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World Port Days Rotterdam 📷 Anne Reitsma FotografieWorld Port Days Rotterdam 📷 Anne Reitsma Fotografie
World Port Days (Wereldhavendagen) in Rotterdam is the largest annual maritime event in the Netherlands. It features numerous activities on the quay, demonstrations on the water and excursions that go deeper into the harbour. In addition, there is an extensive cultural program in the city. World Port Days is known to draw upwards of 380,000 visitors.

World Port Days Rotterdam 2022

The 45th edition of the World Port Days will take place in Rotterdam on 2, 3 and 4 September 2022. The team of the Netherlands' largest annual maritime event is organizing a jubilee edition with countless activities for young and old on the quays, ship demonstrations and excursions on land and water.
The World Port Days 2022 will celebrate this anniversary in triplicate: not only is it the 45th edition of the event itself, but the Port of Rotterdam Authority is also celebrating its 90th anniversary and the Nieuwe Waterweg is celebrating its 150th anniversary. That is why 2022 marks a year to remember. After the World Port Days Foundation was forced to opt for online or stripped-down versions due to corona limitations the past two years, this year the event is aiming for an edition that will feel like old times for the hundreds of thousands of expected visitors.
"At the same time, we are taking the development we have undergone in recent years with us into the future," says Sabine Bruijnincx, Director of Stichting Wereldhavendagen. "For example, we are retaining part of the online programme developed during COVID and this year we are organizing even more activities for young people. We are also rapidly increasing our sustainability: the Wereldhavendagen is one of eleven event organizers who have signed the Sustainable DealSustainable Deal with the municipality of Rotterdam and Rotterdam Festivals."
World Port Days Rotterdam 📷 Anne Reitsma FotografieWorld Port Days Rotterdam 📷 Anne Reitsma Fotografie

Challenges and solutions of the future

During the World Port Days, young and old can discover why the port of Rotterdam is such a special place. Every day, countless professionals use smart technology to manage the import and export of hundreds of tonnes of goods, containers and ships in a clean, efficient and safe manner. Innovative start-ups and multinationals work here on the sustainable solutions of the future. It is a dynamic, diverse and inclusive place, where there are career opportunities for everyone. Special flora and fauna, protected nature areas and walking and cycling routes also make the port a liveable neighbour for Rotterdam and a green attraction for lovers of nature and recreation on and around the water.
At the same time, the world around us is changing. Brexit and the COVID-19 crisis showed that the global trade in raw materials and goods is vulnerable. Currently, the world is experiencing the consequences of the war in Ukraine. These are major challenges for the port of Rotterdam, which is already in transition. For example, the port wants to emit 55% less CO2 by 2030 and be completely emission-free by 2050. In the years to come, thousands of new people will be needed to fill the vacancies associated with the energy transition and digitalization of the port.
During the kick-off, Sabine Bruijnincx reflected: "Wereldhavendagen 2022 is not just an anniversary edition. It is a time to take stock. What have we achieved, how are we doing, and where do we need to go? During the weekend of 2, 3 and 4 September, visitors will be able to get to know all those companies, people and solutions which make the port of Rotterdam a safe, smart, sustainable and liveable place, where there is a career for everyone and where people work hard to build the future."
World Port Days Rotterdam 📷 Anne Reitsma FotografieWorld Port Days Rotterdam 📷 Anne Reitsma Fotografie


During World Port Days 2022, visitors can enjoy numerous activities all weekend long on the quays around the Erasmus Bridge, enjoy spectacular shows on the water or join excursions over land and water into the port area. On Friday 2 September, there is traditionally an additional programme aimed at schools and young people. For those who prefer to experience the port of Rotterdam at home, there is an online programme.
The full programme for World Port Days 2022 will be announced in early July. Ticket sales for excursions will start in mid-August. Tickets for the P&O excursion can already be ordered from today's World Port Days website.
World Port Days Rotterdam by Anne Reitsma Fotografie 004World Port Days Rotterdam by Anne Reitsma Fotografie 004

Location: Erasmus Bridge Rotterdam area

World Port Days Rotterdam 📷 Anne Reitsma FotografieWorld Port Days Rotterdam 📷 Anne Reitsma Fotografie


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