Explore 'May we keep in touch' by Sonja Mercedes at the Groot Handelsgebouw, Rotterdam. A unique exhibition inviting visitors to rediscover physical touch.

'May we keep in touch': A unique art experience

A journey back to tangible connections unfolds at the Groot Handelsgebouw with Sonja Mercedes' exhibition 'May we keep in touch'.

Exhibition invites rediscovery of physical touch

On 11 January, the Groot Handelsgebouw in Rotterdam unveiled 'May we keep in touch', an exhibition by Sonja Mercedes that explores intimacy and human connections. This distinctive showcase, curated by the talented photographer, encourages visitors to re-evaluate the significance of physical touch in an era dominated by digital interactions. The exhibition is accessible until April 2024.

Art sparking conversations

Mercedes' passion for capturing her surroundings led her to photography. Her work, initially a quest for tangible memories, has become central to her art, focusing on the extraordinary beauty hidden in the mundane. Mercedes aims to initiate discussions, urging her audience to pause and appreciate life's details.

Sonja Mercedes' new exhibit opens in RotterdamSonja Mercedes' new exhibit opens in Rotterdam

Emphasis on touch

'May we keep in touch' features a collection of works from various projects that convey different aspects of physical contact, presented as Mercedes' most personal collection to date. Exhibited on translucent fabrics, the installation invites attendees to interact with the pieces, thereby becoming part of the experience and exploring the concept of touch themselves. Mercedes seeks to highlight moments of connection and offer a break from the daily routine.

Experience the exhibition

Following a successful launch filled with emotions, laughter, and meaningful conversations, the public is warmly invited to experience this unique exhibition at the Groot Handelsgebouw, available until April 2024.

Explore human connections at Groot HandelsgebouwExplore human connections at Groot Handelsgebouw

About Groot Handelsgebouw

The Groot Handelsgebouw (GHG), positioned at the heart of Rotterdam's city centre and adjacent to the Central Station, houses a vibrant community of over 450 businesses. Built in 1953, the GHG symbolizes Rotterdam's post-war reconstruction and stands as one of the Netherlands' largest commercial buildings. Managed by Jamestown, the building is at the forefront of various projects aimed at revitalizing the property while preserving its heritage and fostering collaboration, innovation, and community engagement

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