Michelin star restaurants in Rotterdam

Michelin star restaurants in Rotterdam

It is every restaurant owner's dream to be featured in the Michelin Guide. So naturally, if you're looking for a truly special dining experience, visiting a restaurant with a Michelin star is definitely a great place to start! We've compiled all of Rotterdam's most respected restaurants for you in one list. 

There are eight Michelin star restaurants in and around the greater Rotterdam area. One of them is actually located in Capelle aan den Ijssel, but the town is so well-connected it is often mistaken as one of the city's many suburbs. 

How the Michelin star system works: 
⭐ One star is awarded to a restaurant that is considered very good in its category. 
⭐⭐ Two stars are awarded to a restaurant that offers excellent cooking and is worth a detour.   
⭐⭐⭐ Three stars are awarded to a restaurant that offers exceptional cuisine and is worth a special journey.  



YAMA Japanese cuisine in RotterdamYAMA Japanese cuisine in Rotterdam

YAMA, a one-star Michelin restaurant tucked away in Rotterdam, is the brainchild of Hiroaki Yamamoto. The restaurant welcomes you to a personal immersion into the essence of Japan, accentuated by a minimalist Zen-themed interior. This design is purposefully chosen to draw all attention to Yamamoto's culinary masterpieces, often elegantly presented on his hand-crafted ceramics. The intimacy of the space, accommodating only eight guests around his dining counter, enables Yamamoto to personally weave his narrative into each dish, harmonizing the subtlety and finesse of Japanese tradition with innovative preparations of sushi, tempura, and binchotan-grilled meats.

The chef showcases his artistry with sushi, skillfully preparing it with delicate, perfectly warm rice grains subtly touched by a fine vinegar. Each piece is then adorned with premium ingredients such as glazed eel and yellowtail, seared to perfection right before the guests' eyes. The menu also features a delightfully crispy tempura spring roll, brimming with a luscious combination of crab meat and eggs, encased in a nori sheet. Yamamoto's dishes subtly integrate European influences, seen in his use of Dutch products like wild garlic (daslook), thereby imparting his unique touch to familiar recipes. The fusion of traditional techniques and modern culinary skills at YAMA provides a dining experience unlike any other, so be sure to make a reservation.

Website: https://www.jcyama.com/
Address: Eendrachtsweg 31A, 3012 LC Rotterdam

FG Restaurant ⭐⭐

FG Restaurant in RotterdamFG Restaurant in Rotterdam
Whether you're looking for excellent seafood or beef, in the mood to taste unique cocktails based on house-crafted gin or in the mood for a shot from the most advanced espresso machine in the world, FG Restaurant is an excellent choice.
The menu features unsalted caviar from the White Siberian sturgeon as well as Hida-gyu, which is considered the finest beef in the world. Don't feel like dressing up for dinner? Who cares! FG Restaurant welcomes all patrons, regardless of dress codes. FG is also the only restaurant in the Netherlands with its own 'flavour laboratory.'

Website: https://fgrestaurant.nl
Address: Katshoek 37b, 3032 AE Rotterdam

Parkheuvel ⭐⭐

Restaurant Parkheuvel in RotterdamRestaurant Parkheuvel in Rotterdam
Parkheuvel, located near the Euromast and on banks of the river Nieuwe Maas, has been crowned with two Michelin stars. Parkheuvel's signature dishes include Oyster, Snails, Wagyu beef, Goose liver, Bresse Chicken and Wild grey-legged partridge. Chef Erik van Loo takes pride in knowing where the ingredients come from and in handpicking suppliers who share the restaurant's philosophy regarding taste and quality.
Parkheuvel's dining room area is shaped like a half-moon, its interior is modern art-deco and the restaurant also has a nice terrace overlooking the river and passing boats. Moreover, if you're bent tasting all the wines, Parkheuvel will even drive you home in your own car! 

Website: http://www.parkheuvel.nl
Address: Heuvellaan 21, 3016 GL Rotterdam

Fred ⭐⭐

Restaurant Fred in RotterdamRestaurant Fred in Rotterdam
Fred honours the traditional French cuisine while adding its own special touch to every dish. Fred aims to present foods as they are. At Fred, you'd rarely find any pastes, powders or gel on your plate. Specialties include crustaceans, shellfish and all early vegetables. The cuisine is based on the use of acids. For example, citrus fruit, as it ensures that all the dishes are easily digestible. Fred has two Michelin stars. 
The restaurant is located in the Rotterdam Kralingen area, near the Excelsior stadium and Erasmus University.

Website: https://www.restaurantfred.nl
Address: Honingerdijk 263-265, 3063 AM Rotterdam

Amarone ⭐

Restaurant Amarone in RotterdamRestaurant Amarone in Rotterdam
An open kitchen, a fireplace and luxurious lounge chairs all add to the warm and welcoming vibe at Amarone. The food is based on the French cuisine and their main courses include Dover sole, skin-fried seabass, Anjou pigeon and saddle of venison.
Amarone is also a good choice for wine lovers. Amarone received the "Award of Excellence" for its wine menu from Wine Spectator magazine in 2008 as well as "one star" from The World’s Best Wine List in 2014. 
Amarone is located on Meent; one of the most popular streets in Rotterdam.

Website: http://www.restaurantamarone.nl
Address: Meent 72a, 3011 JN Rotterdam

FG Food Labs ⭐

FG Food Labs in RotterdamFG Food Labs in Rotterdam
FG Food Labs describes itself as an attraction within an attraction. It's located under the Rotterdam Hofbogen, a former railway tunnel. Just like FG Restaurant featured on this list, the atmosphere here is open and laid back and the recipes are perfected in an actual laboratory prior to being presented on the menu. FG Food Labs is in fact decorated in the style of a Spanish bodega, complete with high chairs and Josélito, the best ham in the world, hanging above the bar. 

Website: https://www.fgfoodlabs.nl/
Address: Katshoek 41, 3032 AE Rotterdam

Joelia ⭐

Restaurant Joelia in RotterdamRestaurant Joelia in Rotterdam
Joelia by Mario Ridder offers a dining experience fit for royalty! We know because we once spotted the Dutch king & queen having lunch here. The restaurant is located inside the Hilton Rotterdam, which is a national monument in its own right. All dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and chef Mario's signature dishes include turbot, sole, roe deer and Dutch hare. 

Website: https://joelia.eu (Dutch)
Address: Coolsingel 5, 3012 AA Rotterdam

Fitzgerald ⭐

Fitzgerald in RotterdamFitzgerald in Rotterdam
Fitzgerald offers a regularly changing menu comprised of contemporary dished inspired by international cuisine as well as an extensive wine selection numbering in the hundreds. This beautiful restaurant is located in Rotterdam's Oude Haven area (near Blaak) and is named after writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald who famously said: "too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right." That we can definitely agree with! 

Website: https://www.restaurantfitzgerald.com
Address: Gelderseplein 49, 3011WZ Rotterdam

Restaurant The Millèn ⭐

Restaurant The Millèn RotterdamRestaurant The Millèn Rotterdam
Restaurant The Millèn serves distinctive dishes with cosmpolitan flavours. The restaurant opened in 2018 and managed to claim its Michelin star within 5 months. Owner and worldclass chef Wim Severein takes great pride in only using local and seasonal ingredients in his culinary creations.
At Restaurant The Millèn, you can either dine a la carte or opt for a four, six or eight-course dinner menu featuring scallop, tuna, cod, chaps, sweetbread, venison, le bouygette and passion fruit.
The Millèn is located on the first floor of the Marriott hotel; the iconic grey tower across the street from Rotterdam Central Station. Private dining in also available for groups of up to 16 people.

Website: https://restaurantthemillen.nl/
Address: Weena 686, 3012 CN Rotterdam

Perceel ⭐

Restaurant Perceel in Capelle aan den IjsselRestaurant Perceel in Capelle aan den Ijssel
Perceel was officially opened in 2010 and it only took 16 months before they were awarded their Michelin star. The meals are prepared with seasonal products. Choose from a four, six or eight-course menu featuring fine dishes such as corvina, cod, beef tartare, farm chicken and desserts such as chocolate (70%) or carrot with tripel beer and lovage. The restaurant is located inside the old Town Hall in Capelle aan den IJssel. 

Website: http://www.restaurantperceel.nl
Address: Dorpsstraat 3, 2902 BC Capelle aan den IJssel

Zeezout ⭐

Restaurant Zeezout in RotterdamRestaurant Zeezout in Rotterdam
Seafood restaurant Zeezout - located in the Scheepvaartkwartier in Rotterdam - has been in existence since 1998. Patron Cuisinier Patrick 't Hart understands the art of handling ingredients in a very careful and honest way. At Zeezout, it's not only what's on the plate that's important, but also what happens around the plate. The focus is on consistent quality and attention to the guests. Every dish on the menu promises something special. In the 20 years that Zeezout has been operating, this approach has paid off.
Website: https://restaurantzeezout.nl/
Address: Westerkade 11, 3016 CL Rotterdam

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