Deliveroo contributes €5.1 million in revenue to Rotterdam

Deliveroo contributes €5.1 million in revenue to Rotterdam

Deliveroo generates an additional 5.1 million euros in sales for affiliated restaurants in Rotterdam and also provides 256 additional jobs in the city. The analysis was done by the independent advisers of economic research agency Capital Economics. It maps out the full economic impact of Deliveroo's activities during a year.

If you've been living in Rotterdam for any length of time, you've probably ordered dinner online a couple of times. In recent years, Thuisbezorgd has been facing competition by the likes of Deliveroo.

Deliveroo in Rotterdam

An recent independent analysis shows Deliveroo's economic contribution to the Rotterdam economy over a period of 1 year. Overall, Deliveroo has helped generate 5.1 million euros in additional sales for the restaurants that make use of its service has created 256 jobs. All figures refer to the activities of Deliveroo in the 12 months prior to November 2018. The analysis was done by the independent advisers of economic research firm Capital Economics.

Deliveroo in the Netherlands

As or the Dutch economy? Deliveroo's contribution to economic growth in the Netherlands (measured by gross domestic product) is 26.8 million euros. Deliveroo's contribution to the Dutch treasury is 10.3 million euros in total, via corporate and employee tax.

If Deliveroo continues to grow at the current pace, the company will contribute to around 4,500 jobs and an economic output of 51.3 million euros in 2020 in the Netherlands, according to Capital Economics.

Additional facts & figures from the analysis:
  • Deliveroo contributes to 2,200 jobs in the Dutch economy, in addition to the 2,500 delivery staff in the Netherlands who now have good earnings and flexible work through Deliveroo.
  • Deliveroo contributes to 2,100 extra jobs in the restaurant sector of the Netherlands.
  • These are 1,300 jobs at restaurants that are part of a chain and 810 jobs at "independent" restaurants.
  • 59% of the Dutch restaurants surveyed saw an increase in the number of people who came to eat at their restaurant as a result of partnerships with Deliveroo. This underlines the increase in the in-house turnover of restaurants.
  • Deliveroo provides a total of 41.9 million euros in extra revenue for the Dutch restaurant sector.
  • Of this, 25.6 million euros is for restaurants that are part of a chain and 16.3 million euros for "independent" restaurants.
  • In total, Deliveroo generates 60.6 million euros in revenue for the Dutch economy.

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