DESTRUCTION art photography exhibition launches in Rotterdam

DESTRUCTION art photography exhibition launches in Rotterdam

US-based CuratorLove and Dutch-Israeli art platform RAW Streetphoto Gallery join forces to launch DESTRUCTION; a worldwide curatorial exhibition that touches down in seven countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

A ‘global circle’ with an annual theme

Starting 2019, this brand new collaboration will bring together different artists from around the world for a travelling curatorial exhibition. For DESTRUCTION, the title of the inaugural exhibition, the selected world-class artists are: Sans Serif (Israel), Zakaria Ait Wakrim (Morocco), Edgar Kim (USA / South Korea ) and Héctor Jiménez Castillo (Mexico).


The inspiration for DESTRUCTION comes from the most important law of physics: the law of energy conservation. It says that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed from one shape or form to another. Similarly, human society is developing according to this law. A fact that is visible all around us.

In accordance with this law, in 2019, the aim of the exhibition is to reflect on past destruction, explore the present and perhaps catch a glimpse of what the future may hold, all through the eyes of critically acclaimed visual artists from around the world.

Featured Art Photography by Sans SerifFeatured Art Photography by Sans Serif

7 countries in 10 months

The DESTRUCTION exhibition kicks off in Rotterdam (Netherlands) on March 2nd. After the European leg, it moves on to the Middle East as it finds a home in Tel Aviv (Israel) on May 16th. In July, the exhibition crosses the Atlantic and lands in Los Angeles (USA), before crossing the border into Mexico City in September. The month of November sees the global exhibition set up shop in Hong Kong (China). Lastly, DESTRUCTION will make its final stop in December when the exhibition makes its way to London (UK).

Event details


RAW Streetphoto Gallery
Coolsestraat 75, 3014 LH Rotterdam, Netherlands

Date(s) & Time(s):
2 March 2019 | 16:00 - 20:00

Sans Serif (Israel #sansserifit ), Zakaria Ait Wakrim (Morocco), Edgar Kim (USA / South Korea), Héctor Jiménez Castillo (Mexico)


Event type:
Art Exhibit

You can find more information via the official DESTRUCTION Facebook event

Featured Art Photography by Edgar KimFeatured Art Photography by Edgar Kim

Location: RAW Streetphoto Gallery


About CuratorLove and Raw Streetphoto Gallery

CuratorLove was founded by Erika Hirugami. As a Getty Foundation Scholar and a Kress Foundation Fellow she has formed a part of various curatorial teams at museums and galleries across the United States and Mexico. Alexey Shifman is the artistic director of RAW Streetphoto Gallery (Rotterdam) and Gloss Gallery (Tel Aviv). He has created international creative teams to support careers of emerging artists around the world.

DESTRUCTION Global Circle photography exhibition RotterdamDESTRUCTION Global Circle photography exhibition Rotterdam

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