Magical forest light show De Grote Schijn in Rotterdam

Magical forest light show De Grote Schijn in Rotterdam

The mesmerising display of nature and technology, De Grote Schijn, is returning to Rotterdam's Kralingse Bos for the autumn break. A sublime fusion of nature, music, and technology, the 2 km evening walk offers an immersive experience to its visitors.

The event is scheduled from 12 to 29 October 2023 with tickets available for purchase starting Friday, 23 June at 10:00.

Audiovisual spectacle

De Grote Schijn (The Great Shine) is a special evening walk for young and old. Nature plays the leading role in a special audiovisual spectacle and the forest and park are used as a natural backdrop, where visitors experience a light show that creates amazement. Supposedly, it is as if the forest has been put under a magic spell; trees seem to come alive, mushrooms have been plucked from a fairy tale and are given a luminous glow while a new surprise awaits behind every bush.
A unique audiovisual spectacle brings an innovative story without words, with innovative gadgets and luminous emotions. Through light, sound and scents, eyes, ears and noses go on an adventure. There are no fairy creatures or evil wizards who spread their magic and bring the forest to life, everything comes from a strong piece of technology.
De Grote Schijn 📷 Andreas TerlaakDe Grote Schijn 📷 Andreas Terlaak

Belgian songstress Isolde Lasoen as the soundtrack

The soundtrack for this year's event is provided by renowned Flemish singer and composer Isolde Lasoen, adding a melodic touch to the scenic experience.

A director's perspective

Director Christophe Van Hostauijen shares his vision for this year's event, “Each year, we aim to offer visitors a completely new experience, an engrossing walk filled with intense moments. We have given extra attention to the soundscape this year to provide a cinematic experience. All technology is subtly hidden, allowing visitors to fully indulge...”

Information about De Grote Schiijn

De Grote Schijn will be open every evening after sunset until 23:00. To ensure a pleasant walking experience and to avoid queues at the entrance, time slots have been implemented.

There are also special 'Schemertickets' (twilight tickets) for families with young children, offering extra early time slots during the twilight hour.

Tickets go on sale starting Friday, 23 June at 10:00.

Adult tickets are priced at €19.75, children under 12 and adults over 65 can attend for €14.75. Admission is free for children up to 3 years. Family tickets are also available.

For more information, please visit the official website at
De Grote Schijn 📷 Andreas TerlaakDe Grote Schijn 📷 Andreas Terlaak

Directions to the event

Kralingse Bos is a well-known and easily accessible location in Rotterdam. Public transport and ample parking are available, making the event easily reachable for everyone. The area is picturesque, known for its tranquil surroundings and greenery.

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