will perform an eclectic and vibrant set, blending traditional sounds with contemporary rhythms.

Directions and area description


For more information, visit the official Rotterdamse Dakendagen website.

Directions and area description

The rooftop of Gebouw De Heuvel is centrally located in Rotterdam, providing easy access for attendees. Situated near the Laurenskerk, the venue offers stunning views of the city's architecture. The area is well-connected by public transport, making it convenient for visitors to explore nearby attractions before or after the concerts.

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