Roffa Mon Amour explores sci-fi and art: Gattaca at Wereldmuseum

Roffa Mon Amour explores sci-fi and art: Gattaca at Wereldmuseum

Discover the connection between art and science fiction at the Roffa Mon Amour + Wereldmuseum Film Event, where artist Antonin Mongin discusses Gattaca and its influence on the Hair Power exhibition.

Gattaca and Hair Power: An unexpected connection

For the second Roffa Mon Amour + Wereldmuseum Film Event on Wednesday, May 17th, artist Antonin Mongin, one of the exhibitors from the Hair Power (HA!R POWER) exhibition, comes to Rotterdam to present Gattaca (1997), a sci-fi film that conceptually inspired his artworks. The connection lies in genetics, as our hair contains all our genetic information, which plays a crucial role in the world of Gattaca.

About the film

Gattaca explores a world where natural-born humans serve as subordinate labourers to genetically engineered citizens with perfect DNA. Vincent (Ethan Hawke), born the natural way, has low life expectations and is registered as an 'Invalid.' However, he refuses to give up on his dreams and starts an illegal identity swap with Jerom (Jude Law), a man with perfect DNA but in a wheelchair. The film raises questions about human manufacturing, which remain relevant today.

Event details and tickets

The Gattaca screening takes place on Wednesday, May 17th, at the Wereldmuseum Rotterdam. Doors open at 20:00, and the film starts at 21:00. Tickets are available for €11.00 at

Getting to the Wereldmuseum

The Wereldmuseum is located in the heart of Rotterdam. The area is easily accessible by public transport, with tram and metro stops nearby.

Roffa Mon Amour: a celebration of cinema

Founded in 2012, Roffa Mon Amour is an annual film festival in Rotterdam, held in August, that showcases cinematic talent from around the world. In addition to the festival, Roffa Mon Amour presents various film events and collaborations throughout the year, opening up an inspiring and unpredictable world of cinema to a curious audience.    

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