Snowkwartier - Arts and food fest in Hoogkwartier

Snowkwartier - Arts and food fest in Hoogkwartier

The vibrant Hoogkwartier district becomes a cultural and culinary paradise with the first Snowkwartier showcase festival.

Snowkwartier: a showcase of arts, culture, and cuisine

On 19 and 20 January, the Hoogkwartier district of Rotterdam will host the first edition of the Snowkwartier festival. This event aims to highlight the area's cultural and culinary richness, offering a variety of activities for all ages. The festival is designed to introduce a wider audience to the unique characteristics of this neighborhood.

Lobke Ruijs, the initiator of Snowkwartier, shared, “To acquaint a broader public with this special neighborhood in Rotterdam, the local businesses are not only opening their doors during Snowkwartier but also organizing a range of engaging activities and tours. Visitors can join an art tour through galleries and art dealers, or embark on a wine and dine tour across the area’s culinary highlights.”

Culinary delights and musical entertainment

The festival will begin on Friday, 19 January, with the “No Stars Dinner” in Achterkloosterpark, hosted by renowned local restaurants including Rotonde, Héroine, Old Scuola, and by Jarmusch. Priced at €22.50, this open-air dinner offers a walking dinner experience under the stars, accompanied by heaters for warmth. The evening will conclude with a silent disco. On Saturday, the Hermes House Band will perform their classic hits in the same location, complemented by glühwein and other warm refreshments.

Diverse activities for all tastes

Snowkwartier’s packed schedule includes tours for various interests. Those keen on Rotterdam’s history can join a guided tour by Paul Groenendijk. Art enthusiasts can explore works with Garage Rotterdam, the corporate collection of Het Industriegebouw, and Vendu auction house. For food lovers, a tasting card will provide access to the neighborhood's culinary spots. Creative activities like painting workshops at Gerstaecker Harolds will also be available for attendees of all ages.

Community involvement and development

In a show of community spirit, the Salvation Army (Leger des Heils) will open its doors to neighbors for the first time in years and collaborate in the festival’s setup and takedown. “We aimed to make everyone a part of the festival. Participation is a collective effort involving businesses, residents, the City of Rotterdam, and street musicians,” said Lobke Ruijs. A community flea market will also be organized, allowing residents to set up their own stalls at no cost. The City of Rotterdam plans to discuss with residents about renovating the Achterkloosterpark playground in 2024.

Directions to the event

Located in the heart of Rotterdam, the Hoogkwartier is easily accessible. For those attending the Snowkwartier festival at Achterkloosterpark, public transportation is recommended. The area is a short walk from Blaak Station, served by both trains and trams. The neighborhood is known for its vibrant art scene and diverse culinary offerings, making it a perfect backdrop for the festival.

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