Alexanderknoop: transforming Rotterdam's East into a lively hub

Alexanderknoop: transforming Rotterdam's East into a lively hub

ROTTERDAM, 6 April 2023 – The future of Rotterdam's Alexanderknoop (Alexander Hub) is set to become the greenest, healthiest, and one of the best-connected centres in the Netherlands. The plan combines the best of urban life and peaceful green suburbs, with proposals to transform the area into a vibrant city centre featuring varied housing, energy-efficient and sustainable offices, more green spaces and water features, an attractive cultural programme, and ample community facilities.

A vibrant city centre for Rotterdam East

The city council has established an area vision for the Alexanderknoop, which aims to create a lively urban centre. Councillor Zeegers (Climate, Building, and Housing) said, “The area is currently grey and inaccessible, but that will change dramatically. There will be ample space for living, working, shopping, and recreation in a green and climate-resilient environment.”

The Alexanderknoop could accommodate 7,500 to 14,000 additional homes for various target groups, catering to starters, young couples with and without children, singles, and seniors.

A mix of housing, shops, businesses, and amenities

The Alexanderknoop will offer something for everyone, with housing, businesses, shops, cultural attractions, and various amenities within walking distance. The Stadshart, around the Rotterdam Alexander public transport hub, will become the beating heart of Rotterdam East.

More space for greenery and water

The Alexanderknoop, one of the lowest inhabited points in the Netherlands, will have at least a quarter of its area dedicated to unsealed surfaces for climate resilience. Councillor Zeegers explained, “Our ambition is to reuse water as much as possible and prevent waterlogging during heavy rainfall by implementing green roofs, green inner courtyards, water storage in buildings, rain and facade gardens, and permeable pavement.”

The Alexanderknoop will also feature diverse, climate-resilient, and recreational green spaces, promoting biodiversity through the planting of native shrubs and plants.

Better accessibility for cyclists and pedestrians

The Alexanderknoop's accessibility will improve for pedestrians and cyclists, with new bike racks, bike paths, and better road crossings. The area will remain well-connected by car, with future parking concentrated in strategic and central locations.

Collaborating with stakeholders

The city has worked with market parties, cultural and social organisations, and residents to create a widely-supported plan for the Alexanderknoop. Local knowledge, ideas, and advice have been incorporated into the area vision, which will be developed further in consultation with all involved parties.

Directions and location

The Alexanderknoop is situated around the Rotterdam Alexander public transport hub. This area is easily accessible by public transport, car, cycling, and on foot.

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