Hofbogenpark: Rotterdam's newest green landmark

Hofbogenpark: Rotterdam's newest green landmark

ROTTERDAM, 10 November 2023 – The final design of the Hofbogenpark, an innovative urban green space set to be the Netherlands' longest rooftop park, has been confirmed, marking a significant step towards its realization in Rotterdam.

Final design of Hofbogenpark confirmed

The Hofbogenpark, poised to become the longest rooftop park in the Netherlands, is nearing its construction phase. The final design for this unique, 2-kilometer long urban green space, located atop the historic Hofbogen, has been approved by the municipal council, and the tendering process is set to begin. The project, slated to commence in 2025, will transform the path of the Netherlands' first electric train into a tranquil walking area from Gordelweg in the north to Luchtpark in the city centre.

Hofbogenpark: Rotterdam's newest green landmarkHofbogenpark: Rotterdam's newest green landmark

Historical significance and transformation

The Hofplein line, a railway connecting Rotterdam and The Hague-Scheveningen, operated for nearly a century, with trains traversing the city via the Hofbogen. This viaduct has not only served as a railway but also played a vital social role through its hosting of shops and businesses.

Emphasizing inclusivity, the Hofbogenpark aims to welcome both residents and visitors, alongside fostering biodiversity. The design focuses on plant diversity and creating habitats for various species, including bees, butterflies, toads, bats, birds, and hedgehogs. Special access points will be installed for smaller animals.

Hofbogenpark: Rotterdam's newest green landmarkHofbogenpark: Rotterdam's newest green landmark

Evolving landscapes and sustainable features

The park's design mirrors the evolving scenery of a train journey, offering diverse experiences along its length. From the lively urban vibe near Station Hofplein to the tranquility towards Noorderkanaal, activity spots or 'platforms' along the walkway will offer different experiences, such as a children's play area at Ammersooiseplein and a contemplative water platform at Bergselaan.

The park will feature a circular water system for rainwater collection and purification, aiding the city's resilience against heavy rainfall and droughts. This system will eliminate the need for tap water for irrigation and water play areas.

Traversing four densely populated city districts in northern Rotterdam, the Hofbogenpark promises a serene green retreat amidst the urban landscape. Future plans include gradually greening the surrounding streets and potentially constructing a bridge over the A20 to ecologically connect the park with Schiebroek.

Hofbogenpark: Rotterdam's newest green landmarkHofbogenpark: Rotterdam's newest green landmark


Directions to Hofbogenpark

When completed, Hofbogenpark will be located in the heart of Rotterdam. The area surrounding the park features a mix of historic and modern urban elements, offering a unique walking experience.

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