War Child benefit concert for Ukraine in Rotterdam

War Child benefit concert for Ukraine in Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, 19 December 2023 – In a display of solidarity and support, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra collaborates with Ukrainian musicians for a special concert, with proceeds aiding War Child.

Rotterdam philharmonic orchestra supports Ukraine with special concert

In response to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra is set to host a concert on Saturday, 13 January. This event is distinctive as it features the participation of thirteen Ukrainian musicians who have sought refuge. Their collaboration with the orchestra symbolises not only a cultural exchange but also a stand against the backdrop of the war.

The concert, taking place at the Doelen in Rotterdam, will see the young Ukrainian prodigy Olha Dondyk as the conductor. Ukrainian pianists Antonii Baryshevskyi and Anna Fedorova are also slated to perform, showcasing pieces by Silvestrov and Chopin.

Music as a beacon of hope and solidarity

Anna Fedorova, one of the participating artists, emphasised the importance of music, stating, "Music lets you feel what you want to fight for, it provides perspective, and that's very powerful." This sentiment reflects the orchestra's belief in music as a medium that transcends conflict, offering hope and humanity.

Fundraising for War Child

The proceeds and donations from this concert are dedicated entirely to War Child. The organisation focuses on providing psychosocial support, protection, and education to children affected by war. Through music, sports, and games, War Child helps these children process their traumatic experiences, restoring their self-confidence and trust in others.

Ernst Suur, Director of War Child Netherlands, expressed gratitude towards the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra for organising this event, underscoring the universal language and creative stimulation music provides, especially for children in conflict zones.

Tickets and donations

Tickets for the concert are available starting at €25, with the option to contribute up to an additional €50 per ticket. All proceeds from ticket sales and donations will benefit War Child. Further details about the concert can be found on the event's webpage.

The concert is partially funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap).

Directions to the Doelen

The concert will take place at the Doelen, a prominent concert hall located in the heart of Rotterdam. The venue is easily accessible by public transportation, with Rotterdam Central Station within walking distance. The surrounding area is known for its vibrant cultural scene and a variety of dining options.

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