Femke Kock art exhibition at the Euromast

Femke Kock art exhibition at the Euromast

A unique exhibition by artist Femke Kock takes art to new heights at the Euromast, celebrating Rotterdam's cultural diversity.

Unique exhibition by Femke Kock at the Euromast

A tribute to Rotterdam's rich cultural diversity, an exhibition featuring ten original works by artist Femke Kock, will be showcased at the Euromast from 31 January through 16 April 2024. High-quality reproductions of these works will be displayed on the outdoor viewing platform, allowing the visitors to enjoy them against the backdrop of the city skyline. The originals will be hung in the Euromast's restaurant during the exhibition period.

Femke Kock's exhibition reflects her vision of the city through three themes: 'Resilience and Renewal of Rotterdam', 'Cultural Diversity', and 'City Icons and Personalities'. These themes offer a journey through the city's past and present, highlighting its post-World War II reconstruction, the impressive skyline, and local heroes like Jules Deelder. Kock's vibrant style, inspired by pop art, street art, and graffiti, resonates with Rotterdam's dynamic character and the Euromast itself.

Opening event

The exhibition will officially open on Wednesday, 31 January, from 15:00 – 16:00, just before the Rotterdam Art Week, showcasing the ten paintings in the Euromast restaurant. Following the opening, a section of the restaurant will be opened to the public to view the original works, with Femke Kock available until 20:30 to engage with art enthusiasts. The photographed works, presented on large aluminium plates, will be on display from 31 January at the outdoor viewing platform, offering a unique perspective of the city.

Cultural highlights

Visitors can combine their exhibition experience with a ride in the Euroscoop, Europe's highest panoramic lift, where stories about the city complement the visual journey of the exhibition. This event marks a cultural highlight and tribute to colourful Rotterdam.

About the Euromast

An internationally renowned icon since 1960, the Euromast stands as one of Rotterdam's tallest buildings, offering a unique 360-degree perspective of the city. From its Brasserie to the concept store and the recently upgraded Euroscoop with a unique glass floor, the Euromast provides a comprehensive day out. Adventurous visitors can abseil 100 meters down from the viewing platform balustrade between May and September, with exclusive abseils available upon request all year round. Since 2020, the Euromast has been part of Magnicity, a global leader in urban tourism at great heights, spotlighting iconic towers worldwide and offering visitors a unique city experience.

Directions to the Euromast

For those planning to visit the exhibition, the Euromast is located in the heart of Rotterdam, easily accessible by public transportation or car. Nestled in the Parkhaven area, it's a landmark that's hard to miss.


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