Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam (WFFR) - location, dates

Wildlife Film Festival RotterdamWildlife Film Festival Rotterdam
The Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam is the largest nature festival in the Netherlands. For five days, the festival aims to screen the best and most impressive wildlife and nature films from home and abroad.
WFFR is a five-day film festival that is entirely dedicated to wildlife and nature and It takes place annually in the last week of October in Rotterdam. The festival is organized by the Stichting Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam. In 2020 the festival has been made corona-proof through a combination of screening films in the cinema as well as online.

WFFR 2020

In 2020, WFFR celebrates its 6th edition with international premieres as well as an extensive program with lectures and activities. This year WFFR will be presenting 54 beautiful wildlife films from the Netherlands and abroad, including 39 premieres and 8 world premieres, for six days - from 27 October to 1 November.

Central theme 2020: Climate change

We face an enormous challenge as a human race. How do we create a future in which both mankind and nature can thrive? In the words of Sir David Attenborough: 'We know what to do, we just need the will. Saving our planet is now a communications challenge.' Raising awareness and inspiring change are essential for our future. That is why this year the WFFR has chosen Climate Change as the central theme of the festival. Though this is a serious theme, they are also highlighting the hopeful side of things.

Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam (WFFR)

The Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam (WFFR) is the only film festival for nature documentaries in the Netherlands. The festival shows the most recent films from home and abroad. Since its first edition in 2015, WFFR has been taking place in the Rotterdam film theatre Cinerama, which will continue to be the vibrant heart of the festival.

The programme consists of beautiful documentaries showing the beauty of nature, as well as films showing the relationship between man and nature. During WFFR, visitors can talk to the many filmmakers present and there will be special lectures and interesting activities about nature conservation and nature films.

Opening film: On Thin Ice

In line with the central theme, the festival opens with the impressive film On Thin Ice by directors Henry M. Mix and Boas Schwarz. This current German production portrays the consequences of climate change in the Russian Arctic. Due to global warming, the permafrost, age-old frozen soil in which plant and animal remains are stored, is thawing here.
By thawing the soil, dangerous gases such as methane, with a greenhouse effect 80 times stronger than CO2, escape from the earth. Sinkholes (large holes in the ground) are also formed and with the thawing of the ground, ancient, dangerous viruses are released, with terrible consequences.
On Thin Ice portrays the life of Arctic reindeer herders, who are under enormous pressure from the thawing permafrost. The film shows that climate change requires acute action. Climate change is not something of the future, it's happening now and it's happening fast.
Find out more about the 2020 festival programme on the official Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam website.

Event details

Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam 2020

Cinerama Rotterdam
Westblaak 18, 3012KL, Rotterdam

Date(s) & Time(s):
27 October - 1 November 2020

Various local and international filmmakers

(Our guess, based on previous years)
Passe-partout (early bird): €60
Passe-partout (regular): n/a
Regular: €8,50* (per film)
Students: €6,50* (per film)

Event type:
Film Festival

Location: Cinerama Rotterdam

A great alternative to Pathé, Cinerama is a cosy movie theatre located on Westblaak. They usually offer a great mix of blockbusters and independent cinema.


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