Recapping Rotterdam Popweek 2023

Recapping Rotterdam Popweek 2023

ROTTERDAM, 13 November 2023 – The Rotterdamse Popweek, held from 3 to 12 November, once again illuminated the city's vibrant music scene, featuring a diverse array of performances and events across various venues.

Overview of the Rotterdamse Popweek

The 11th edition of the Rotterdamse Popweek (Rotterdam Pop Week) showcased an array of musical events, spanning from live performances to knowledge sessions and music documentaries. Over ten days, the festival saw approximately 840 acts performing across 255 events in 115 locations. An estimated 67,000 visitors attended various performances, reflecting the event's broad appeal and success in engaging the local community.

Recapping Rotterdam Popweek 2023Recapping Rotterdam Popweek 2023

Musical highlights and diverse genres

Originating in 2013 by the Popunie, the Rotterdamse Popweek has been a testament to the city's flourishing pop scene. This year's edition featured a mix of established and emerging talents, covering a wide range of genres and niches. Key highlights included Popronde, BIRDfest, Dutch Doom Days, Historische Herrie, D’Ω, 30 years of Rotterdam Terror Corps x Laurenskerk, Korsakov Weekender, Samodiva II: Wishing Well, Planet Füzz, and Pure Love x Dutch R&B Vibes.

Recapping Rotterdam Popweek 2023Recapping Rotterdam Popweek 2023

Notable performances included Wolfheart at Baroeg, Bohren & Der Club of Gore at Arminius, Contour at Rotown, and Leela Rosa at Café Dox. The sold-out concerts, such as Macy Gray at Annabel and Dawn Brothers at Rotown, demonstrated the festival's wide-ranging appeal and the city's robust music scene.

Programme and community involvement

A significant portion of the events were organized by local musicians and enthusiasts, showcasing the strong do-it-yourself ethos prevalent in Rotterdam. The Popunie also organized several specials, including the opening night with the Rotterdamse Popquiz at Baroeg and various knowledge sessions at MONO.

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