Wild Romance and Hatari to perform at Baroeg Open Air 2019

Hatari to perform at Baroeg Open Air 2019Hatari to perform at Baroeg Open Air 2019Icelandic sensation Hatari and Herman Brood's band Wild Romance among new names announced for Baroeg Open Air 2019. Also expect to see Komatsu, Cabaret Nocture and BOSKAT at this year's festival. 

ROTTERDAM, 28 June 2019 - Today, Baroeg Open Air announced no fewer than five new names for the Baroeg Open Air festival taking place on Saturday, September 14th in Rotterdam's Zuiderpark. The programme now includes Wild Romance and the Icelandic Songfestival sensation Hatari. Other names are Komatsu, Cabaret Nocturne and BOSKAT.

Hatari to perform at Baroeg Open Air

The Icelandic band Hatari plays in the Netherlands for the first time since its participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. Hatari 's (political) sources of inspiration include Theresa May, Ian Curtis (Joy Division), Die Antwoord, Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein. In the run-up to the Eurovision Song Contest, the controversial band's BDSM outfits, anti-capitalist electro-punk and political statements received a lot of attention and made the band the odd man out.

It's probably the first time that a Eurovision finalist performs at an alternative festival. The combination is nevertheless quite logical, says director and chief programmer of the Baroeg Open Air festival Leon van Rijnsbergen: “Our festival focuses on a lot of different hard and alternative genres, such as metal, gothic, hardcore, punk, rock ('n roll), EBM, industrial and breakcore. This act fits perfectly in between. ”

Wild Romance 📷 Alex de GrootWild Romance 📷 Alex de Groot

Also performing are Wild Romance, the legendary accompaniment band of Dutch rockstar Herman Brood. Expect to hear killer songs like 'Saturday Night.'

Line-up Baroeg Open Air 2019

Bands that have already been confirmed for Baroeg Open Air include Dark Tranquility, Samael, Agent Fresco, PRSPCT Assault (Thrasher, DJ Hidden, The Satan, MC Mike Redman), The Prototypes and many more.

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