Monuta reveals 2024 burial costs in South Holland

Burial costs highest in South Holland in 2024

ROTTERDAM, 19 June 2024 – Recent research reveals that South Holland remains the most expensive province for burial costs in the Netherlands. The findings show significant variations in burial and cremation expenses across the country.

South Holland leads in burial costs in 2024

Research by Monuta highlights that two-thirds of the Dutch population now opts for cremation, driven by diverse reasons. However, there is a general lack of awareness among the Dutch regarding the financial implications of choosing burial or cremation, especially concerning location. In South Holland, the average cost for a single private grave on a cemetery is €4,665, an increase from €4,502 in 2023, making it the most expensive province in the Netherlands. For a cremation with the use of a ceremony hall, the average cost in the province is €1,626, up from €1,542 in 2023. These prices vary significantly by municipality and location, with national averages standing at €3,708 for a grave and €1,646 for a cremation.

Importance of discussing costs

Monuta stresses the importance of having open conversations about farewell arrangements and associated costs while still alive. CEO Quinten Fraai emphasises, "Losing a loved one is intense. Being able to personalise the farewell is crucial for the grieving process, and it is helpful if the financial aspects are prearranged. Many people are unaware of the costs involved and the considerable differences per municipality and location. This annual survey aims to make these costs transparent, enabling discussions with loved ones. This way, you can be better prepared for the expenses and the financing of your farewell."

Local pricing variations

The costs for burial and cremation are determined by individual municipalities, cemeteries, and crematoria. They also set the duration of grave rights, burial costs, maintenance fees, and annual price indexation. The included services vary by location, making comparison challenging for consumers. Fraai advises, "It's important to understand the different services offered while still alive. Our local Monuta funeral directors can assist in shaping a farewell, but it’s more convenient to explore these options while you are still active in life. We are happy to help with this now."

Complexity of pricing and local differences

The first decision is whether to choose burial or cremation, with costs differing by location. On average, South and North Holland are the most expensive for graves, costing €4,665 and €4,634 respectively. Cremation, however, is less costly in these provinces compared to other parts of the country. Overijssel tops the list for cremation costs, averaging €1,880. The municipal cemetery at Bookholtlaan in Losser, Twente, remains the cheapest in the country, with a 20-year grave costing €861.

This year, three new municipalities have entered the top ten most expensive for graves: Rijssen-Holten, Haarlemmermeer, and Zwartewaterland. The national average for a municipal private grave is €3,708, up from €3,519 in 2023. The municipal cemetery Esserveld in Groningen is the most expensive, with a 30-year grave costing €8,895.

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