Post Rotterdam: new 150-meter skyscraper announced

Centraal Postkantoor RotterdamCentraal Postkantoor Rotterdam
Plans have been announced for a brand new 150-meter skyscraper in Rotterdam's city centre. The tower will incorporate the post office building, a national monument built between 1915-1922,  as part of its façade.
Post Rotterdam is a new 60,000m2 building project which will incorporate a high-end residential complex with 300 apartments, a unique 5-star hotel (16,000m2) with 230 rooms, and various retail outlets (8,000m2).
The architecture firm in charge of designing the project is ODA.ODA. An American firm that has built a solid reputation with its projects in New York. One of the most exciting features of the project is that the building will be accessible from all four sides. Architect Eran Chen recently travelled to Rotterdam to present the design.


Centraal Postkantoor, the historic former post office, is located on the Coolsingel, in the heart of the city. Sadly, the iconic building, which boasts an absolutely stunning interior design, has been vacant for ten years. According to developer Omnam Investment Group, "once the renovation is complete, the building will be returned to its former grandeur, so the public can once again enjoy all the elegance of this historic monument."
Centraal Postkantoor Rotterdam Interior 01Centraal Postkantoor Rotterdam Interior 01

There goes the view

The project has its critics though. Residents of the nearby Timmerhuis (designed by Rem Koolhaas) aren't happy that they are going to be staring at a building from now on while tenant Museum Rotterdam is worried about accessibility.  
Standing tall at 150 meters, it's going to rival the tallest buildings in the Netherlands. Construction is slated to start in 2019. 
We're looking forward to it!


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