NN Kunstfestival: A cultural journey for well-being in Rotterdam

NN Kunstfestival: A cultural journey for well-being in Rotterdam

A focus on the transformative power of art is coming to Rotterdam museums from 28 September to 8 October. The NN Kunstfestival (NN Art Festival) aims to explore the connection between art and mental well-being, featuring special exhibitions and programmes across the city.

The impact of art on mental health

Studies from around the world have indicated that engagement with art can have a positive effect on mental health. According to these studies, a visit to a museum can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The benefits can be observed as quickly as 35 minutes into a museum visit. Nationale-Nederlanden has organised the NN Kunstfestival to further investigate this link between art and mental well-being, especially in light of recent data showing an increase in mental health-related absenteeism in the Netherlands.

Accessibility and inclusivity in art appreciation

The festival aims to make art accessible to all by offering discounted museum tickets and a diverse range of programmes. Museums across the Netherlands, including those in Rotterdam, are participating in the NN Kunstfestival. 

Featured exhibitions in Rotterdam

Kunsthal Rotterdam | Ai Weiwei - In search of humanity

Kunsthal Rotterdam will host an extensive exhibition on Ai Weiwei, the renowned Chinese artist and human rights activist. The exhibition will delve into Ai Weiwei's life, his early years in exile with his father, and his 2011 imprisonment. The artworks reflect his ongoing quest for humanity. The exhibition will be open for preview on Saturday, 30 September.

 Kunsthal Rotterdam | Ai Weiwei - In search of humanity Kunsthal Rotterdam | Ai Weiwei - In search of humanity

Nederlands Fotomuseum | Ad van Denderen & Kunst(k)uurtje

Starting 30 September, the Nederlands Fotomuseum will feature an exhibition on Ad van Denderen, showcasing his evolution as a documentary photographer from the 1960s to the present. Visitors can also join the Kunst(k)uurtje (Art Hour) with Ageeth de Waal, a medical faculty teacher at VU University, to explore the health benefits of engaging with art. The programme welcomes everyone, regardless of their level of experience or knowledge in art.

Nederlands Fotomuseum | Ad van Denderen & Kunst(k)uurtjeNederlands Fotomuseum | Ad van Denderen & Kunst(k)uurtje

How to get there

Directions to Kunsthal Rotterdam and Nederlands Fotomuseum

Both museums are conveniently located in the Museum Park area, easily accessible by public transport or by car. The area is known for its cultural vibrancy and beautiful park settings.


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