Kim Sue Palm shares delicious sugar-free recipes

SUE's journey to creating healthy sweet treats

ROTTERDAM, 6 May 2023 – Delight in healthier treats with the new cookbook Zoet zonder suiker (Sweet without sugar) by Kim Sue Palm. Featuring 50 delectable vegan, lactose-free, and gluten-free recipes, the book offers a glimpse into the Rotterdam-based SUE bakery, known for its guilt-free delights.

A fresh wind in the pâtisserie world

Founded in 2014, SUE has been revolutionising the pâtisserie scene with responsible sweet treats. Vegan, lactose-free, and gluten-free, these treats have quickly gained popularity, leading to the establishment of three SUE stores and partnerships with numerous cafés in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Zoet zonder suiker: baking healthier with Kim Sue PalmZoet zonder suiker: baking healthier with Kim Sue Palm

The launch of 'Zoet zonder suiker'

The launch of 'Zoet zonder suiker' marks a significant milestone for Kim Sue Palm and SUE. The book, which is now available, promises to inspire readers with a range of delightful and healthier alternatives to traditional baked treats. As the founder of SUE, Kim Sue Palm shares her passion, drive, and sources of inspiration in the book, detailing her journey to building a successful business.

Zoet zonder suiker by Kim Sue PalmZoet zonder suiker by Kim Sue Palm

Kim's passion for healthy food

Kim Sue Palm's passion for healthy food began in her childhood, when her parents taught her the importance of a nutritious diet. Despite her love for sweet treats, Kim combined her enthusiasm for healthy food with her baking experiments, leading to the creation of SUE. The company began as a hobby selling bites at food markets, but it quickly grew into a successful business with numerous sale partners and a loyal customer base.

Rotterdam's supportive entrepreneurial climate

In an interview, Kim describes the supportive entrepreneurial climate in Rotterdam as a significant contributor to SUE's success. She initially collaborated with Sajoer and Little Indians to establish the KLUP concept store, where they sold their products alongside other Rotterdam entrepreneurs. The store later transformed into the first SUE location, which has since expanded.

While Kim currently has no plans to further expand SUE in Rotterdam, she remains open to new opportunities that may arise. She believes in following her intuition when it comes to business decisions and embracing challenges that come her way.

Collaborating with local businesses

While SUE's ingredients are not entirely sourced locally due to the scale of the bakery's production, the company collaborates with other Rotterdam-based businesses. For instance, their tea is supplied by Theemaas, juices by Sajoer, and coffee by Man Met Bril.

Kim Sue Palm shares delicious sugar-free recipesKim Sue Palm shares delicious sugar-free recipes

SUE's locations in Rotterdam

The bakery is situated on Goudsesingel 330, near the Meent, and focuses on to-go sales of guilt-free treats. Meanwhile, the lunchroom is located at Karel Doormanstraat 372, a bustling street with many visitors and tourists. Accessible by public transport and close to the central station and shopping areas, the lunchroom offers a delightful green terrace during warmer days.

Directions and map

To visit SUE bakery, head to Goudsesingel 330, Rotterdam. The area is easily accessible by car and bicycle.

For the SUE Store lunchroom with terrace, make your way to Karel Doormanstraat 372, Rotterdam. It is well-connected by public transport and within walking distance from the central station and shopping areas.

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