Maastunnel exhibit showcases Rotterdam women

Maastunnel exhibit showcases Rotterdam women

ROTTERDAM, 3 November 2023 – A unique photography exhibition showcasing Rotterdam's women starts 10 November in the Maastunnel.

Unique photo exhibition in Maastunnel spotlights Rotterdam's women

In a collaboration between Stichting Wijkcollectie and Museum Rotterdam, a unique photo exhibition will be displayed along the escalators to the historic bicycle and pedestrian tunnel under the Maas in Rotterdam, starting 10 November. Photographer Marie Cecile Thijs, in association with these organisations, will showcase nine women recognised as Echt Rotterdams Erfgoed (Real Rotterdam Heritage), each paired with an item from Museum Rotterdam's historical collection. The photos will be exhibited on both sides of the Maastunnel escalators in the coming months, with the opening ceremony led by city poet Elfie Tromp.

The city's story through its women

The exhibition celebrates the numerous women who contribute daily to Rotterdam's fabric, thereby writing the city's history. Among the hundred others, these nine women, captured by Rotterdam's own Marie Cecile Thijs, represent a bridge between past and future. On one side of the escalators, they are photographed with historical artefacts from Museum Rotterdam, while on the opposite side, their initiatives for inclusion in Echt Rotterdams Erfgoed are displayed.

A call to women

Nicole van Dijk, director and co-founder of Stichting Wijkcollectie, emphasised the historical underrepresentation of women in public discourse and cultural collections. She views this exhibition as a call to women to assert themselves and pave the way for future generations, contributing to the city's history.

Joyce's story

Featured in the exhibition is Joyce de Lima from Echt Rotterdams Erfgoed. She runs Speeltuinvereniging Jeugdveld in Zuidwijk, a welcoming playground especially for families with limited resources. Despite Zuidwijk's challenges like poverty and loneliness, Joyce's initiatives, from organising trips for the elderly to providing bread to those in need, paint a picture of community spirit and support.

Directions to the exhibition

The photo exhibition is located in the Maastunnel, accessible via the bicycle and pedestrian tunnel. The Maastunnel area is easily reachable by public transport and has ample parking facilities for those driving. It's an iconic location, combining historical and modern elements of Rotterdam's urban landscape.


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