Rotterdam's RiF010 surf pool set to open this summer

Rotterdam's RiF010 surf pool set to open this summer

ROTTERDAM, 7 May 2024 – The world's first urban surf pool in Rotterdam will open its waves to surfers this summer, offering a new way to experience the water. Preparations for the RiF010 surf pool are almost complete, with tests and fine-tuning already underway.

Rotterdam welcomes urban surf pool

The RiF010 surf pool is set to become a new landmark in Rotterdam, with waves rolling through the Steigersgracht. The project, which began construction in late 2022, has made significant progress with the concrete basin now filled and the wave machine connected. By the beginning of July, surfers will enjoy the first urban surf pool globally, featuring two designated spots: 'the Bay' for beginners and 'the Reef' for more experienced surfers. Surfing sessions will be available with varying wave heights to cater for all skill levels.

Testing phase underway

Testing of the wave installation began after Ascension Day, and final adjustments are being made to ensure the waves match their computer simulations. SurfLoch's Erik van Ettinger, who designed the reef where the waves will break, expressed optimism that the system will work as intended. Sensors strategically placed within the basin measure wave height and performance, allowing the team to refine the system.

Sustainable and social initiatives

Sustainability is a key focus for the RiF010 surf pool. The facility operates on renewable electricity, and water is filtered using energy-efficient micro-sieves. The beach house, constructed on the Vlasmarkt, houses a surf shop and a surf bar/restaurant that overlooks the waves, providing a relaxed environment for surfers and spectators alike. The RiF010 Foundation aims to introduce Rotterdam schoolchildren to surfing and water sports via school activities, while also making the sport accessible to all ages.

Official opening in July

The RiF010 surf pool will officially open on 6 July 2024, marked by an international surfing competition, the Rotterdam Surf Open. Surf enthusiasts and visitors can look forward to seeing the best Dutch and international surfers in action.

Location and directions

RiF010 surf pool is situated at Vlasmarkt 1, adjacent to the Markthal and easily accessible by public transport or car. The surrounding area, known for its vibrant market, architecture, and lively atmosphere, provides an ideal backdrop for the new facility.

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