Temporary 'aquatecture' NOA underscores rising sea levels

Temporary 'aquatecture' NOA underscores rising sea levels

Rotterdam is metres below sea level, are we going to keep it dry? That's the reasoning behind Aquatecture NOA Pavilion, a temporary structure located in Semiramistuin, Oosterflank. The initiative by Theatre group Powerboat aims to raise awareness for the threat of rising sea levels to Rotterdam.
From 23 September to 23 October, the issue of rising sea levels and how it affects the city of Rotterdam is central to the impressive 9-metre-high pop-up building NOA. NOA is located in the Semiramistuin in Oosterflank (Prince Alexander), at a location 6 metres below sea level. Visitors are invited to walk around the pavilion, admire the 6-metre-high waterfall and attend the various programmes.
NOA stands for "Nomadic Overnight Aquatecture" and was designed by Bas Kortmann of Studio Kortmann. The pavilion consists of a steel scaffolding construction, with a skin of white mesh. The walls catch moisture from the air which is collected in a water basin. Together, the white gauze cloths form a 'pixel-cloud' or a large floating cloud. The big eye-catcher is the 6-metre-high waterfall that makes visitors realize how high the sea level at that spot actually is.

A broad programme

NOA is more than just a striking architectural pavilion. Workshops, lectures and a theatre performance of its own, "The Fairytale of Prince Alexander", take place there. All the lectures and workshops have the theme of water, but are all different. "The fairy tale of Prince Alexander" was created with the help of the local residents of the Oosterflank district. They shared their inspiring stories with the theatre group, which were then incorporated into the performance. By actively involving the local residents in NOA, Powerboat wants to strengthen social cohesion and increase the quality of life.

Corona proof

The pavilion consists of a walkway that leads from the ground floor via stairs to a height of 6 metres, with one walking direction, in connection with Corona measures. The public walks around the waterfall and can therefore view the waterfall from multiple perspectives. During the programming there is a seat for everyone at a safe distance from others. Of course the measures announced by Dutch medical authorities RIVM are taken into account and visitors with (mild) complaints are expected to stay at home.

How and when to visit NOA Pavilion Rotterdam

NOA Pavilion is located at the Semiramistuin in Rotterdam. You can visit from 23 September to 23 October 2020 between 11:00 - 17:00. Theatre performances start at 17:00.
A visit to the pavilion is free of charge and reservation is not required. For some programmes, such as the theatre performance, visitors must buy a ticket in advance (€16). Local residents can pick up a voucher for a free ticket at various locations. For info, see the NOA Pavilion website.

Location: Semiramistuin Rotterdam


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