First Royal Championships Queen & King of the Court kicks off in Rotterdam. Credit: Sportworx/Pim Waslander

First Royal Championships Queen & King of the Court kicks off in Rotterdam

Photo credit: Sportworx/Pim Waslander

The BetCity Royal Championships Queen & King of the Court began in Rotterdam on Tuesday with a striking display of athleticism. Five beach volleyball players from Beachvolleybal Team Nederland descended from the Euromast while playing beach volleyball to mark the start of the largest Queen & King of the Court event ever held in the port city, taking place from 5 to 10 September.


The Euromast served as the backdrop for the presentation of the inaugural world championship in the beach volleyball discipline, Queen & King of the Court. This year's event marks the culmination of the sport's growth since its inception as a test event in 2017. The 2023 Crown Series now boasts six international events, with the Royal Championships being the pinnacle of the season.


Top Beach Volleyball Talent Gather in Rotterdam

In both the men's and women's divisions, 30 world-class beach volleyball teams will compete in Rotterdam for the prestigious crowns. A total of 120 players from over 25 countries will participate in the event, vying for the titles of Queen and King of Rotterdam.


Rotterdam Event to Span Multiple Venues

Matches will be held at five locations across the city, with the Royal Stadium at Henegouwerplein serving as the event's heart. The side-courts, which offer free entrance, are located at Afrikaanderplein, Museumpark, Schuttersveld, and Beachclub Rotterdam. Matches at the Royal Stadium will take place from Wednesday until the finals on Sunday, 10 September. Tickets go on sale on King's Day, and pre-registration begins today.


King's Day Celebrations

King Willem-Alexander's birthday celebrations in Rotterdam on 27 April will have the theme "We are all Kings & Queens," aligning with the spirit of the Queen & King of the Court event. Organiser Sportworx will attend the festivities, with further plans yet to be disclosed.


Lasting Community Impact

Following the tournament, the side-courts in various Rotterdam districts will remain in place, hosting numerous side-events in collaboration with Sportbedrijf Rotterdam and Rotterdam SportSupport. The Royal Stadium will also continue to host various sporting and cultural events for over two weeks.


Accessible to All

The Royal Championships welcome everyone to attend. Matches can be viewed for free at the side-courts, or tickets can be purchased for the Royal Stadium at Henegouwerplein. The event will also be broadcast live on television in over 30 countries and available for streaming on King of the Court TV. Ticket registration is now open, with sales beginning on King's Day, 27 April.

Sportworx CEO Wilco Nijland expressed his amazement at the sport's growth in just six years, saying, "It is extraordinary that something you came up with as a joke grows into a World Cup." Peter Blangé, CEO of Rotterdam Topsport and 1996 Olympic champion, welcomed the Queen & King of the Court community to Rotterdam, highlighting the city's long-standing connection with volleyball and the unique set-up of the event, which allows local residents to engage with the sport in their neighbourhoods.

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